$600 Distressed High Tops? Cali Style Ain’t Cheap..


Natalie. Marin County, California. October 2016.

Natalie is the owner of LOOKING GLASS, Luxe Clothing & Shoes in Sonoma County. Sonoma is the Northern California town, famed for its wine. Sonoma not only has visitors from all around the world, but many East Coasters, and LA peeps, have second homes, wineries and have even transplanted year round to this gorgeous town.

So it’s no surprise that Natalie’s store is filled with high design pieces for Sonoma’s stylish crew of women. Check her out @lookingglass707


How LA do they look? So cute!



Fashion Notes: Mother high waisted jeans, Golden Goose sneakers, Bella Lux top, Rag & Bone suede hat, Aviator Nation tote, Pamela Love spike rings, Rolex watch.


Hebrew tattoo by Buddha’s Palm Tattoo in Sebastopol, a bohemian town in Northern California. I’m pretty sure the first time I spotted a Hebrew tattoo, I was amazed – I thought  that tattoos were forbidden in Judaism – something about desecrating your body, which is merely a shell – your soul belongs to you. This is at least my interpretation. As if Jews don’t have enough guilt, we grew up thinking if you got a tattoo you wouldn’t be allowed to be buried in a Jewish cemetery – I think it must have something to do with the Holocaust, and de-humanizing Jews by tattooing their arms with numbers identifying them in the concentration camps.


..a monogrammed letter N.


Small words wrapped around Natalie’s wrist.


When I spotted Natalie’s Golden Goose sneakers, I knew she was invested in fashion. These sneakers are not cheap, and part of their appeal to the fashion set is the intentional distressed look – it’s like your brother’s hand me down high tops, which take months to break in. Prices start around $500, and can be found at Barney’s NYC.


The tote bag trend started with Americans finally bringing re-usable bags to the grocery store. Since then, tote bags have gone designer..and I always say tote bags are the new status symbol. I use a few my mom gets from The Aspen Institute – I feel so intellectual and sophisticated when walking through my local store  – if they only knew the truth – my tote bags are hand me downs!



Free People Catalog? Haute Hippie Mama.


Harlow. San Rafael, California. October 2015.

It’s hard to find anyone who wears bigger gold hoops then me.. Harlow is pretty close, and with her great length hair – – -the earrings are front and center. Her baby even is wearing accessories.. (they may be Hindu beads, but still accessories)

“Haute Hippie” is a high end clothing company, which makes bohemian inspired clothing using beautiful fabrics.  Harlow is one Haute Hippie putting together her own bohemian look, using clothing & accessories from local Marin County (mostly Fairfax) stores.

unnamed-12 unnamed-14

I love layering lots of gold rings..especially if I have long, gold nails.




High waisted skirts paired with black tops are very flattering…especially for moms!


Creative. Stylish. Boho Chic. Haute Halloween.


I took many photos last night at a Halloween party/parade in the town of Fairfax, California.  These were my favorite. The creativity and funkiness of this beautiful mom and her boys, represents this true progressive town in Marin County.  Families strolled the Fairfax streets; while bars, stores, coffee shops and restaurants all gave out candy.

This community of people were genuinely having a great time and finding pure joy in looking at all the costumes. Bands were jamming to classic rock – while kids collected candy (even toys) and socialized with friends.  It’s refreshing to witness a community so welcoming and connected.  And because of the generosity, my children have an insane amount of candy!!!

According to Wikipedia, Fairfax is the only town in America that holds a Green Party majority in the town council.  Growing up in Miami, I yearned for bohemian culture – and volunteered with the Miami Peace Center and attended meetings at the Miami Friends meeting house run by the small Quaker community.  At a young age, I was involved – and liked being around people who cared about their community and world. Fairfax is a community which has continued to embrace 1960’s values -and fashion 🙂  – this town would of been a dream come true to my younger self –

Dwell Magazine Founder is Haute at Drop-Off.


Lara. Mill Valley, California.  Mom. Entrepreneur. Creator. Magazine Guru.

Fashion Notes: Floral Top: Veronica Beard, Green Jacket: Stella McCartney for Adidas and Boots: Fendi.  Lara’s skinny black pants fit her like a glove and add that rock-n-roll appeal… and she has the thin legs to work that look.

Lara walked through the door of a local surf/skate shop to watch her offspring ride the half-pipe and my eyes widened.  In Mara fashion I sidled next to her and told her she has great style.  Lara was so laid back and seemed to not be turned off by my weird request to take her photo.

I asked Lara about her life, and where she grew up…I knew it was a place where people have good manners and are wholesomely nice, and she grew up in Wisconsin!  When I asked her about her work, she humbly said she founded Dwell Magazine.  I was utterly impressed – and didn’t hide it 🙂

But I know why.   Dwell Magazine is not just a magazine, each issue is art, each issue is the equivalent to a gorgeous architecture book.  I love that Dwell highlights so many types of homes..not just large or “expensive”, but creative, sustainable and homes where people have obviously thought outside the box.

Dwell Magazine was founded in Mill Valley, California, which excites me, because I love hearing about creative visions being executed into full fledged realities..especially in my new part of the world.

Lara’s love of architecture and design is quite apparent is her clothing choices.  She is certainly one Haute Mamma!


Haute Truck. Sunday Drop-Off.


Allison. San Anselmo, California. September 2013.

“Fashion” Truck Notes: 1976 International Harvester Scout in bright Yellow.

I spotted this truck and was picturing myself cruising around a beach town with a huge surf board in the back, all part of the “look”. And out comes Allison and her crew of little ones, who hopped in their Scout…I had to take a photo.

Allison is wearing her grandmother’s Coach bag from the 1970’s.  I’ve noticed that in this area, fashion is expressed in so many different ways – not necessarily via clothing, but in other creative ways..like amazing trucks.

Have a great Sunday..look out for stylin’ vehicles xx Mara

No Kill Leather is So Haute. Bay Area Soccer Drop-Off.

Fairfax mom
Sarah. Mom. August 2013. Fairfax, California.

Sarah is all about local and animal friendly clothing.  And she proves how you can be kind to the environment and still look quite haute.  Sarah’s style is in line with the funky, bohemian style of this great town in Marin County (Fairfax).  Love her ankle cowboy boots mixed with a sexy slitted skirt and lots of small accessories.  Oh and I am also digging Sarah’s super cool hair style…