City Style in the Country. So Haute.


Cleveland, Georgia. July 2016.


Hanging out after church, mother and daughter style.


I love comparing mother and daughter style. Usually very different, but always being influenced by one another. My mother dresses classic, tailored and chic – I don’t, but somehow I still manage to take something of hers, which looks chic, classic and tailored on her to looking funky, downtown & stylish on me. I’ve cut, ripped and hemmed my mother’s clothing my entire life to suit my style – but the thing is, I still have inherited a piece of her classic look – and for that, I’m so lucky – meaning, if I want to look classy, I know how (don’t laugh)!


Love this tattoo of a lioness (I think)’s beautiful and simple in it’s color, and hip.


Haute in Cleveland (Cleveland, Georgia that is)


Alexis. Cleveland, Georgia. July 2016. Such a good high bun..


My love for this town in the North Georgia mountains is in part because I grew up going to sleep-away camp in the deep south and was lucky enough to be “adopted” by a family, with roots in Cleveland, Georgia. It’s pretty funny that I went to a Jewish sleep-a-way camp which was modeled after the film Meatballs (well, that’s what I think) to be entrenched in Black Southern culture. It’s one of the best gifts I received in my life. W.E.B. Du Bois in his book, The Souls of Black Folk talks about how to truly know the soul of a culture, a community is by being a part of that community, eating together, sharing, laughing..and that’s how I became the first Black Baptist Southern Jew.

In all seriousness, one day I’ll write about this more, but I love this town and its people.


Nail Art…



Studded sandals are always a good idea – I love the ones by Balenciaga

She’s Lookin’ Poncho Perfect…


Carrie. 66th and Broadway. NYC. Summer 2016.

Carrie is wearing a poncho by Australian design house Ella Sanders, Danielle Sanders, founder of Ella Sanders comes from a long line of established wool farmers and was raised by an avid knitter.  Her passion for high quality fabrics and classic design led to the creation of this Australian design house.  Lucky for us, Ella Sanders will be making its stateside debut very soon.

My mother buys high quality knits from high end wool to cashmere and she wears them for years. I still wear my grandmother’s cashmere sweater from the 70’s and my mom’s wool sweaters from the 80’s. They’ve stood the test of time, and that’s what you get when you buy high quality fabrics. Also, wool breathes – that’s why it’s a fabric you can even wear in the summer!! My first official job in fashion was at The Woolmark Company, whose role was to market wool to the fashion industry. Contrary to what you may think, it was ultra glamorous and gave me access to all the major fashion magazines   – and amazing parties!


My sister-in-law looking dope with my delicious niece. She has taken this poncho and made it bohemian funky with her ankle boots and floppy hat.



Haute at Bottlerock. Music. Food. Wine. Nature.


Bottlerock Napa 2016. Photograph by

“While some music festivals have become gatherings for skinny fans in designer clothing who are there as much for the selfies as for the music, Bottlerock Napa offers a refreshing alternative.”

My piece in Relix Magazine about this very special music festival in Napa…