Haute Executive Director Mom. Birthday Drop-Off.


Tina. Mom. Executive Director. Miami, Florida. 2013

Fashion Notes: Tina always wears the best Chandelier earrings in gold.  She loves bright colors and is glowing in this shot.  This is one sexy mamma!

Tina is the Executive Director of Alonzo Mourning’s (the former NBA star of the Miami Heat) Overtown Youth Center, http://overtownyouth.org/ (OYC).

The OYC mission is to inspire and empower youth and families by fostering hope through enrichment services. The neighborhood where OYC housed is in a very special and historic Miami neighborhood, Overtown, home to musicians, artists and a vibrant African-American community.  Overtown is also a community fighting poverty, crime, poor education and drug addiction.

Tina, who was raised in Overtown is working hard to make her neighborhood a better place, especially for the children being raised in her community.  I will never forget Tina giving me a tour of her neighborhood, she knows everybody and the warmth and love of Overtown’s residents is quite special.  I was in Overtown when President Obama was elected, we all sat at Jackson’s Soul Food and celebrated.

When I started working in Overtown, many people made comments regarding my safety.  But in Overtown I never felt unsafe, I only felt loved and accepted by the people who made this community so special. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and make an effort to get to know other people, and that means stepping into their lives.. then all of us leave our judgements and fear behind, and end up enlightened with a lot of new friends.

I also learned a lot about basketball, and got to hang out with Zo and Dwayne Wade.  Tina and my friend TK had to point out the players to me.  Additionally, Tina had to elbow me when I told Zo that he’s quite the impressive “kicker”.  Fun times! Tina is a rock star mom and a great community leader.

Sometimes Keeping it Simple has the Best Outcome. Haute Thanksgiving.


Devon. San Francisco, California. November 2013.

Fashion Notes: Vintage Dooney & Bourke bucket bag..love this, and these have been “in” for a while now.. so pull out your mom’s bags from the 80’s or buy one at a thrift store.  I just adore these bags! The wedge ankle boots with the tie in the back are casual and cool… see you can be comfortable and be fashionable! Sunglasses: Ray Ban.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends.. Keep it SIMPLE and enjoy!! xxx Mara


It’s beginning to look a lot like Brooklyn at Cali Drop-Off.


Jim. Dad. Musician. Shredder. Techie. San Anselmo, California.

Fashion Notes: Jeans: Naked & Famous, Jacket: British Clothing company Firetrap, Boots: Tom’s.  Another example guys.. and I really mean guys, of a stylish dad dressed simply and not over done, while managing to exude natural style.

Jim plays guitar in his band, Lagtime, www.lagtimeband.com.  Jim has spent the last 15+ years  in the Bay Area and in London.  Through his travel and experiences, Jim’s musical interests have broadened to include jazz, hip hop and a dash of electronica. Obsessed with music gear, Jim nerds out when discussing the nuances of tubes, transistors and speaker cones.

Additionally, Jim works in the technology arena, creating software to make our world more efficient.


Axl Rose? Chris Robinson? Must be a Musician Dad at Drop-Off


Ponytail Papa. Fairfax, California. November 2013.

Fairfax is a town in Marin County about 30 minutes outside of San Francisco.  It’s a liberal mecca filled with funky stores and lots o’ music.  The town of Fairfax is considered one of the most progressive in Marin County, and not surprising it’s home to many musicians and artists.

As a new resident to the area, Fairfax has taken me in with open arms. Lola’s Depot, a great consignment store always has such cool things, and with a box outside labeled “free”, my kids have become collectors of fabric.. still waiting to see the outcome.

If you want to hear some good music (and believe me, they have some seriously establish musicians playing in Fairfax) and feel the old school bohemian California feeling, hang out in Fairfax..

Fashion Shot by Luna Brown – Luna, a photographer in her teens, has a great eye and I loved hearing about the life of teenagers from Luna and her friend.. Luna has a blog about fashion for her school, check it out.. love love her passion..http://fallfashionfinds.wordpress.com/

Haute European Wheels. Cargo Bike at Soccer Drop-Off.

mandy bike

Mandy. Australian Mamma. San Francisco, California. November 2013

As many of you know, people in San Francisco wear their style in many ways… one being via their wheels… this is an imported front loading cargo bike from Denmark.  It’s seriously such a beauty, as well as its owner.

All Asses Are Not Created Equal.. Mara’s Latest Piece. Lululemon..


But in lululemon yoga pants, all asses are. It’s thighs that are not created equal. Can you imagine the CEO of Brooks Brothers blaming large testicles for the pilling of their cashmere blend trousers? click below to read the rest of my piece…