Peasant Tops. Growing up in SF. Chanel Dream Catchers.


Susie. San Anselmo, California. Soccer Practice. October 2014.

As you can see lately, I’m hanging out at soccer games and practices.  I know my life seems like never ending glamour and jet set travel – but it’s not, well at least some of the time (i’m being funny here). I trek my kids to their various activities, hoping that maybe the inner prodigy will emerge. Liam tried fencing this week, I woke up with a sword in my face at 7:00 am.

But it’s all really fun, I meet great people and fantasize about someday having my own skills, because my kids have many.  I owe that all to Waldorf, we’ve taught them nothing.

This is Susie. Susie runs a private San Francisco family foundation focusing on Mental Illness.  Mental illness funds are hard to come by, and it’s refreshing to hear about a foundation working to make life better for those in need.  I want to make a joke, but it’s probably inappropriate.  Let’s just say, after telling Susie I see my therapist twice a week, she quickly “befriended” me and kept handing me cash.

Susie is a native San Franciscan. She grew up in the city, and lived an urban life. I love hearing stories of her artsy formative years.  Attending school in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, Susie was exposed to the bohemian movement as a young teen.  It was an interesting way to see the world, and Susie now only wears Dream Catcher Earrings made exclusively by Chanel.  (i’m funny, I know)

I befriended Susie, only due to needing friends in Marin County who wear shorts as short as mine, it worked and we happen to have like two other things in common.  I know I keep repeating this, but the 1990’s are making a 2014 comeback – majorly.  Susie looks like she is headed to Lollapalooza to hear Ani DiFranco.

Susie’s body type allows for a thick belt and shirt tucked – she’s in proportion.  For short waisted women like me, it’s usually better to wear a longer shirt.  If you have thick legs, show those ankles – and wear a heel, if possible.

Fashion Notes: Peasant Top: Velvet, Cut-off’s: AG, Bucket Bag: Dooney & Bourke Vintage, Belt: Lucky and Glasses: Dior



Haute Shoulder Fringe. Bad Soccer Mom.

DSC_1143DSC_1153Devon. Marin County, California. May 2014.

Fashion Notes: Boots: Fly London, Fringe Sweater: Anthropology, Jeans: AG Stevie Ankle

Devon is watching her son play soccer, I am distracting Devon and the other parents with my style direction.  I realize that sometimes I miss my son making a goal, and clap at all the wrong moments – but I find watching the style “off” the field distracting.

Love the fringe on Devon’s off white knit top – it’s a little funky.


Haute Upper East Side Papa. Custom Made at Drop-Off.


Raj and Izzy. Upper East Side of New York City. April 2014.

Raj is a finance guru, not sure how he does it, but he makes people money.  He does a lot of research and uses his Ivy League education well..Raj grew up in Southern California, but has spent most of his life on the East Coast.  I’ve never seen Raj look unkempt – even when the dude jogs he looks like he belongs in a J.Crew catalog.

Raj used to cruise around in a vintage, apple red Vespa–which he sold to my brother, but he looked pretty cool riding around NYC  -now he’s a dad sporting a baby carrier, and carries it well, almost like a page out of Details Magazine.

Fashion Notes: Jeans: Adriano Goldschmied, Loafers: Camper, Shirt: custom (of course), Baby Carrier: Britax

I would take some tips from Raj Fellas – custom made shirts are so worth the price, a fitted button down looks amazing and well made – quality over quantity!

Espana Style. Haute Miami Drop-Off.


Alisa. Architect. Designer. Mom. South Miami, Florida. January 2014.

Fashion Notes: Red Wedges: Pour la Victoire, Rolled up Denim: AG, Gold Studded Belt: Linea Pelle, Top: James Perse, Time Keeper: Michelle, Leather Cuff: purchased in Spain, Pocketbook: Miu Miu

My friend Alisa has great style, a hint of slight, small accessories that make her look.  She’s American, but has a European way..from the way she shops, quality not quantity to the way she eats…she sits down for all her meals and takes pleasure in each bite.  And then of course her design work,

Her cuff from Spain so cool, my mom and step-father brought me an amazing bohemian bag from Spain and huge gold earrings…love them.  Barcelona and Madrid are filled with style on the streets and in the shops.  Growing up in Miami, we knew many kids from Spain, the boys were preppy with that cool European look and the girls had natural style with great jewelry and leather back packs.  Alisa’s red wedges give her look that European flair….