Europe in Miami. Overall Haute.


Paulina and Jade. Coral Gables, Florida.  December 2014.

Paulina lives in Brussels, and is in Miami visiting family.

Fashion Notes: Overalls: Hollister, Cardigan: Painori, Shoes: Bensimon, T-shirt: American Eagle. Watch: Hermes. Jade is wearing all Baby Gap

Mad Respect and Love for The Marley’s in Miami.


South Miami, Florida. December 2014.

Love this family..who adore Reggae and Robert Nesta Marley.  The Marley’s have a long Miami history, and can be seen all over town.  I remember picking up my son from kindergarten, and there he was on the bench next to a Marley grandchild, talking and being 5, with Bob Marley’s grandson. I admit, I was impressed – come on? I didn’t share with Neal, the legend’s offspring in his presence, for many reasons–but I thought it was cool from afar.

I have always been into Reggae, and appreciate growing up in a place with strong Reggae and Jamaican roots.  And most importantly, knowing how to dance to Reggae and Dancehall Music!! Thanks Miami 🙂

Fashion.Celebrity. This Mama Throws Haute Parties.



Natalie. Marin Country Mart. Marin County, California 2014.

Fashion Notes: Boots: Aldo, Hat: Vintage from a store on Haight Ashbury in San Francisco, Ring: Tacori, Sunglasses: Gucci, Skirt: H&M, Top: Ambiance

Natalie’s clothing is a great example of mixing pieces, and not sticking to one label.  The boots are great looking, and seem like something on display at the Ralph Lauren store on 5th Avenue.

Natalie is an Events Manager at Paula LeDuc Fine Catering in San Francisco. Paula LeDuc is “The” go to caterer for San Francisco high profile events, with clients like Tiffany, The De Young Museum (LeDuc threw a party for the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit) and celebrity tech clients, including Sean Parker’s Mid-evil themed wedding at Big Sur, covered by Vanity Fair.  Paula leDuc not only caters large scale events, but affairs of all sizes.

And now, as a new resident to the Bay Area, I want to attend a Paula LeDuc event!! Click the link below for more information;

Haute Art Basel. Cara Bloch’s Artsy Footage.


Art Basel 2014. Images by THE Cara Bloch. Above photo not by Cara.

Miami in early December is the most fashion stimulating time to walk the Art Deco streets.  Besides being the world’s premier international art show for modern and contemporary art, Art Basel’s presence creates the most amazing parties in the universe – hosted by the most glamorous and artsy.  The Sagamore Hotel, Miami’s Art Hotel hosts an annual brunch during Art Basel, where art, fashion and food fuse together.

Cara Bloch, my friend and rock star photographer (I’m such a name dropper, I know – I’m just proud) documented Art Basel week, and the stylish brunch guests at The Sagamore.

Miami is such a fun city, and when the world comes for a visit during Art Basel..Miami residents make sure they have the time of their lives.  Enjoy the photos!!! and

Love Letter to Miami Moms, The Original Haute Drop-Off’s.


“In high-school, my friend’s mother would pull up in a shiny Porsche convertible. Her seemingly effortless exit from the car brought teenage boys and me to a halt. Dressed in curve-hugging Dolce & Gabbana, this mother was, by anyone’s standard, a total knockout. She was sexy, stylish and didn’t look “mom-like.”

Gold Heels. Full Floral. Haute Fashion Designer Mom.


Necy. Atlanta. 2014. Mom. Designer.

Fashion Notes: Gold heels, tight t-shirt in white and full floral skirt, probably made by Necy.

The fitted and short white top works well with this full skirt – -and Necy is tall and thin, making her less concerned about proportions, she looks great in clothing. The skirt falls right at the skinniest part of the leg – the ankle..that’s a great way to show a little skin, and some pretty ankle action 🙂 Once again, this mother has style – it’s in her blood, and she just knows fashion.  Wish she walked by me every day.

Haute Malibu. Actor-Surfer-Cowboy-Cool Dad at Drop-Off.

unnamed-6Rodger Halston. Dad. Actor. Malibu, California. December 2014.

Fashion Notes: Rodger, Shoes: Clarks, Jeans: Levis, Flannel: Abercrombie, Vest: One Star, Sunglasses: Ray Ban. Avalon, Kicks: Converse, Jeans: Joe’s Jeans, Vest: Pop Out, Tank Top and Back Pack: Roxy

About: Rodger and family live in Malibu, where he takes advantage of the California life style.  His talents are abundant…. Actor, Musician, Singer, Surfer, Skateboarder, Cowboy, Writer, Producer, Director, Motivational Speaker and DAD.  I don’t know what it means to be a cowboy, but it sounds pretty fun.

Hair: I mean can this dad get any cooler? Rodger is a great looking dude, with major style and an awesome beard.  I have this beard style philosophy  – it can’t be neat or overly trimmed. A beard I like, is more free spirited in its presentation.  A little messy and unruly, but only slightly…Rodger has perfected my beard ideal. The long, straight hair reminds me of late 70’s folk rock hair…it just fits this dad well, and man is he lucky!

Style: I love the fitted vest with a little plaid peaking though – -and the thick wrist cuff.  A great example for men on how to wear accessories. The rolled sleeve is a great way to add some masculinity to any look – especially when its plaid.

Film: Below is a photo of Rodger from his upcoming Universal Pictures film, Scorpion King Quest for Power.  Check out this stylin’ dad in his new film coming out in January.







Iphone Shots. Miami. Brooklyn. San Francisco. Marin.


Miami. Marin County. San Francisco. Brooklyn. 2014.

I realize the bad quality of the photographs, but I wanted to show these stylin’ parents. I love traveling and admiring the fashion of each place.  I don’t know if this is a real “hobby”, but observing humanity is my greatest love – actually participating in human interaction, while capturing style…. yup, that’s it.

Love to you all. Happy Friday. xxxx Mara

HuffPost Comedy. Bumper Stickers, Original Status Updates.


“Before status updates on social media, bumper stickers on cars acted as a person’s semi-permanent status update. Growing up in a family who all drove Volvos, bumper stickers of the liberal variety would have been a perfect accoutrement to our vehicles. But adorning your Volvo with stickers was an unwritten “no no” in the Menachem household. Because of that, I admired the various messages people displayed..” Read the rest by clicking on the link below: