Haute “Mom” Tattoos. Gold Cross. Cali Drop-Off.


Juan. Dad. Chef. San Rafael Farmers Market. Marin County. August 2014.

Something about Juan’s look, made me want to photograph him.  His large gold cross and tattoo adorned arms, make him seem so tough – but Juan shared with me that his tattoos represent people he loves.  His arms are filled with names – so beautiful, including the name of his mother and grandmother.

After seeing this, I demanded Neal and Liam take a good look at Juan’s arm, while repeating, this is how you show your mama love!!! They both promised by age 12, they will ink “Mara” on their triceps. (come on, I’m kind of humorous, no?)

I realize this is not my typical fashion shot, but Juan has a great look – one that needed to be documented.  In addition to being a dad, Juan is a chef at Left Bank in Larkspur, California.  Left Bank is a great place to connect with locals, especially sitting at the bar.

Larkspur is a quaint town in Marin County, California.  The town has a really cool “old school” movie theater-  it’s a special spot to see a great film.  It also has a delicious Italian bakery and a “late” night bar (late for Marin County) called the Silver Peso.  Larkspur is home to famed restaurant Picco, a happening spot in Marin County.  The food is delicious and it has a vibrant scene, most nights.

Marin County has a reputation for being “wealthy bohemian”, (I just came up with that term) and the fashion is representative. People love to shop at consignment shops and big name thrift shops, like Goodwill.

Environmentalism is part of the culture, and the population is one that recycles and works hard to eliminate waste. But I love spotting serious designers in Larkspur, this upscale town has a Northeastern feel – and lots of Chanel and Celine are roaming around these streets – Which for collectors like me, is exciting – because I know what will be in the local consignment shops next season.

Haute Bun. Oakland Style. Cutest Mama Ever at Drop-Off.


Erica. Oakland, California. August 2014.

I love her!! Erica and her daughter are insanely cute..She has an urban Paris/Tokyo look. The high bun, the flat sandals paired with a short dress.. and then the layered necklaces…This mom knows what she’s doing, that’s for sure.

Fashion Notes: Shoes: Forever 21, Jewelry: Root 21, Handbag: Claire’s, High Bun: Beauty Supply Store (I want one)

In addition to being a stylish mom, Erica works at The Gap.

Haute Pink Lips in Oakland.


DSC_2216Angelina. Oakland, California. August 2014.

Fashion Notes: Kicks: Converse, Dress: Forever 21, Hoops: Wet Seal, Hat: Forever 21, Pink Lips: Wet and Wild, but Mac usually

Many kids on the West Coast haven’t started school – so Angelina was hanging at the Oakland Zoo with her adorable son.  When I spotted Angelina, I dropped everything, including my own kids, to take her photo.  She’s sexy and stylish – I love when I see moms who don’t give up on fashion after they have kids – Angelina is a make-up pro – her lips and eyes are amazing!!! Check out the close up.

Angelina told me the cheap lipstick actually lasts longer….

I always want to wear bright lipstick, but my son Neal has banned me from walking out of the house  with bright red lips – maybe I look like a clown?


Fanny Packs are kind of Haute.


Mara. San Rafael, California. August 2014.

Fashion Shot: Barb Myers

My baby friend, Waylen is staring up at me in utter confusion..what is this lady wearing? Didn’t fanny packs end their heyday in the 1990’s? This kid has a lot to learn, that’s for sure – and he’s lucky his mama is one of my closest peeps, because I will teach.

More to come on my latest passion, Fanny Packs..and why not? They do a whole lot for a mere accessory…I am working on purchasing one a bit cooler, as this boring black number is dated…The choices are endless when it comes to fanny packs – luxury designers Prada, Chanel etc..are re-making them, only more expensive.  And stores like Urban Outfitters are selling out…they have a great mix of bags, from studded city cool to music festival bohemian.  And of course the option I like best, vintage – i’ve been looking, and i’m seeing amazing fanny packs.  Unfortunately in Aspen at a great thrift store, a woman beat me to a brown leather Frye fanny pack!!!! She was pushier, what can I say?

I look forward to sharing my journey into the world of “Fanny Packs” with all of you.


Miami Drop-Off is So Haute. Spiky Boots. Cut off Denim.


Daniela. Mom. Fashion Designer. Miami. August 2014.

Daniela has been on Haute Drop-Off before – our kids attended the same school in Miami, so I had the pleasure of checking out her style most mornings and became quick friends..I mean I pretty much darted after her weekly, so it was just a “natural” connection!! I love her designs, and the soft fabrics feel so good against your skin.

Daniela’s clothing company, www.pureofheart.me was started after she finally let herself be herself – if that makes any sense. “I found myself feeling like I was in a cage, and separate from others,” she says. But it was through this self discovery, that Daniela created clothing with affirmations to remind herself and others to live their truth.

In addition to spreading hope through words and fashion, Pure of Heart remains aligned with its truth by using eco-friendly fabric. The 100-percent Tencel jersey is not only deliciously soft, but it is also completely biodegradable and good for the earth. 

Fashion Notes: Boots: Sam Edelman, Top: Pure of Heart, Sunglasses: San Francisco Vintage store, Cut off’s: True Religion, Fringe Bag: Z&L

Daniela was just visiting San Francisco for work, and we got to have a fun night out.  We met at a bar at a friend’s record release party – I already looked out of place in a sea of black clothing, thick “hipster” glasses and Converse.

“Why did everyone look so much alike?”, I asked myself. And I was wearing a short, flared skirt, socks, ankle boots and lots of big earrings- I promise you, my legs were the only ones on display in this area of San Francisco.

