A little bit of Pearls go a long way… Haute Drop-Off.


Autumn. Aspen, August 2015.


Posing in front of the volunteer run firehouse in Aspen.

Fashion Notes: Sandals: Cooperative from Urban Outfitters, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Dress: Cerre, Hat: Barney’s New York’s private label


Autumn was raised in Aspen and after living in Los Angeles and London, she and her man (a Brit) decided to raise their family in this gorgeous town.  I love hanging out with Autumn in Aspen because she knows everyone and is so fun! Even with a “newish” baby, Autumn makes time to go out. It’s hard being a new mom, and very important to remember your individual self outside of motherhood  –


How cute are they? Love Autumn’s use of layering with her pearl chains. And her exposed shoulders add a little classy sexy edge…

Haute Film Star Mother. San Francisco Drop-Off.

Renee 1

Renee’ Wilson. Noe Valley Farmer’s Market. San Francisco. March 2015.

I GET SHY: You guys know, I get ultra excited when I see a stylish parent. But I also get shy (yes, it’s possible) and walking up to strangers with the risk of being rejected, is scary. Many times, I will start photographing a dad, and their significant other usually laughs at them or tells them to stop…. that’s a little awkward. This is why I love performers like Renee’ – always ready to pose and not afraid of attention.

Renee 2

RENEE’: I spotted Renee’ and pretty much lunged at her with my camera. It was so nice to be greeted with a smile and a “yes” – after getting a couple of rejections that morning. Renee’ has presence  – she says it’s the hair, but that’s not actually the case. She’s tall, graceful and confident.

Little did I know, Renee’ starred in the Film Ray, a long side Jamie Foxx in the early 2000’s.  Renee’ is multi talented, she sings, she acts, she makes films and so much more, read about Renee’ here www.reneewilson.org

renee 3

SAN FRANCISCO: Renee’ looking back on a gorgeous day in the kid friendly neighborhood of Noe Valley. I rented an apartment with my kids in Noe Valley one summer, before we officially made our way to this part of the world. It looks similar to a neighborhood in Brooklyn, only it’s California..so less busy and funky–more laid back.

Renee’ is not slowing down, after taking on the role of new mother – she started a blog and continues to perform locally, and nationwide. Check out Renee’s latest venture, www.mamayogachannel.com


Still Going Strong. Me on Backpack Love.

Mara Backpack 1 mara backpack 2     mara army 1Mara Prada 1

Fashion Shots: Barbara Myers

“My eyes lit up: was this my mom, or a fashion-forward fairy in disguise? I untied the bag and inside was a little nylon backpack with an oversized no-name logo glued (more like super glued) onto its back pocket.  I knew it was a horrible knockoff of what I really wanted, but no matter..”

Fashion Notes: Backpack: Prada, www.prada.com  and Vintage Army, Leggings: Target, www.target.com, Cuff: Nordstrom, www.nordstrom.com, Glasses: Chanel,www.chanel.com, Kicks: Converse, www.converse.com Jean Jacket: Free People, www.freepeople.com, Gray Heels: Zara, www.zara.com

Click on the link below to read the rest of my piece..


Excuse the Face. I’m trying to look Good, it takes Concentration.


Mara. Marin County. 2014.

Fashion Notes: Top: Max Mara, Mini-Jean Skirt: Marc Jacobs, Handbag: Hazel, purchased in Spain, Chain Strap: taken from another bag to add a little Gold, Boots: Joan & David, Glasses: Polaroid, Bracelets: Shandi Levy Jewelry, Africa and Turkey, Earrings: hoops Target and Beaded Shandi Levy. Beaded Bracelet: Emporium Miami

Suggestions: Not everyone will wear such a short shirt – I get that. I actually think a long tank top looks great with a short jean skirt.  This look is pretty sexy, and not one that I would pull off going to pick up my kids from school.  I  would throw on my long jean jacket before walking through the gates.  If you live in a cold climate, wear tights or leggings to keep your legs warm, or over the knee socks and high boots. If it’s hot out, you can wear a jean skirt with converse, sandals or a heel at night – and throw on a long tank top and cool long bag.

Style Story: This Marc Jacobs jean skirt has been hidden away for years. I find being able to wear boots year round, gives me more clothing flexibility. This bag purchased in Barcelona is the coolest, and I added a gold chain from another bag as the strap.  It gives the bag more of a glamorous bohemian feel.  I am pretty sure I bought the boots at a Nordstrom Rack in Miami, I know Joan & David has re-invented themselves and are making some cool shoes. This shirt was a give-a-away from my mom.  Due to my impulsivity, I decided to cut the shirt myself – maybe I miss-judged the length 🙂 I’m wearing two large earrings in each ear – and lots of bracelets.  I love accessories, even if I jingle with every movement and annoy the living daylights out of most people who can hear….ummmm sorry.


Mara and “Cheesy” Jeans


Mara. Marin County. October 2014.

