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Dr. Joy Jacobs. Mom. Psychologist. Fashion Lover. Southern California. June 2014.

Fashion Notes: Ray Ban sunglasses, Forever 21 boyfriend jeans, J. Crew belt, Celine bag, Converse, designed by Commes de Garçon.

What I really appreciate about Joy, is her openness about her career choices in life..and sharing the truth behind finding what you truly love in life, outside of being a mother.  I usually don’t do this, but I’m sharing Joy’s words verbatim…Because anyone who spent three years at Harvard Law, because they refuse to quit, is impressive in my book.

“As a shrink and fashion lover, I believe that nothing says more about where we are in our lives and who we are than our fashion choices.  I love to explore the psychology behind fashion and what it means.  I have had a very unorthodox career path.  I grew up in a family of lawyers and went to law school right out of college.  I suffered through three years at Harvard Law because I am not a “quitter”.

I hated every day of law and the NY firm that I went to after graduation happened to be located literally right next to Barneys.  My whole paycheck went there!  I quickly realized I was not going to figure out what I “really” wanted to do with my life working 100 hr weeks and getting zero sleep and spending my whole paycheck on clothes trying to soothe my tortured soul.

After winding my way in the publishing world in New York for a couple of years, I landed at Vogue.  It was heaven for someone who adored fashion …you can imagine.  Finally, I decided I wanted to go back to school and study psychology–something that had always been of deep interest to me.

I ended up in San Diego because I got a fellowship to study obesity and eating disorders.  I believe you cannot love fashion and be unaware of the constant push/pull around body image and health.  I am now a clinical psychologist specializing in all eating and weight related issues.

The saving grace for me as a fashion lover in SoCal has been the internet.  Without it I could not function.  What I miss most is the energy of NYC and street fashion.  Wedge sneakers are only now making their way here…about 3 years too late!”.