Espana Style. Haute Miami Drop-Off.


Alisa. Architect. Designer. Mom. South Miami, Florida. January 2014.

Fashion Notes: Red Wedges: Pour la Victoire, Rolled up Denim: AG, Gold Studded Belt: Linea Pelle, Top: James Perse, Time Keeper: Michelle, Leather Cuff: purchased in Spain, Pocketbook: Miu Miu

My friend Alisa has great style, a hint of slight, small accessories that make her look.  She’s American, but has a European way..from the way she shops, quality not quantity to the way she eats…she sits down for all her meals and takes pleasure in each bite.  And then of course her design work,

Her cuff from Spain so cool, my mom and step-father brought me an amazing bohemian bag from Spain and huge gold earrings…love them.  Barcelona and Madrid are filled with style on the streets and in the shops.  Growing up in Miami, we knew many kids from Spain, the boys were preppy with that cool European look and the girls had natural style with great jewelry and leather back packs.  Alisa’s red wedges give her look that European flair….