Hanging with the Middle Schoolers in Bell Bottoms

unnamed-1IMG_7520Mara. San Rafael, California Middle School. April 2014. Photo by Eric Tabora.

Eric and I wanted to take some shots at a local school in San Rafael.  The principal walked over to us, and I got a little nervous, like I was 13 and getting in trouble.  She didn’t give me a “pink slip”, but kindly asked us to take our photos away from the students, and quickly – especially and I swear this is true, because I was not dressed in uniform – – I was disobeying so many of their rules.  Not shocking.

As Eric took my photo, kids started to come in groups to watch  – and then came the compliments about my clothing – I wanted to hang with the pre-teenagers, and find out what they love about fashion…but I respectfully left, as I had to follow principles orders…wish we could of taken the shot of the cute middle schoolers…

Fashion Notes: Top: Isabel Marant, Bell Bottoms: Free People, Handbag: Mochila from Colombia…you can’t see my shoes, which is kind of a fashion “no no” – Please don’t tell on me to Anna Wintour 🙂