Haute Drop-Off South Africa.


Kruger Park, South Africa. May 2015.

Years ago, I had the pleasure of spending time in Cape Town, and meeting the incredible South Africans living in a Township. I was welcomed with open arms, and was inspired by the programs the community, a financially poor one, created for its kids. The schools were housed in shipping containers, and the teacher’s warmth and determination was palpable, My friend Jan, is visiting Kruger Park in South Africa this week, and sent me photographs of local South African mothers. You know as Americans, we complain about the stress of parenting, but in this community like this, mothering is done with so much love, and attachment parenting still exits.  The love babies get from being held, impacts their lives forever.


When you visit a local township, many people donate financially which helps continue the incredible programs these citizens have developed to make their community stronger. I’m really proud to have had this experience, and to donate to women who I admire greatly.

It truly takes a village, and the love and support these women have for each other is an example for us all. Sometimes, when you don’t have a lot financially, you share the struggle with your community and create incredibly deep bonds. I can’t tell you how much I respect and admire these women.  I wish for continued growth in their communities.