Rock-n-Roll Haute Chef Dad. LA Drop-Off.


Vinny Dotolo. Los Angeles, California. January 2014.

Los Angeles chef Vinny Dotolo, along with his partner Jon Shook are the owners of Animal, Son of a Gun and Trois Mec in Los Angeles. Vinny is also married to one of my closest peeps, Sarah Hendler, who has been featured on Haute Drop-Off.  A rock star award winning chef, author, Food Network star and now a dad, Vinny is a busy man who appreciates style.

Fashion Notes:  Tattoo Sleeve: By famed artist, Steve Cannon, Denim Button Down: APC (an amazing French brand, i’ve always loved), Pants: J.Crew, Very Fancy Slippers: Bottega Veneta

Let’s discuss Bottega Veneta..I adore their bags, but they are a financial investment..the quality in the bag is worth the price, and their designs are classic.  Actually, Vinny’s wife Sarah found a vintage Bottega handbag in a lonely thrift shop on the road… she has an eye that one. Sarah designs one of a kind jewelry  – she’s been a collector for years, and is finally giving us all a piece of her great taste. Check out Sarah’s stuff,

When in LA check out one of Vinny and Jon’s restaurants…poor planners like me have a problem getting into famed establishments, so don’t be like me, plan ahead and eat well!! Visit their site,

Haute Sarah Jessica Hair at Drop-Off


Amy. San Anselmo, California. January 2014.

Fashion Notes: Necklaces: J.Crew, Sweater and T-Shirt: James Perse, Jeans: Rich and Skinny, Belt: Target, Ankle Boots: Topshop

Amy’s hair is a great accessory, because it’s slightly wild and adds a sexy Sarah Jessica Parker vibe to her urban bohemian look. I just made that term up, and I like it!

Haute Designer Papi. Farmer’s Market Drop-Off.


Tazi. Furniture Designer. Father. San Rafael, California Farmer’s Market.

Why Tazi was surprised I stopped him, I don’t understand.  I could tell this dad was some sort of designer from first spot – and I was right.  Tazi is Moroccan and runs his own furniture design company in San Francisco, Tazi Designs.  Tazi Designs is influenced by Morocco, a beautiful country with an abundance of cultural influences.  Check out their site,  The shop is located in the very hip area of Hayes Valley in San Francisco..a lot of great fashion watching.

Fashion Notes: Jeans: H&M, Studded Belt: Purchased in Morocco, Vest: John Varvatos, Hat: Vinatge Leslie James, Silk Scarf: Purchased in Italy, Boots: G-Star, Wool Cardigan: Brooks Brothers.

This dad enjoys style, and it’s such a fun visual to watch people like Tazi with their offspring on the street or at the local farmer’s market. Have a nice Sunday!

Mara’s Latest. Save Justin Bieber from Turning into a Grown-Up ***hole!


“….But really. Should we be surprised? I mean, what teenager gets a Lamborghini? Justin Bieber does. In fact, he bought it himself, and no one said “No,” and that was that. A Lamborghini. His first car. When I read that news-worthy information, I remember thinking, “Nothing good will come from your first car being a Lamborghini.”

Espana Style. Haute Miami Drop-Off.


Alisa. Architect. Designer. Mom. South Miami, Florida. January 2014.

Fashion Notes: Red Wedges: Pour la Victoire, Rolled up Denim: AG, Gold Studded Belt: Linea Pelle, Top: James Perse, Time Keeper: Michelle, Leather Cuff: purchased in Spain, Pocketbook: Miu Miu

My friend Alisa has great style, a hint of slight, small accessories that make her look.  She’s American, but has a European way..from the way she shops, quality not quantity to the way she eats…she sits down for all her meals and takes pleasure in each bite.  And then of course her design work,

Her cuff from Spain so cool, my mom and step-father brought me an amazing bohemian bag from Spain and huge gold earrings…love them.  Barcelona and Madrid are filled with style on the streets and in the shops.  Growing up in Miami, we knew many kids from Spain, the boys were preppy with that cool European look and the girls had natural style with great jewelry and leather back packs.  Alisa’s red wedges give her look that European flair….

Haute Fanny Pack. Venice Beach Drop-Off.


