Bowling in Red Heels is HAUTE


Meghan. San Rafael, California. March 2014.

How great is an old school bowling joint? Pretty awesome, I must say..bowling shoes scream style..and I mean that seriously.  I love staring at everyone’s feet at a bowling ally, because somehow the shoes make everyone seem hip.

Meghan is sporting some red heels on the lanes..and a chic head scarf.. so feminine is this mom..

Photo was taken at Country Club Bowl in San Rafael, California.  It’s a complete throw back..from the retro bar to the black and white photos on the wall.

Plaid is Haute. Berkeley Drop-Off.


Sara. Berkeley, California. March 2014.

Sara loves vintage and spend years running a vintage shop in Fairfax, California.  A town loaded with cool vintage shops, catering to a community filled with California bohemian style.  I love this fitted plaid jacket, it’s a little punk and retro.  The narrow jackets from the 60’s, are tough to wear when you have curves on top..not many can squeeze into them..but Sara wears it well.

Berkeley Style is Haute. No Birkenstocks at Drop-Off.


Ada. Adventure Playground. Berkeley, California. March 2014.

Ada is working the bright colors on a beautiful day in the Bay Area.  For those of you who think Berkeley parents only wear Birkenstocks and long skirts, you are so mistaken…Berkeley is as diverse in its style as it is its people.  The photo of Ada was taken at Berkeley’s Adventure Playground.

Adventure Playground in Berkeley is the perfect spot for your little Huck Finns who want to learn how to work a hammer and saw.  It’s also a great place for me to hide in a corner reading Vogue, while my boys harass other helpful parents who actually possess the skills to teach them how to hammer a nail. Adventure Playground is proof that kids have more fun without manufactured toys and technology.  This “playground” resembles a shanty town — or an urban artsy area on the verge of gentrification.  The rules for the playground are very clear and kids do not receive hammers, nails, wood, or saws until they pick up pieces of trash left on the ground.  Additionally, they are allowed to climb on all the surfaces and slide across the park on a rope, which usually ends with a crash landing… a really amusing thing to watch.


Haute Furry Boots. Cali Free Spirit Drop-Off


Tiphani. San Rafael, California. March 2014

This Mamma is just a positive spirited and a funky dresser.  It’s the way she carries herself and her engaging smile that make her “stare worthy”…one of those humans, you just can stare at all day… love her look.


Tough Dad. Cool Work Overalls. California Drop-Off.


Michael. Dad. Builder. Entrepreneur. San Rafael, California. March 2014.

Some of you may wonder why I have Michael on Haute Drop-Off today… I saw this AMAZING look and ran after this dad.  Michael, a New Jersey native, now a Californian, was quick to charm me with his New Jersey talk, “listen lady, here’s a number to the local mental institution and I really suggest you also stop for glasses on the way, because this is not fashion”.

Fine, so I made that up, but Michael did give me a look that most people who understand social cues, would know to not approach.  But I’m Mara, and I am not scared of a tough guy with a tough guy looking uniform.  Eventually, Michael gave in and agreed to pose for Haute Drop-Off  -I mean how can you say no to me?

Michael is a down player, but I hear he owns a company that builds incredible, architecturally beautiful homes in San Francisco.  Michael explained that his work clothing is his uniform, he’s been wearing for years.  Additionally, even though I’m not condoning smoking, his Camel’s peaking out of the front pocket, felt very Marlon Brando.  The work overalls worn by Michael are designed by a classic company,

I am getting a pair of these cool work overalls, not for work necessarily – -give me a few months and you will all be wearing them!


Haute Japan. Mom/Teen Kyoto Drop-Off


Ryoanji Rock Garden. Kyoto, Japan. Mom and her 15 year old daughter.

The photo was taken at this rock garden in Kyoto, famous as one of the best examples of a rock garden.  This spiritual setting is on the property of a Zen-Buddhist Temple.

Kyoto is an impressive art city, with incredible exhibits and a vibrant art scene.  I am loving this mom and daughter..this 15 year old girl has adorable and funky’s appropriate for her age and filled with individualism.  Check out her nails, so cute!

My mom and step-father have been in Japan for a couple of weeks, and I am obsessed with their experiences and want to go soon..the style, the art, the people’s just an incredible place.  I am so happy that I learned a about Japanese culture through my Japanese friends in college..and since then i’ve had such an interest in traveling all over Japan.

Have a great Sunday and look for more photos of Japan style soon.

Fashion Shot: Barbara Menachem

Haute Tights. How to wear a mini-dress at Drop-Off


San Rafael, California. March 2014.

This Mom, who is from Japan always looks cool and urban.  She has managed to wear a cotton dress with layers to deal with the always changing California weather.  I love her tights, they make her short dress look funky rather than sexy.  mmm maybe I should be wearing them more at school drop-off, then the skirt flying up — wind issue won’t matter…

Additionally, this mom’s baby is an added fashion accessory..did that sound kind of ridiculous? Her hair style adds additional funkiness to her overall look.  I continue to adore Japanese style.. and her son is the cutest with that button down, pressed shirt.


Haute Writer. Israel Drop-Off.

10013848_10102915499198043_1730713442_n1972276_10102915499467503_916866254_nSarah. Mom. Writer. Ex-Pat. Israel. March 2014.

I met Sarah through my brother – well, via Facebook.  Seth kept telling me I would love Sarah’s writing and Sarah.  When I read Sarah’s pieces, I realized why.  She’s authentic, even when she admits to being somewhat inauthentic..because she actually admits, and she wrote about it in Time Magazine.

I hope you will take 2 minutes to read Sarah’s brief admission to being human, not living a rock star fantasy each moment and how Facebook may be “fakebook”.

Sarah was raised in LA and you can see her laid back California style in these photos..a great scarf, jeans and boots.  She likes to keep her style simple with a little edge – like fishnets with a little black dress.  Sarah resides in Israel where she lives with her 4 and 5 year old in a small village with an incredible view of rolling fields and gigantic sky.

Sarah is the new media editor at Times of Israel and a contributing editor at  You can read more of her stuff on TIME.comLadies Home JournalBabble, and

Haute Dad in a Dress. Gender Roles re-defined. Los Angeles


Seth Menachem. Los Angeles, California. March 2014

Seth is my brother.  His son asked him to wear a dress this fine Sunday morning, and Seth did just that.  His son just turned two, and it’s amazing when children don’t yet understand gender roles created by society.  These roles are unfortunate and I am proud of my brother for being comfortable enough in his own skin to don a dress.  Now, he does live in “hipsterville”, so I wouldn’t be surprised if every male starts wearing floral dresses and Jeans down least you will know who started the trend.

Hope you have a great Sunday.  And take this moment to think about how we can all let our kids be creative…without old fashion gender stereotypes stopping us.. Oh and look at his feet,

Here is an article Seth wrote about why he’s “cool” with his son wearing dresses,

xx Mara

Haute Chillin’. Dad/Daughter Drop-Off.


San Anselmo, California. February 2014.

I feel like I was an outsider observing such a sweet moment with this dad and his daughter.   They were listening to a band play, while taking a break from cruising on their boards.  Safety first, they are both with helmets!!

This shot is not about the’s capturing “a stop and smell the roses” moment on a gorgeous California day. Oh and this dad has some seriously good hair…