Sexy Legs at Drop-Off. Mini-Dress in Marin.


Lisa. Psychologist. Dancer. Fashion Lover. Marin County, California. May 2015.

Love the combination of an open toe Jil Sander ankle boot/heel with a min-dress and cropped jean jacket. Funny, because this was my Miami look, when I lived there. And slowly as I’ve been living in Marin, I’ve moved away from my short dresses.


Lisa dances several times a week..those legs!

Fashion Notes: Bag: Goyard, Aviators: Ray Ban, Heels: Jil Sander, Dress: Mara Hoffman, Jean Jacket: Saint Laurent


Watch: Cartier, Bracelet: Gump’s San Francisco


well, I think I may take up dancing. Lisa was raised on the East Coast, and loves clothing..she is definitely a mixer, but likes specific designers.

Haute Poncho Action.


Liliana. Marin County (Lagunitas), California. May 2015.


Poncho from Peru. Sunglasses by Ralph Lauren

I just mentioned how I look bad in a poncho, but then I met Liliana and she rocks it..even on her petite frame.


I worship Liliana and her daughters long, straight and shiny hair.  The two of them have such a special bond, I could just tell from taking their photographs…


Haute Drop-Off South Africa.


Kruger Park, South Africa. May 2015.

Years ago, I had the pleasure of spending time in Cape Town, and meeting the incredible South Africans living in a Township. I was welcomed with open arms, and was inspired by the programs the community, a financially poor one, created for its kids. The schools were housed in shipping containers, and the teacher’s warmth and determination was palpable, My friend Jan, is visiting Kruger Park in South Africa this week, and sent me photographs of local South African mothers. You know as Americans, we complain about the stress of parenting, but in this community like this, mothering is done with so much love, and attachment parenting still exits.  The love babies get from being held, impacts their lives forever.


When you visit a local township, many people donate financially which helps continue the incredible programs these citizens have developed to make their community stronger. I’m really proud to have had this experience, and to donate to women who I admire greatly.

It truly takes a village, and the love and support these women have for each other is an example for us all. Sometimes, when you don’t have a lot financially, you share the struggle with your community and create incredibly deep bonds. I can’t tell you how much I respect and admire these women.  I wish for continued growth in their communities.


Haute Mamas Live your Dreams. Urban Bohemian Kadia.


Kadia. New York City. May 2015.

We have a lot of dreams, even as moms and Kadia is living them..we should all remember that even having the huge responsibility of kids, shouldn’t stop us from reaching for our desires and’s obviously a great excuse, but in the long run, it may lead to regret.

Tell Me More Kadia: I was born in Bern, Switzerland to father Bosar, a Jazz musician of Yemeni-Israeli decent and Swiss mother Verena, a peace activist. I graduated from the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. I am currently working with Mary Boyer of MTB Studio on a weekly basis and at The Cinematic Fight Studio perfecting my skills in Combat, Full Contact Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Swords, Fire Arms and Archery. I am also a yoga instructor, Medic and fluently speak English, Hebrew, German and Swiss German.


Kadia, seen here with her three kids, hanging on a Sunday in NYC. Kadia is signed on to a major acting agent, and is working so hard to live her creative dream. Check her acting out here,

Kadia is a mom who inspires me – she left a tough situation after getting sick, and went back to her lifelong dream of acting. IT’s not easy, but Kadia is living the life she wants, and it takes a lot of courage to leave the comforts of a certain life, and dive head first into a life less predictable.  Like raising three kids alone, while pursuing an acting career and teaching yoga.


Kadia dresses like a free spirit, and most of her clothing is from Free People,

Kadia makes her own dreamcatcher necklaces and dreamcatchers, which she sells at Rain Shop on Etsy. Kadia is like me, she wears gold hoops and accessories while doing yoga..I so appreciate that.


Floral sneakers are by Etnies.

Kadia is always on the run, so she needs comfortable shoes living in an urban jungle…

How do you make time for yourself? I make sure to leave time for me so I get up at 5:55 a.m.  and meditate, write my gratitude and affirmations. After, I do the drop off I run for an hour, only then I start addressing the world.

I have to say, I wish I was consistent about waking up early to write or workout.  It gives you time to yourself, and you are ready to deal with the day—because you already accomplished so much.  Kadia has created structure, and it obviously works.






Kadia’s external strength is due to her internal strength. Learning more about Kadia makes me realize that nothing should stop ME from pursuing my dreams – determination and persistence are key, and excuses don’t work.  Sometimes we say we’re too old, We’re too young, we have kids, we need to go back to school, we’re overweight..whatever the case may be, I feel bad that I’ve let certain things stop me…and I hope I will think of a mom like Kadia, who is working hard, facing rejection, getting up at the crack of dawn..all to be who she wants to be… oh and she’s raising three kids alone.