I waited for Daniela and Nathalie to show up, and assumed it would be late – after all, in Miami everything starts late and I told them to meet me at 8:00 p.m. (that’s practically lunch time in Miami).  I was hoping they would balance out the place with their style..but when they finally arrived, they were covered up like it was Alaska – “When in Rome?”, I asked my friends, “No Mara, It’s freezing in San Francisco!”.

My point is different cities have different styles, and I get to see the specific city style when I take photos of parents. Daniela sent me this photo, as she was leaving to drop her daughters off at school. I love that in Miami, moms look like Shakira (well Daniela does) and look sexy and stylish – if Daniela wore this look in some other cities, she would get lots of looks – kind of like what I get sometimes.

Daniela is a great balancer – she knows how to look funky, sexy and fashionable .  The issue is some people “don’t get it”, they may not be into fashion, and see short shorts and heels, and think “inappropriate”, but all that matters is you guys “get it”…and that we can appreciate other people, and the way in which they express themselves artistically.




Haute Dad. Cali Farmers Market Drop-Off.


David. Dad. Photographer. San Rafael Farmers Market. August 2014.

This dad of three boys was minding his own business buying tacos from a food truck for his kids, when I accosted him to take a shot for Haute Drop-Off.  San Rafael has an enormous farmer’s market on Thursdays and Sundays – it’s pretty fun to eat samples and chat with the venders.  I never know what to buy for future use, so I pretty much eat my way through the market.  It’s a great people watching spot and I can bribe my kids to let me photograph people, and I will reward them with a Nutella crepe, or raspberries for Neal – I think Neal witnessing Liam (my youngest) and me engulfing a crepe, has turned him off from crepes in general.

David mentioned that he is a photographer . . this always makes me nervous, only because we all know I am working on my photography skills. I’m great with the talking and spotting, but my photo capturing needs some work..and I am pretty sure I need a new camera, or at least i’ll blame it on that.

Fashion Notes: Glasses: Ray Ban Aviators, Jeans: Levi’s, Shirt: Fred Perry and Kicks: I’m guessing Vans.  I didn’t want to push this dad, it’s awkward enough when a stranger approaches you asking to take a photo of you and your kids, and even more uncomfortable when they have to peak inside their garments to see “what they are wearing” to appease me…

I love capturing male style, especially dads..because they are usually totally willing to let me photograph them, and too polite to ask questions. And then when I run into them again, I usually get to hear about their little moment of fashion recognition by their friends and family.


Little White Pocketbooks are so Haute. Aspen Drop-Off.


Caryn. Aspen, Colorado. August 2014.

Caryn likes quality, as I assessed during our conversation about fashion.  Residing in Miami with her husband and two kids, Caryn was another lucky mama able to enjoy the incredible Aspen summer.  When I talk about Aspen, I feel a little weird, because it sounds a bit out of touch..and I get that most people aren’t using “summering” as a verb – i’m certainly not.

Like i’ve mentioned before, Miami is brutal in the summer and people who can escape the humidity to hike, bike and be outside in gorgeous Aspen – definitely take full advantage. This is why Aspen is filled with Dallas and Miami visitors in the summer – they all need an escape.   Aspen is a town filled with high end stores, amazing thrift shops (I will share my finds soon), music festivals (mostly classical and Jazz), bars, free buses etc… It’s a gift to be able to breathe the fresh air in the summer and spend time with my family.

And talk about music..besides the incredible musicians you hear all over town, studying at the prestigious Aspen Music School, Aspen is also home to the iconic Belly Up.  Belly Up is a special place to hear music in an intimate setting.  We saw Ryan Adams, Super Diamond (The Neil Diamond cover band) and Aimee Mann and Ted Leo.  Every night at Belly Up is another impressive band..some less known..some famous..but all really unique and talented.  And back to fashion….

I LOVE Caryn’s white Celine handbag.  White “pocketbooks” were really big this summer, I got an amazing one..and will be wearing it all year, winter white baby! And I’m pretty confident white leather boots, will be worn on the most fashionable feet this fall….

Fashion Notes: Handbag: Celine, Shorts: J.Crew, Cashmere Sweater: Chan Luu, purchased at the boutique 02 Aspen, Sunglasses: Prada, Watch: Cartier and Flip-Flops: Louis Vuitton

Haute Aspen. Mara Drop-Off Shot.


Mara and Asher. Aspen. August 2014.

Here with my gorgeous nephew Asher in Aspen – hanging out at the park.

Fashion Notes: Mostly Zara – Vintage Coach… Lace top. Long cardigan. rushed to get dressed for an Aspen night out.

Haute Miami Mom in Aspen. Army Looks Rule this Summer.


Christina. Aspen, Colorado. August. 2014.

Christina is visiting Aspen from Miami..Aspen is a summer escape for many in Miami who can afford and want to escape from the debilitating humidity…Miami in the summer is like winter up North, you pretty much stay inside or in a body of water.

I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to spend time in Aspen, even though I live in a place that happens to be gorgeous in the summer.  Aspen is a great place to spend with the ones you love -music, hiking, food, parks and even free buses, because of the town’s wealth, services are abundant.  The students at Aspen’s famed Music School serenade residents and tourists at the local bakery Paradise, with classical renditions of modern and old songs.  Intellectually Aspen rules with the prestigious Aspen Institute, fostering leadership, free dialogue and thinking  – with multiple programs running all year.  I think of it as college for adults…

Fashion Notes: Army Shirt: Zadig & Voltaire and Shorts: Anthropology