Haute Ski Vacation Drop-Off


Estee and Olive. Beaver Creek, Colorado. 2013.

Estee, who has been in the fashion industry for years, has great style..classic with a hint of funkiness.  Her daughter Olive is a designer babe..so cute!! They are a Miami family on vacation in Colorado.

Fashion Notes: ESTEE (mom) Coat: United Bamboo, Boots: Rag & Bone, Sunglasses: Ray Ban. OLIVE (baby) Coat: Chloe and Boots: Ugg

Haute Big Brother. Suspenders at Drop-Off.


Bobby. San Francisco, California. November 2013.

Bobby is not a dad, but a big brother who picks his siblings up at school daily.  He takes such good care of all his family, and is insanely stylish.  Watching Bobby walk into school each day is such a delight – he loves fashion and it’s part of his creative expression.

Bobby represents true style to me, he takes risks and looks incredible.. he also has an heir of confidence that makes him even more lovely to watch or stalk (like we all know I do). Bobby has worked in the fashion industry for different designers and is continuing to pursue his passion.

Fashion Notes: narrow suspenders, army green pants, white tank, aviator shades, cool funky shaved hair, skater kicks.

Bobby is a “fashion” fresh of breathe air, in which I am lucky to witness daily.  But most importantly, he’s a good person and a really incredible son.

Haute Blonde Mamma in Edgy Black. Marni at Drop-Off.


Denise. San Anselmo, California. December 2013.

I always love how black looks on a Blonde..something about really edgy clothing and gold studs toughen up a natural blonde.  Denise is put together and you can tell her love for fashion is alive and well.

Fashion Notes: Gold Studded Handbag: Marni, www.marni.com, Top: Vince www.vince.com/official, Heels: Pelle Moda (can buy via Zappos). I love the old school shape of Denise’s Marni bag and then the gold hardware and studs, make it funky..love that bag.  I would wear that with the most feminine dress to toughen me up!

Great look!

Haute Leopard and Gold. Miami Weekend Drop-Off.


Lola. Coral Gables, Florida. December 2013.

Lola is tan, thin, tall and blonde..so she looks great in everything (must be nice).  I find it really hard to pull off leopard pants without looking like I’m married to an old school mobster.

But Lola manages to make leopard look funky and sexy.  Lola reminds me of JFK Jr.’s late wife Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy – trust me look at old photos.  Her high and neat pony tail paired with gold accessories (and silver in the other hand) are great ways to individualize your look…take note…this is one Haute Mamma.

Pixie and Platinum. Haute Drop-Off. Marin County.


Lori. Marin County, California. November 2013.

Fashion Notes: Vintage French Sunglasses, Vera Wang Dress, Boots by Tom’s.  Lori has a platinum pixie cut, that I think is so PUNK! I love a cool hair style, because it makes anything you wear automatically look more edgy…

Lori is a creative talent agent for Vitamin T.  I think of Lori as a casting agent, only she’s casting nerdy “creatives”.  I am only kidding, but couldn’t resists. Lori connects the best freelance digital creatives in the industry and matches them with companies needing their creativity.

Vitamin T provides carefully screened freelance designers, developers and copywriters on a freelance basis..check out Vitamin T’s site for more information, http://vitamintalent.com/LoriMann

Haute Japanese Style. Tough Bomber. Plaid Mini. Cool Drop-Off.


Yuriko. Marin County, California.

This mama originally hails from Japan.. she has that natural, great style that you can see on the streets of Tokyo. Yuriko has four kids under the age of 8, and still manages to look ultra hip every day… her huband is a well known sushi chef at a famous San Francisco spot, Sushi Ran.

Fashion Notes: The amazing leather bomber is by Diesel. I am a big fan of skirts, and this plaid classic mini paired with grey tights and a tough leather bomber, makes for great Fall fashion.  This is layering at its best!

It makes me happy to get to see this mom every day, lugging four gorgeous children, while still looking like a style goddess.

Surfin’ Skatin’ Stylin’ Do-Goodin’ Dad. Haute Surf Shop.


Nate. Dad. Surfer. Entrepreneur.

I met Nate at Proof Lab Surf Shop, probably one of the “raddest” (I am trying to use the West Coast lingo) places for any kid or adult. Proof Lab not only has a wide variety of California style clothing and accessories, but they create surfboards and skateboards depending on your individual needs.  Being the huge surfer I am, Nate and his crew built me a long board so I can hit those huge California waves… okay fine, I am lying, I only wish to be that cool.

But that’s the great thing about this special spot in Mill Valley, California, Nate and his partners have purposely created a shop which is so much more.. you can hang out at Proof Lab all day, especially if you have young kids who love music, surfing or skateboarding…and they are actually fine with people who don’t know when to leave a party, if you know what I mean.. hang out, no one will throw you out, I promise.

This amazing facility includes a huge half pipe with skateboards and helmets you can borrow, music lessons for all ages, music studios to record, an art studio, skateboard lessons with skate pro Matt Field, surfing and skate camps etc… Oh and you can also get a really great cup of coffee at Equator!

To learn more about Proof Lab, click on this link http://www.prooflab.com/

Fashion Notes: Nate is wearing all clothing and accessories from Proof Lab, including the surf board (in the first photo), designed by a local artist. When Nate is not busy running Proof Lab, he’s teaching his little man how to catch some waves, in only the best styling gear all sold at Proof Lab.