Haute Papa at COSTCO. Yup, Mara has no Shame.


Darryl. Marin County Costco. (California) January 2015

Fashion Notes: Arm Ink: In Seattle at Slave to the Needle, fitted button down: Scotch & Soda, Shoes: Cole Haan for Nike, Jeans: Seven.

I normally attest Costco, and find myself annoyed at spending time at a land of consumerism with no windows and items in bulk. It seems so American over consumption..and maybe I sound snobby, but I will tell you I actually had a great time running around Costco this week.  I snacked on delicious Marconi almonds and found a cool looking dad for Haute Drop Off.

I imagine Darryl didn’t expect to be accosted by a fellow Costco shopper, especially one walking around aimlessly quite distracted by all the choices.  But he let me take some shots, and he even re-located to the Mini-Wheats for the Costco photo shoot.

Then, people started asking me for samples, so I ripped open the huge bag of organic dried apples.  I was so good at passing out samples, until a Costco “employee” informed me that I really was stealing merchandise, and needed to leave. (yea, I know, it’s shocking, especially when I was doing a good deed)

Darryl recently re-located from Seattle to Marin County with his family.  He works at Intel as an Engineer.