How Does my Ass Look? Haute in HuffPost.


“…Landing at JFK at nearly 3:00 a.m., I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings. I was focused on walking from the west side of Central Park to the east, where I could plop on a bench lazily and watch my kids play. “Hold up,” a young guy spoke into his phone, “I’m looking at a damn perfect ass.” 

Click link to read complete article in The Huffington Post…


Fashion Notes: Leggings: American Apparel, Boots: Frye, Bag: Colombian Mochila, Jacket: Zara, Glasses: Polaroid, Fanny Pack: Peru


Is this a Weird Gift?


Gourd Dolls. Miami, Florida in the 1990’s

I recently came across this photograph. My mother used to give these to people as gifts, it was a little uncomfortable. I asked my brothers to chime in, recalling this potentially traumatizing childhood memory. It sparked a little back and forth, here are the highlights.

Andrew: Mom suggested I give these gifts to girlfriends when I was in high school and I was naive enough to listen. It really sends an odd message. Shari still keeps one next to her nightstand.

Mara: She would ship these things in the mail- the entire experience was humiliating – can you imagine going to the post office trying to fit that thing in a standard box? 

Andrew: Also, it was always packed with the stem of the gourd face up so it was really awkward for the recipient when opening the box.

Andrew: I find the gourd on the far right to be the most disturbing

Andrew:  Any girl I dated in the 1990’s, even for a short period of time, was rolling in gourd dolls.  A few girlfriends, years later, admitted to me that they would take the doll out when I was coming over and hide it from the rest of the world when I left.

Ferry Building Fashion. Like Minded Mamas Unite.


Mariama. The Ferry Building. San Francisco. 2015.

Mariama is a stylist, originally from New Jersey (love those Jersey peeps) and has been styling in New York for years, recently she and her family re-located to San Francisco. I was with my mom when I met Mariama, we all just bonded. She just had a baby, and still with no sleep – has great style and personality.

Mariama does styling for magazines, film etc… check out her blog for more Mariama inspiration,

Ferry Building


Fashion Notes: Maxi Cardigan-Zara, Baby Doll Top: Joa from Nasty Gal, Shorts: Man  Repeller for Paterson J. Kincaid, Sneakers: Reebok Classic Hightops, Earrings: Dior Tribales,, Sunglasses: Miu Miu.  It’s pretty interesting that Dior is making Tribal about taking inspiration from indigenous tribes. Fashion designers have been doing that forever, but most likely they got the idea from walking city streets.


Let’s discuss my mutual love of Reebok high’s so exciting to see them on the streets. Practical and stylish – -and it makes any look so much cooler.

Ferry Building 2

I love wearing a long cardigan, especially when I’m in a city in a short skirt – it helps with the wind factor, and adds some protection from obvious and slight embarrassment.

Haute Dogs and The City. NYC Canine Drop-Off.

Haute Dogs 1

Window shopping at Ralph Lauren. 72nd & Madison. New York City . April 2015


Waiting outside of the Dermatologist’s office. Upper East Side.

Haute Dogs

The stress of walking Sextuplets. Central Park. East 72nd entrance.


Similar hair on 66th.


Matching knits in Central Park.


Medusa urinating in front of The Frick Collection. East 70th. NYC.


Berkeley Style at Drop-Off.


Lacreasa. Berkeley. May 2015.

I was at a birthday party in Berkeley when I learned one of the dads is a professional photographer, Adam Moore,, Adam does a lot of editing. So when my camera ran out of battery, I called my new photographer friend over and kind of demanded he take photos for Haute Drop-Off. And here they are – pretty cool setting, pretty cool subjects.


I met Lacreasa at the Berkeley Playground. She just got back from Jamaica and enjoys learning about Rastafarianism,  She’s also a mechanic, which is pretty darn cool. I wish I had the patience to fix things, but I’m pretty sure it would be fun to learn how to work on cars – -and it’s pretty stylish looking.


SO I worship long nails, especially on a mechanic!! Lacreasa was helping build and paint with her kids..she is not afraid to dive in. That’s the key to long nails, you can’t let them stop you from everyday activities. For me, I had a lot of issues with minor activities like putting a credit card in a parking meter. That’s why I’m back to sporting my boring, short nails.


It’s all about the backpack now..especially ones made in other countries, that are specific to different cultures…love this one.


You know, I’m such a mixer – my long nails mixed with my huge earrings and boho style – this is exactly what this mom is pulling off – – -we’re all multi-faceted – it’s so much more fun.