Although Miami has been “home” since early childhood, Mara Menachem is a true New Yorker. Her love of fashion, particularly vintage, pays homage to her NY roots. Mara’s obsession blossomed when she was just a kid — knee deep in her Grandma’s closet. Over time, friends started gifting her items from their Granny’s closets and slowly but surely she became a neighborhood style icon.

Throughout high school and college, Mara interned at fashion establishments including Louis Boston and Donna Karan before making a more permanent career coordinating ad campaigns for major fashion publications at The Woolmark Company. Years later, while volunteering for Dress for Success New York, Mara realized that giving back was her greatest asset and accepted the position of Program Director at Dress for Success Atlanta. She continued to collect vintage clothing and “pocketbooks”, write and raise money for United Way of Miami-Dade and NBA great Alonzo Mourning’s charity, The Overtown Youth Center.

Naturally, Mara recognized exciting style on the “street”, only her street became the school yard, after having school age children.  She describes feeling inspired and stimulated when seeing an interestingly dressed parent.  Mara’s lifelong love of street style and Bill Cunningham’s Column, influenced her desire to showcase parent style.  She debuted her website and article, entitled “The Short Short Defense” in The Huffington Post Style section in 2012.

Mara continues to write pieces, mostly in The Huffington Post about style, life and puts her comedic spin on most topics.  Mara believes you can find style in all people, and only looks for the beauty and sweetness in her photographs.  To read more of Mara’s pieces, click on this link,