I Have Nothing to Wear! Huffington Post Style.


“With twenty minutes left before I would be rudely late, and between the kids bugging me, my hair soaking wet, and my makeup-free face — I was beginning to stress. I threw on my old faithful, a Black A-K-R-I-S dress. A purchase made in “The Back-Room”of Loehmann’s many years ago, a dress that has come to my rescue more times then I can count.” Click below for the rest of the article:



Vintage gold bangles from my mother and grandmother.


Lanvin White bag, purchased at a consignment shop in Aspen.


Heels: Pour la Victoire, www.pourlavictoire.com


Earrings from Neiman Marcus, www.neimanmarcus.com


Bangles, top from a market in Istanbul. Bottom: Musa Jewelry, http://musa-jewelry.myshopify.com


What a Babe. Haute in The City.

CP 1

Jennifer. Central Park. April 2015.

I love Jennifer’s sunglasses. They are different and add instant style to whatever she wears.

Watch: Hermès, www.hermes.com, Glasses: Illesteva, http://illesteva.com, cashmere turtle neck: Ralph Lauren, www.ralphlauren.com

CP 2

I had to meet this mom, who accomplished something, I just can’t.  She looks stunning in a cashmere turtle neck.  Jennifer’s style is casual and chic with a little added funk.


So in case you don’t know, these are Golden Goose sneakers.  They are the fashion sneaker for the fashion set, who make sacrifices to buy $500.00 kicks.  I get the love of funky sneakers..when you live in a city, cool kicks are a worthwhile investment.


CP 3

Back pockets on sweat pants do a world of good to your backside.


Digging the orange Hermès wrap around watch..it’s like a bracelet.

Madison and 72nd. Haute Human Shots.

Madison 1

Ralph Lauren Store on 72nd. New York City. April 2015.

Calm down, I’m still into you Stylin’ Parents – I just can’t resist sharing the magic of New York City: you walk and discover so much, it’s stimulating, exciting and magical. This is the first of many other cool shots I’ll share soon. As you know, I worship people, so I’ve been photographing them more. It’s really an excuse for me to make more friends, hope you like it!


She was standing in front of the Ralph Lauren store on 72nd, looking so chic – of course I had to take a few photographs.  Black and off white..those leather leggings are show stoppers..I still miss my black leather rock-n-roll Daryl K. Pants, those looked good on me :)!


An open, sexy exposed back and a smile..kind of all you need to look gorgeous.


Haute METS Style.

Mets 1

Prepping for the Met’s game with a walk through Central Park.


Besides panicking that I would get hit by a baseball throughout the game, I have to say I’ve become a little bit of a Met’s fan. So maybe I’ve been slightly judgmental when it comes to team sports and the human fashion cloning thats occurs among the fans. I admit I was wrong, well at least when it comes to baseball.

My mother took us to our first Met’s game last week, and it was actually really fun. Yes, she got great seats at a club level with nice bathrooms..but that’s not the point. Not only was it fun, I felt like I was accepted into this fun community, they sang together, cheered and caught balls. The crowd was passionate, yet respectful..

My seat in particular was the only seat that had a leak from the ceiling falling directly on my head..so I asked for a little help, and quickly we were moved to better seats with amazing cushions. Even after I told Vinny, the manager, that I’m from Miami (they were playing the Marlin’s).


First Met’s Game as a Papi…. Citi Field. Queens. April 2015.

Mets 5


Had to capture this woman. She looked so chic in a sea of Met’s jersey’s and fan wear. Her outfit, she explained was intentional, but she threw on the blue hoody to ensure she was in Met’s colors.  I love the look of this flowing red dress with a sweatshirt – it’s something you would see on the streets of Paris.

And most of you know that the color red, attracts attention – it has been researched and written about….


Here, a little boy pushes a grocery cart with his father filled with recycled cans/bottles from the game. it’s 11:00 at night, and this father is working hard to support his family, all while demonstrating to his son an incredible work ethic.

Haute Drop-Off at the Empire State.


Empire State Building. New York City. April 2015.


Originally from Korea, this Haute Mama is living in New Jersey with her new baby. We started talking because her friend had a selfie stick, which was so funny to me. I offered to take their photos, and asked to capture her cute look.


She has managed to make utilitarian clothing look cool – with a baby in the city, you need stuff with you, and comfortable shoes. She makes it all work, especially with that gorgeous smile.


Should Designer Fashion be Inclusive? HuffPost Style.


A homeless man rifling through a garbage can at the Lilly Pulitzer event in Bryant Park.

“Before there was Target, Loehmann’s gave me access to designer brands at lower prices. And Loehmann’s is where I purchased my first Lilly Pulitzer dress. It was this dress that I wore at my friend’s country club, only I re-created the design. I shortened the knee length dress to a mini-dress reminiscent of Twiggy in the 1960’s (only with a much curvier body), and I paired it with black combat boots and a shredded jean jacket.”

Read On: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mara-menachem/should-we-all-have-access-to-designer-fashion_b_7112972.html


Bryant Park. April 2015. Lily Pulitzer for Target Pop-Up Event.

And to read my piece about Lilly Pulitzer in The Huffington Post, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mara-menachem/mrs-lilly-pulitzer-may-i-_b_3086750.html


I happen to be grabbing coffee at a stand in Bryant Park, when I ran into this Lilly for Target pop-up event. To see Bryant Park adorned with pink umbrellas, people (including men) draped in Lilly printed blankets, dresses, pants and lounging on Lilly fabric was an eye opener.  The City not a place where bright colors are worn, was literally draped in a Palm Beach aesthetic.


The history of Lilly Pulitzer goes way back – and the iconic brand, after suffering the loss of its founder, has partnered with Target to bring their designs to the masses.  And why not? The brand known for dressing the “country club” set is branching out – -a lot of commentary is coming from the fashion community, including long time Lilly consumers. Some think the move to partner with Target is “cheapening” the brand – others believe Lilly  Pulitzer should remain a brand with a specific “target” market.



Don’t Let Mom Jeans Happen to You…


“It was only until I stood on the sidelines of my cousin’s Massachusetts soccer game in a sea of parents styled in mom jeans, sneakers and college sweatshirts, when I began to realize maybe Miami was different from most American cities. Even the dads, as horrifying as that vision can be, were also wearing high-waisted mom jeans.” 

Read more of my Piece in HuffPost below:


Miami Moms 1


On the Street. The Face of Homelessness.


San Francisco, California. April 2015.

I asked him if I could take his photo, I said I totally understand if you aren’t comfortable.  But I want people to see you  your face, so please show me your face!

I realize he could be using, mentally ill and have a myriad of other issues. But the problem is so large, how can we decide who needs help and who doesn’t?


I exchange smiles with this man every week when I’m driving out of San Francisco, I don’t give him money. I think I don’t give him money, because I am under the assumption the money needed may be for unhealthy consumption.  I usually have snacks from my kids in all sorts of locations in my car, and pass that out, if desired. I usually make a really dumb comment about the protein power in the peanut butter crackers – – and give an awkward wave and drive off.

The wave is awkward because I always feel like it’s so weird to drive away in a comfortable car, and think about this man and others not knowing where they will sleep each night. Or being so addicted to a substance, that you end up on the street.  Can you imagine having to figure out where you will sleep every night?