Haute Manly Man. Fairfax Drop-Off.


Fairfax, California. May 2014.

Love this dad’s look.  He has several piercings and carries off this total manly vibe.  But with a sweet smile and an obvious deep affection for his offspring.  The dust on his jeans, are due to his work as a carpenter.  Something about this dad’s overall look is just unintentionally cool…..



Haute Rapper Mama. Berkeley Drop-Off.

unnamed-1unnamed-4unnamed-2Alison. Berkeley, California. May 2014.

Alison and her partner Stu, run an independent hip-hop label in the East Bay, www.earpeacerecords.com.  Alison hails from Michigan where she learned to Rhyme, and currently records under Alison Wonder..Their studio is filled with vinyl from indie artists to Mexican folk music to The Rolling Stones.

Alison’s love of hip-hop and knowledge of the industry is impressive.  Ear Peace Records is a collective of independent hip-hop artists, scouted mostly by Alison – artists with enormous talent and potential, that normally could go unrecognized.  The Hip-Hop artists Alison and Stu seek are filled with positive messages, hence the name “Ear Peace Records”.  The message and the name all fit nicely at the center of a community that has always fought for peace, equality and free expression.

Alison has some pretty cool tattoos on her back and arms – -it’s a look I love, especially mixed with her sweet sun dress and loose braid.  The Bay Area is filled with creative parents working to achieve their dreams, and making lots of sacrifices a long the way.  All I know, is their daughter may learn to rap by sheer osmosis.

Alison, Mom. Rapper. Photographer. Music scout. Producer.

How to Accessorize a “cheap” Sundress..


How to make a cheap sundress look cool..you mix it up, that’s how…

Fashion Notes: Oversized clutch: 1980’s Vintage, Wedges: no704b, Necklace: handmade in Paris, Gold Chain: Neiman Marcus, Earrings: Target, Sunglasses: Polaroid

I call this my “Miami Bohemian get up”

Retro Haute Drop-Off. El Camino Baby.

unnamedMara. May 2014. Marin County, California.

Who doesn’t love the cool look of an El Camino? It’s a truck and a car – all in one.  Now, if I dropped my kids off in this ride, I would be totally stylin’ and very California.

Fashion Notes: Bag: Miu Miu, Strap: Prada, Denim Shirt: Banana Republic, cut by me, Car: El Camino, Wedge Sandals: DV by Dolce Vita

Haute Itty Bitty Bikini. Snow Cones. Beach Drop-Off.


Rachel. Naples, Florida. May 2014.

Rachel and her family are spending this long weekend in the beach town of Naples, Florida.

What do you say about this shot? Let me tell you about Rachel’s workout regimen – this is a body well deserved – she eats right (and has sugar too!) Rachel does Taekwondo, runs three times per week and in between participates in boot camp.  mmmmm I am beginning to think my Yoga schedule is not enough!!

I realize this is not my usual style shot – but its Memorial Day weekend, with a purpose of paying tribute to those who have lost their lives for our Country – and I think positively it has turned into a weekend spent with the ones you love – – and this mama is doing so, with a ridiculously amazing body – – so why not share that?

Love you all.  xx Mara

Haute Shoulder Fringe. Bad Soccer Mom.

DSC_1143DSC_1153Devon. Marin County, California. May 2014.

Fashion Notes: Boots: Fly London, Fringe Sweater: Anthropology, Jeans: AG Stevie Ankle

Devon is watching her son play soccer, I am distracting Devon and the other parents with my style direction.  I realize that sometimes I miss my son making a goal, and clap at all the wrong moments – but I find watching the style “off” the field distracting.

Love the fringe on Devon’s off white knit top – it’s a little funky.


1980’s Clip on Earrings at Drop-Off. Mara’s Picks.


This is not my typical style – I look so “put together”, I want to walk up to myself and make my hair more wild…But this is a great summer, chic look – all while staying cool in the heat. My favorite accessory are my 1980’s clip on earrings – they are amazing!!! And from my mother’s drawer.

Fashion Notes: Flats: Chanel, Black Shorts: Prada, Striped top: Max Mara, Bag: Vintage Fendi, Cuff: Turchin, Ring: Vintage cocktail purchased in Paris, Earring: 1980’s clip on

Fashion Shot: Eric Tabora

Haute Drop-Off Los Angeles. Music Rules in this City.

DSC_1363Deborah. Los Angeles, California. May 2014.

Fashion Notes: Shoes: Chanel. Ripped Jeans, Denim shirt tied to her waist, cool hat and hot pink nails.

Deborah is a stylish LA mom, who works in the fashion industry – no surprise!

This shot was taken at an Israeli festival, where I was introduced to a very cool Israeli band, Idan Raichel, http://www.idanraichelproject.com/en/ This band represents the multi-culturism found in Israel..The Ethiopian influences are apparent through music in the Amharic language – And I’m pretty sure I heard some Brazilian beats, all with a combination of English and Hebrew.  The lead vocalist had gorgeous long, dreaded locks prior, but took the stage with a new shaved head.

Idan Raichel reminded me a great deal of Miami.  With an amazing mixture of so many different cultures – ya know what happens? You make beautiful – soulful Music.