Haute Fashionista Shrink. Today Contributor at Drop-Off.


Dr. Joy Jacobs. Mom. Psychologist. Fashion Lover. Southern California. June 2014.

Fashion Notes: Ray Ban sunglasses, Forever 21 boyfriend jeans, J. Crew belt, Celine bag, Converse, designed by Commes de Garçon.

What I really appreciate about Joy, is her openness about her career choices in life..and sharing the truth behind finding what you truly love in life, outside of being a mother.  I usually don’t do this, but I’m sharing Joy’s words verbatim…Because anyone who spent three years at Harvard Law, because they refuse to quit, is impressive in my book.

“As a shrink and fashion lover, I believe that nothing says more about where we are in our lives and who we are than our fashion choices.  I love to explore the psychology behind fashion and what it means.  I have had a very unorthodox career path.  I grew up in a family of lawyers and went to law school right out of college.  I suffered through three years at Harvard Law because I am not a “quitter”.

I hated every day of law and the NY firm that I went to after graduation happened to be located literally right next to Barneys.  My whole paycheck went there!  I quickly realized I was not going to figure out what I “really” wanted to do with my life working 100 hr weeks and getting zero sleep and spending my whole paycheck on clothes trying to soothe my tortured soul.

After winding my way in the publishing world in New York for a couple of years, I landed at Vogue.  It was heaven for someone who adored fashion …you can imagine.  Finally, I decided I wanted to go back to school and study psychology–something that had always been of deep interest to me.

I ended up in San Diego because I got a fellowship to study obesity and eating disorders.  I believe you cannot love fashion and be unaware of the constant push/pull around body image and health.  I am now a clinical psychologist specializing in all eating and weight related issues.

The saving grace for me as a fashion lover in SoCal has been the internet.  Without it I could not function.  What I miss most is the energy of NYC and street fashion.  Wedge sneakers are only now making their way here…about 3 years too late!”.

Feminine Summer Style. Mara’s Picks.


Style Tip: Do not wear this skirt on a windy day, especially if a little boy is your main accessory. Chanel flats are an expensive shoe, but they are so versatile and make any look, a little more polished..I love mixing my flats with ripped jean shorts or a short dress… any flats will work.

Fashion Notes: Flats: Chanel, Skirt/top: Zara, Bucket Bag: Vintage Dooney & Burke, Gold Hoops, Aviators

Liam: Kicks: Vans and Jeans: H&M

Haute Thigh Tattoos. Sexy Romper at Drop-Off.

unnamed-3unnamed-2Ariana. Fairfax, California. June 2014.

Fashion Notes: Polka Dot heart romper and Red Dr. Scholls.  Ariana got my attention because she looks like a New York girl, excuse me woman.  But she’s all California.. her tattoos strategically placed, one with her daughter’s names.  I love her romper, it’s very flattering and highlights a women’s curves – -1950’s pin-up!!

Former Model? Haute Dad. Summer Drop-Off.


Steven. Dad. Writer. Marin Country Mart. Marin County, California. June 2014.

Spotted this model looking dad yesterday, and ran after him, of course! Just eating ice cream on a gorgeous California summer day…it’s actually not Miami hot, you can sit outside.

Steven is a writer, busy completing a novel. Taking a break from the keyboard to spend time with his adorable and well behaved little girl.

Fashion Notes: Steven is dressed pretty classically  – but with slight edge.. like his amazing tattoo, “only the strong survive” inked across his chest (zoom in). Jeans: Sean John, Kicks: Coach, Earrings: Diamond Studs.


Mara’s Picks. What I wear to Drop-Off.


Mara.  Marin County, California. June 2014.

This photo, taken today as I rush to pick up my kids from soccer camp..I won’t be late!!

Fashion Notes: Flats: Chanel, Ankle Socks, Jean Shorts: 7 for all Mankind, Shirt: (cut by me) Anthropology, Sunglasses: Green in color by Ray-Ban, Fringe Bohemian Bag: Hazel purchased in Barcelona, Earrings and Bangles: market in Istanbul, Cuff: Turchin

When my friends travel to various countries, I usually ask them to look for specific things to bring back for me – I mean what else do they have to do on vacation,but worry about scoring my latest obsession?  In Colombia it’s Mochila Bags, In Turkey it’s gold bangles, sandals and gold, huge earrings, in Spain bohemian bags, in India, well it’s everything  –

My look today incorporates my love of global finds..part of my free spirited nature and love of a great mix.  The favorite for me is my black socks and flats – I guess the look reminds me of Paris.  And for others, it reminds them of a very nerdy girl they once knew.

Lotta Love xx Mara

Haute White Pumps Baby. Miami Drop-Off.


Lu. Mom. Artist. Character. Fashion Lover. Coral Gables, Florida. June 2014.