Cameron. Model. Actor. Mom. Venice Beach Boardwalk. January 2014.

Fashion Notes: Kicks: low top red Converse, body suit tank: American Apparel, fatigue jacket: Zara, Jean Shorts: vintage Levi’s, sunglasses: Ray Ban Wayfarers

First of all, many of you owe me an apology.  I predicted mini-backpacks and fanny packs “in” again. and I was mocked! Those mean girls who laughed at me in my original 1990’s GAP fanny pack, who’s laughing now?

Cameron being a model and actor, kind of looks sexy in anything.  She did mention that biking in a body suit is not the most comfortable.  Cameron was spending a beautiful Sunday on Venice Beach, riding bikes with her adorable son.  And damn does she wear a fanny pack well!!!


Haute Skirts and Boots. San Anselmo Drop-Off.

Allison. San Anselmo, California. January 2014.

Fashion Notes: Sunglasses:Coach, Knit top: Isso, San Francisco, Skirt: Nomads Clothing and Boots: purchased in Stockholm, Sweden.

I met Allison at a local public school in the lovely town of San Anselmo, famous for their celebrity resident, Mr. George Lucas. I really appreciate skirts and boots and it really defines the style in Marin County – – a little funky and a little bohemian.

Haute Manly Cardigan. Macho Belt Buckle at Drop-Off.


Fabi. Marin County, California. January 2014.

Fashion Notes: Lacoste Yellow Cardigan, School Boy Cap, Aviators, Manly Belt Buckle.

This dad pays homage to his German roots, and I dig that when I see him dropping off his kids.  Fabi is a strong and tall man, and he styles himself really well – -I love the way this cardigan looks on Fabi, and paired with the cool belt buckle and cap – it all comes together.  Men be careful when wearing a’s not easy to pull off without looking like you belong at a teachers convention in 1981 (on second thought, that probably would look awesome!!).




Haute Designers. Parisian’s love Red at Drop-Off.


Patricia. Sunset Drive. Miami, Florida. January 2014.

I caught this Parisian mom cruising into one of my mother’s favorite stores in Miami, At East on Sunset, .  At Ease carries a great selection of super cool ready to wear apparel by a happening group of designers such as, Rag & Bone, Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang to name a few.  They also have some killer sales, for people like me, who are not into paying designer prices!

Patricia likes to shop in Miami when she’s on vacation, probably because compared to Paris, fashion in the States is practically free. Patricia is a style contributor for the French Magazine, Toulouse.  This mom lives for high end fashion.. and she LOVES designers.

Fashion Notes: Red with gold trim handbag: Yves Saint Laurent, as a side note, I love this bag, it’s just gorgeous and red always adds something. Red Ankle Boots: Balenciaga, Jeans and Top: Helmut Lang, Outerwear Vest: Intuition Paris, Watch: Rolex, Ring: Hermes.

Some serious labels for this high stylin’ Parisian Mamma!

Haute Outdoorsy Style. California Drop-Off.


Lisa. San Rafael, California. December 2013.

Lisa has a look that only few can pull off – I’ve always wanted to look this pretty in outdoorsy style.. she reminds me of someone who grew up in Maine and had a year round glow, no make-up needed.  Lisa is in the fashion industry and represents a line of menswear, which specializes in custom made suits.  I can not tell you enough that a man needs to wear a suit that fits like a glove.  It’s difficult to look great in a suit, especially if it’s baggy and doesn’t fit well.  But a man can look so sexy in a well fitted suit made with amazing fabrics and paired with a stiff white pocket square and gorgeous British shoes….

Any guys reading this, I will gladly help you find a suit that fits well and accessorize your look.  What fun for me.  My father always said to “dress British” and I do think the Brits know how to wear a suit.  When I lived in London, I loved staring at the men going to work on my Tube ride, they looked so distinguished..and then you would hang out with them at the pub, and they didn’t act so distinguished, oh but fun!!

Fashion Notes: Jacket: North Face, Chords: J. Crew, Sweater: Gap, Boots: Vintage Sorel’s

Lisa’s look is quite in at the moment, this is a page from the latest issue of Bazaar, showing outdoorsy fashion this winter.