Fashion Notes: Jeans: MOTHER, Top: Isabel Marant, Fringe Bag: Zara, Ankle Boots: BCBG, Cocktail Ring : Vintage, Paris. Cuff and Beaded Earrings: Shandi Levy Jewelry, Bangles: Turkey Street Market, Hoops: Target

When I bought these jeans off the sale rack in Aspen, my family said they saw the salesperson high five her co-worker..because according to these comedians, these “ugly” jeans were on sale for two years. My sister-in-law said they look great on me, especially the behind…so of course I bought them.  And I think I worked them out, what do you think?

I mixed the jeans with bohemian pieces to take away from any “cheesy” situation…the beat up ankle boots and hippie bag, all give the jeans a less harsh look.  My stomach looks more exposed here, but my belly button was covered  – the jeans are tight, so an exposed stomach is not the best bet with this shape.

Speaking of ankle boots, I get attached to the worn in look of my own, but they look dirty and “improper”, ya know the rule, no one should have scuffed heels…no, no, no!!  I think it’s time to find a good shoe maker in Marin County.


Mara’s Run DMC Style. Gold Chains at Drop-Off.


Mara. Marin County. September 2014.

Fashion Notes: Denim “dress”: Zara, Gold Heels: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent. Bag: Chanel, Gold Chain with Vintage Coin: Shandi Levy Jewelry, Bracelets: purchased in markets in Turkey and Botswana. Gold Oversized Aviators: Polaroid, Nails: Gold.

It’s an exciting time for me in fashion.  As you know, I am heavily influenced by urban street style. I’m an extremist in many ways, for instance, I love crazy, long nails or super short nails – but not into an in-between length.  Bigger are always better when it comes to earrings, partly because I have an insane amount of hair.  Small accessories are pointless, who would see them?

My friend Shandi Levy, NYC based jewelry designer, made me this special necklace with an oversized Napoleon looking man coin attached.  Shandi knows if I could, I would dangle a Mercedes emblem from my ear and neck – but those are hard to find in 2014. She found this enormous coin, to satisfy my craving for the oversized and gold accessories.

Back to my point, Chanel’s latest advertisements are taken on the street, with huge pad locks attached to gold chains – think bicycle locks, only Chanel and about $2,300.  Additionally, models are wearing bright, colorful sneakers..almost like those light up ones you see on toddlers.

Now wear did Chanel come up with this? On the streets of Paris, Rome, Tokyo, NYC and London – I’ve seen women wearing these sneakers paired with mini-skirts and shorts all over the place. And I keep repeating, RUN DMC style… The rap band Run DMC’s 1980’s looks are almost identical to what’s on the runway.

This is a thrilling time for me, because I love nothing more then huge gold chains, earrings and denim.. I realize this long denim jacket i’m wearing, is not really a dress..but that’s never stopped me before. I’m pulling it off….and thanking Run DMC for influencing style, even in 2014.



Sexy without Trying. Haute Cali loves Cut-Offs.


Shanna. Fairfax, California. Summer 2014.

Fashion Notes: Sunglasses: Ray Ban Aviators and Bag: Foley + Corinna

I like how Shanna has a peak of her stomach showing, combined with a loose, bohemian flower top.  Just simple style on a weekend…

Retro Haute Drop-Off. El Camino Baby.

unnamedMara. May 2014. Marin County, California.

Who doesn’t love the cool look of an El Camino? It’s a truck and a car – all in one.  Now, if I dropped my kids off in this ride, I would be totally stylin’ and very California.

Fashion Notes: Bag: Miu Miu, Strap: Prada, Denim Shirt: Banana Republic, cut by me, Car: El Camino, Wedge Sandals: DV by Dolce Vita

Hanging with the Middle Schoolers in Bell Bottoms

unnamed-1IMG_7520Mara. San Rafael, California Middle School. April 2014. Photo by Eric Tabora.

Eric and I wanted to take some shots at a local school in San Rafael.  The principal walked over to us, and I got a little nervous, like I was 13 and getting in trouble.  She didn’t give me a “pink slip”, but kindly asked us to take our photos away from the students, and quickly – especially and I swear this is true, because I was not dressed in uniform – – I was disobeying so many of their rules.  Not shocking.

As Eric took my photo, kids started to come in groups to watch  – and then came the compliments about my clothing – I wanted to hang with the pre-teenagers, and find out what they love about fashion…but I respectfully left, as I had to follow principles orders…wish we could of taken the shot of the cute middle schoolers…

Fashion Notes: Top: Isabel Marant, Bell Bottoms: Free People, Handbag: Mochila from Colombia…you can’t see my shoes, which is kind of a fashion “no no” – Please don’t tell on me to Anna Wintour 🙂

Haute Manly Cardigan. Macho Belt Buckle at Drop-Off.


Fabi. Marin County, California. January 2014.

Fashion Notes: Lacoste Yellow Cardigan, School Boy Cap, Aviators, Manly Belt Buckle.

This dad pays homage to his German roots, and I dig that when I see him dropping off his kids.  Fabi is a strong and tall man, and he styles himself really well – -I love the way this cardigan looks on Fabi, and paired with the cool belt buckle and cap – it all comes together.  Men be careful when wearing a cardigan..it’s not easy to pull off without looking like you belong at a teachers convention in 1981 (on second thought, that probably would look awesome!!).