Fashion Notes: Skirt and Top: Do and Be, Heels: Charles David

Perfect example of a good mid-driff situation – she’s so chic in Lime Green, and sexy in those throw back 1980’s white pumps.  I am loving them. Lu is a painter and unlike many artists, she doesn’t retreat for long periods of time, but lives for meeting people.  She’s known for hanging with the Cuban crew at a local Miami cuban coffee spot – it’s a fun place to be at 8:00 am, but only if you are fluent in Spanglish.

Haute Chic Parisian. Paris Drop-Off.


Paris, France. Soccer Practice Drop-Off. June 2014.

Fashion Shot: Bobby Peruch

Fashion Notes: Print shift dress, gold studded sandals, oversized Jackie-O sunglasses, patent leather oversized clutch, gold hoops and accessories.

I love watching people on the streets of Paris.  In Paris, fashion is part of the territory – and it’s not about function or comfort.  Obviously, an oversized clutch to drop a child off at soccer practice is not functional – but feeling stylish and chic carries more weight.

Sometimes, I wear yoga clothing all day- and I feel blah.  But when you live in a major city like Paris or NYC, you dress up more – you are interacting with people on the street, you’re inspired by street fashion and know the latest trends before most…it can be tiring because don’t we all have days where we just want to go unnoticed? Not in Paris..the street is a cat walk, and that’s what makes Paris inspiring.


Brazilian Designer Mom. Haute Teeny Denim Cut Offs.

DSC_1850Sol. Fashion Designer. Mom. San Anselmo, California. June 2014.

This Brazilian Mama knows how to take a pair of jeans and turn them into bags, dresses, skirts, tube tops..you name it. Her sexy style reminded me of Miami, and I wasn’t surprised to find out she is Brazilian.  I love how her daughter is wearing similar sandals, only cute and appropriate for her age.

And of course for me, it’s like I have another member in my short shorts club, I’m not the only one!! Sol funks up her style with lots of great accessories, most she designs.  I would love to create my own designs….one day 🙂

Have fun xx Mara

Haute Fly Fishing Legend. Haute Harley. Grandpa at Drop-Off.

unnamedFlip. Grandfather. Fly Fishing Legend. Outdoor Enthusiast. Miami, Florida. June 2014.

Fashion Notes: Denim on denim, blue clogs, ponytail, beard and a classic Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

Flip is a very cool grandfather, taking his granddaughter on her first motorcycle ride.  I personally love motorcycles, and seeing a man riding around in one, causes me to tilt my neck – -I can’t help it, there is something free, tough and all around cool about anyone on a  motorcycle.

Flip was born and raised in Miami and lived there until Hurricane Andrew blew him to Mims, Florida (i’ve never heard of Mims) in 1993. He is a Fly Fishing legend and an all-around lover of the outdoors.  Flip reminds me of a real original Miami Man..most you find now living in the keys.  I really enjoy stealing a glimpse of this old “skool” piece of Florida, it’s Jimmy Buffett, the ocean, fishing and a great beard!

Happy Sunday.

Haute Istanbul. How Much for the Teeny Tiny Chanel Bag?


Istanbul, Turkey. June 2014.

My mom travels a great deal, and even though she is more on the reserved end of the spectrum – she comes through for her daughter, and gets me some great shots.

The bright colors of the head scarves are gorgeous..I wouldn’t be surprised if they are designed by Hermes…I love how this mother is not only chic, but her young daughter equally so, with her dress and sophisticated jacket.  This photo reminds me of Muslim women in Paris, totally covered but dripping in designer accessories, Chanel bags, Louboutin shoes and Hermes head scarves.

Last year, I walked into Chanel on Rue Royale in Paris hoping to purchase a small bag i’ve been coveting.  I looked for a sales person to show me the handbag.. I noticed a line of bags, about 20 on the glass counter…with no pause, this woman dressed in what seemed to be a burka, and gorgeous scarf, announced “I will take them all”.  “Take them all?” I thought, as I pondered whether I should buy something material for such a large sum..I left with nothing that morning, while this woman left in the Chanel private store Mercedes filled with 20 hand bags, well 21.  Because in my feeling bad that the bag I loved will sit lonely on  a store shelf, I convinced her to add this “reasonably priced” bag to her collection…If I couldn’t enjoy it, someone should.

So maybe because she saves on clothes, her money goes to accessories? No, I don’t think so.  Because underneath her Burka, I imagine is a full designer outfit, probably with the tags of Celine and Balenciaga.

Wether it’s designer or a creative combination of clothing and accessories, It’s just exciting to see how people dress all over the world-  you can learn so much about religion and culture, all by mere observation.

Thanks Barbara (mama) for the fashion shot!!