It’s beginning to look a lot like Brooklyn at Cali Drop-Off.


Jim. Dad. Musician. Shredder. Techie. San Anselmo, California.

Fashion Notes: Jeans: Naked & Famous, Jacket: British Clothing company Firetrap, Boots: Tom’s.  Another example guys.. and I really mean guys, of a stylish dad dressed simply and not over done, while managing to exude natural style.

Jim plays guitar in his band, Lagtime,  Jim has spent the last 15+ years  in the Bay Area and in London.  Through his travel and experiences, Jim’s musical interests have broadened to include jazz, hip hop and a dash of electronica. Obsessed with music gear, Jim nerds out when discussing the nuances of tubes, transistors and speaker cones.

Additionally, Jim works in the technology arena, creating software to make our world more efficient.