Broadway Star in Philly. The Lion King’s Stylin’ Dad.


Philadelphia. June 2015.

It’s so cool when I meet people and learn about their interesting lives. This young kid, Tre’ Jones, is starring as young Simba in the traveling Broadway production of The Lion King. To see a show in your city,


This dad works on the road in computer tech while supporting the dreams of his Broadway star son.


Funny that this dad is wearing sneakers and his son is dressed in perfectly polished dress shoes.

DSC_0070 DSC_0064

A SOCAL Beauty. Lululemon for Kids?


Andrena. Marin County, California. June 2015.

Andrena and her daughter were attending the opening of Lululemon’s latest venture, – a store dedicated to dressing “active girls”.  Lululemon is smart, creating brand loyalty before adulthood. Andrena’s daughter looks adorable sporting the labels newest apparel – and most importantly, she looks like a kid.

I can’t help wonder how suburban style will continue to become more casual and workout oriented – – and now with kids thrown in the mix, we’ll be seeing a lot of mother/daughter Lululemon combinations.

I’ve been critical and complimentary of Lululemon.  My piece in The Huffington Post, discusses their ability to hide the dreaded “camel toe” while transforming the human booty into a perfect shape,


Fashion Notes: Jeans: Paige Denim, Bag: Gucci, Oversized shades: Michael Kors, Top: Splendid & Joie. On child: Ivivva for Lululemon


Andrena, originally from Southern California has that beautiful California look – white teeth, big smile, tan skin & gorgeous blonde hair.  Andrena always looks together – although she may argue otherwise.



The gorgeous rings…..


A classic logo’d bag by Gucci – always adds a little glamour to any look (even in sweats)


Philly Moms are So Haute. Sidewalk Style.


Philadelphia. June 2015.

What a great place to be in June – the streets are filled with people, cafes, stores and life. Philly is a great city that’s small, diverse and highly cultured. Music fills the streets and I got to capture some stylish parents on my day in Philly.

This young mom looks so cute with her accessories and great smile. The tattoos are oh so cool. Fringe bags are so hot now… look for them on every city block.








Haute Pin-Up Mama. Vintage Bikini at Weekend Drop-Off.


Andrea. Mom. Psychologist. Lover of Shoes. Atlanta, Georgia. June 2015.



1950’s Vintage inspired high waisted bathing suit shown here. The red and white checkered bikini top fits in perfectly down in Georgia where Andrea makes her home.

Fashion Notes: Bathing suit by Unique Vintage,, Shoes by Vince Camuto, Sunglasses Cat Eye Retro from , red leather wrap bracelet handmade birthday gift from a friend, earrings by Charriol

Unique Vintage and Freyrs have such a great collection of vintage inspired clothing and accessories at affordable prices.  Thanks to Andrea, I’m learning about these online stores – now I can get a sexy 1950’s pin-up bikini – -you think they come with the pointy bras?


Legs. Swimming Pool. Platforms. Palm Springs circa 1950 or 1970?

If you want to elongate your legs, go for a high cut bathing suit…if you are short waisted, a high waist will not be flattering, but a high cut one piece will look stunning.


So much to say. This is just incredibly flattering and sexy. A high waisted bottom paired with a halter top just adds curves – even if you are shaped like a stick.

Naked & Free. Angela Izzo, Haute Human.


Angela. Videographer. Photographer. Creative Human. Pacific Palisades, CA. 2015.

Since I was young, I had this fantasy of joining a commune where I would experiment with hallacunegenics and travel with a group of my close friends on a re-vamped school bus. The fantasy continued like a W fashion editorial, where we would all be dressed in eccentric designs and I would be adorning the largest door knockers on my ears. When I stare at Angela’s photographs, my inner bohemian/urban/school bus fantasy comes to life.

In my early 20’s, I was a full on mother, with desperate breaks in between.  This usually consisted of an all nighter on South Beach, walking in the door and having to feed a baby or two. Or it would be an LA get-away visiting my brother, and dipping my toes back into the life before kids.

Many mothers would make comments about my “need” to let loose, with remarks like, “Mara, how can you want to go out that late anymore” or “haven’t you grown out of the desire to go out until 4:00 a.m.?”.  Feeling a bit out of place, because I knew my answer, a big fat NO!! I still haven’t “grown out” of wanting to be wild and free, and I hope I never do.


Members of The Chris Robinson Brotherhood. LA. 2015. Shot by Angela.

I met Angela at a Chris Robinson Brotherhood show in LA. We both stuck out in a sea of Tie Dye and “jam band” fashion.  With a camera on hand, and pink hair – I wondered who is this young, fresh face beauty, with an obvious love of all music? Angela’s creative energy captivated me, and we decided somehow we would have to collaborate.

Raised in New York, Angela has made Los Angeles home  – and is fully immersed in LA’s Art Scene..

Angela has an impressive resume.  Shooting musicians, celebrities, artists and interesting people, Angela has developed a reputation with her unique eye, and humble attitude. She thinks outside of the box, and her work is exciting, enticing and approachable.


Nude Photo Shoot. Pacific Palisades, California. 2015

I adore naked photographs. I know why.  The courage it takes for a person to expose themselves in obvious and not so obvious ways, means a great deal to the observer.  When Angela announced on Facebook that she was embarking an a nude photo series, the comments from her friends poured in, “I’m in”, “tell me where and when” etc.. I realized this group of friends were not all skinny, young things..they are creative souls who feel comfortable having Angela behind the camera.  I found myself wanting to be a part of this series, because I truly feel inspired by Angela’s work.


Lauren Barth. Musician. Joshua Tree, California. 2015

Angela’s images, are not only gorgeous, but soulful and allow me to imagine a bohemian life filled with non-stop adventure and new experiences.  I try to lead this life, whether I have responsibilities or not and California has provided the landscape for so many to fulfill these adventures.

Angela took some amazing photographs of a mom and gallery director in LA, here’s the link

Angela is one HAUTE HUMAN.


Look at this group- – I love the idea of using clothing to portray a time period you particularly love – even if you weren’t around to experience the decade. Music has such a heavy influence on who we become.. this is such a cool shot, and I wish I styled them!!


A little Dad Style on Sunday.. Hipster Bikes..


Christian. San Anselmo, California. June 2015.


Fashion Notes: Jeans: Nudie, Button Down: Brisbane Moss from Guideboat Company in Mill Valley, Undershirt: Gitman Vintage, Shoes: Vans, Glasses: Dita Legends, Bike: Yuba Boda Boda


Listening to some live music in the music enclave of Marin County.. where you can hear music night and day.


I’m really digging these dark jeans….