She’s French. She’s Natural. She’s “Haute”.


Natalie. Miami, Florida. February 2014.

Natalie is a member of the fashion industry and is well known for her styling.  Her hair is amazing and she has that perfectly French sensibility  – not trying hard, but still looking sexy and effortlessly chic.  The open back blouse is quite refined and pretty.  For those of us with larger “assets”, this type of top will look much different..much!!!

Fashion notes: Steve Madden Shoes, ABS blouse and J Brand Jeans.

Haute Sunday. Rocking after workout gear at Drop-Off.


Lola. Miami, Florida. February 2014.

This is what I do after working out and not having time to change.  I wear my moccasins and throw on a cool jacket and gold hoops.  Lola is majorly dedicated to the art of exercise, I know we can all see that..oh and she has 4 kids! People ask me how I get good pictures in a sea of Lululemon…well, it’s people like Lola who know how to funk up what could of been a boring workout look.

I love the bright socks with Birkenstocks, her pattern, shiny leggings and hole filled Hendrix t-shirt–and of course the oversized sunglasses.

Haute Lu. 305 Drop-Off.


Lu Gold. Mom. Artist. Miami, Florida. February 2014.

Fashion Notes: Glasses and “Pocketbook”: Gucci, Vest: Target, Tank: Forever 21, Pants: To and Be.  Lu’s style is always changing from day to day..she can be funky, conservative and creates the best costumes for her many Miami social events.

Lu was raised in Miami by a Cuban mother and Jewish father.  She is filled with amazing stories and incredible impersonations of her Cuban mother..she can do a Cuban accent and a New York accent like a professional. Lu attended the prestigious Miami performing arts school, New World and continues to be a highly dedicated painter.

Lu is filled with the benefit of being an artist, she’s creative and fun..always a free spirit this mamma.  Her paintings reflect Lu’s inner spirit, and I will attach an image of her work soon.  She resides in a historic Coral Gables home with her husband and three children.

Haute Miami Mami. Acid Wash. Kicks. Midriff.


Miami, Florida. February 2014.

This mom has a style and she’s working it like a champ..I love that. She is Miami, and I am so happy I was able to capture a shot exemplifying this colorful city.

Fashion Notes: High Waisted acid wash Jeans, bright green midriff shirt, colorful kicks and hair half up.  Can you so picture her in roller skates?

It’s all about BRANDING at Drop-Off


Kelly. Corte Madera, California. January 2014

Fashion Notes : Shoes: purchased at Anthropology, Bright colored pattern skinny pants and Blazer: Gap, Belt: Ann Taylor Loft.  Her pixie hair style adds that funkiness to her overal

Kelly is wearing clothing from big name retailers, not surprising for a brand marketing executive who’s company works with big name clients.  Kelly is co-founder of Double G branding,  She has provided business and marketing solutions for clients including The Coca-Cola Company, Hewlett-Packard, Visa, Levi Strauss & Co., Intel, Sony, Dell, Nissan, UPS, Allstate, UCSF, RedPrairie, Sprint, and Harrah’s Entertainment. Prior to co-founding Double G Branding in 2008, Kelly specialized in user experience research, client loyalty, and social networking at Sapient, a global business consulting and interactive marketing firm.

She’s a Free Spirit at Drop-Off.


Mom of Five. Miami, Florida. July 2013.

Fashion Notes: Jean vest. Bohemian Dress. Gorgeous Dreads…. this manifests into such a naturally cool look.  I love a denim vest over a feminine dress…

I loved running into this family in Miami.. this mother is always taking all of her kids to the library or to the park to play.. and they are a tight unit.. all with beautiful dreads, cool style and bright smiles… love, love this crew!



Who Knew a LV Speedy could Carry a Skateboarder?


Mara. Venice Beach. January 2014

Fashion Notes: Current Elliot Jeans, Zara Shirt, BCBG ankle Boots and Louis Vuitton very worn out and huge Speedy (made for luggage) and leather strap from another bag at Target

So is it weird to have me on my blog? I love this photo taken by my brother Seth, we spent the entire day riding on the board walk while I pulled Liam on his skateboard.  I think it’s a testament to the craftsmanship (I hate using that term, I sound pretentious) of Louis Vuitton that a kid held on to that bag and it didn’t rip…and maybe a testament to a mom who lets her kid hold on to a great bag, knowing it could break. But what’s really awesome is I bought a bag at Target only for the brown leather strap with the intent to attach it to my Speedy, which I’ve been wearing for years to keep my hands free.

This bag I purchased 7 years ago, maybe more..I wanted the largest speedy, so I got the bag you can use as a carry on, and worked hard to beat the bag in order to give it that vintage look…and it worked, It’s beat up alright.  So the question remains, was it the Target strap that held Liam or the LV Speedy?  mmmm something deep to ponder!

So do something fun this weekend.. love to you all.

xx Mara