Los Angeles Style Drop-Off in San Francisco.

mandee 2

Mandee. San Francisco, California. October 2013.

Mandee is such an LA woman – she has that LA laid back, friendly attitude I love so much. Mandee exudes glamour, kind of like a young, sexy Elizabeth Taylor (without all the diamonds).

Fashion Notes: Bell Bottom Jeans, Red Clogs, Mochila Handbag from Colombia, amazing Vintage French Sunglasses and Hair Scarf.

Haute HuffPost. Naked in San Francisco. Read it.


“……We entered Whole Foods and merrily filled our cart with the overpriced fare, while observing the quiet nature of the people. I found myself “shushing” my kids as if we were in a library getting a dirty look from the quintessential librarian with the tight bun and thick glasses dangling at the end of her nose, except here the librarian was cataloging free-trade coffee and used chopsticks from recycled timber to hold together her dread locked bun.”

Click on this link http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mara-menachem/stand-publicly-naked-in-san-francisco_b_4175014.html to read the FULL article in The Huffington Post


German “Vati” Style at Marin County Drop-Off.


Fabi. Dad. San Francisco Restaurant Owner. Marin County, California. October 2013.

This “vati” (dad in German) was dropping off his young kids at school and I rushed toward him to ask about his really cute look.  I was excited to hear a German accent, because his look really went well with his accent, even though it sounds like a bad stereo type, but the clogs and suspenders so GERMAN… I am spotting a trend among men in the Bay Area which is to don clogs on their feet and I have to say, I totally dig it…

This dad owns the Very Cool German restaurant. Suppenkuche,  http://www.suppenkuche.com/ in  San Francisco.  Check out their Haute German Cuisine while lounging in this stylish spot.

Penny Loafers are Haute. Soccer Drop-Off.


Annie. Mom. Activist. San Francisco, California. October 2013.

Photo Opp:
When I spotted argyle tights and penny loafers, I went into a fast sprint across the soccer field to photograph Annie.  Not only did her look remind me so much of my preppy childhood, but Annie brought preppy to the year 2013.  Her children also filled with great individual style.. love the pink hair!
Fashion Notes:
Penny Loafers: Vintage Bass circa 1988 (so great), Skirt: Old Navy, Sweater: Kensie.
Annie is the co-founder of a statewide non-profit called Educate Our State, which is a parent led movement to support and help fix California’s public schools.  Annie’s newest venture is a parent social network designed to make life with school age kids easier, check it out here http://getpencil.com/
Stylish. Smart. Involved. What a cool Mamma!


Friday gets Foxy at Drop-Off


Joy. Mom. Graduate Student. San Francisco, California. October 2013.

Fashion Notes: Anthropology Jeans and Cupid Boots. Love Joy’s gorgeous, long hair.  Joy is strikingly pretty with great style.

Joy is attending Sofia University, www.sofia.edu in Silicon Valley to receive a graduate degree in Clinical and Spiritual Psychology.

Chugging California "Cool" Aid. Mara in Huffington Post.


“…..Differentiate between homeless, hipster, or Berkeley professor. It sounds easy but it isn’t. They all have beards, wear Clarks, and share a similar scent. I’m pretty sure I’ve dropped a dollar into the coffee cup of a Nobel Prize nominee, and asked a homeless man if I could survey his class at Berkeley.

Click on this link to read my full piece in The Huffington Post, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mara-menachem/chugging-the-california-k_b_4061291.html

Haute Vintage Cashmere. Nostalgia at Drop-Off.


San Rafael, California. October 2013.

Fashion Notes: Tahitian Pearls, Vintage Cashmere Sweater, Free People Pants and Minnetonka Moccasins.

This mom is donning her mother’s cashmere sweater, most likely from the 1970’s.  I still wear my grandmother’s cashmere sweaters..at this point they are not vintage,  but antique.  The older sweaters fit like a glove, showing off your curves in all the right places.

When I wear these sweaters, I feel like a 1950’s pin up..only thing missing is the pointy bra.  Additionally, it makes me happy to feel like I am somehow spending the day with my amazing grandmother.  Sylvia had a quick wit and a gorgeous face, a “deadly” combination, that only the lucky ones could appreciate.  This one is for you Sylvia!


Haute Artist. Surfer. Dad. Weekend Soccer Drop-Off.


Ton. Artist. Residential Designer. Surfer. Dad. Fairfax, California. October 2013.

Ton, a naturally handsome dude with natural style.  Ton enjoys quality in the materials he chooses for his art and when working on designing a home, this also is apparent in the clothing he wears.  An avid surfer, Ton picks fabric warm enough to throw on after a surf session in the gorgeous, but chilly Bay Area waters.

Fashion Notes: Chocolate leather Swedish clogs by Troentorps, http://www.troentorpsclogs.com/, I worship these! Jacket: Patagonia, www.patagonia.com most of you know I don’t consider “outdoor brands” fashion, but more utilitarian.  Ton wears it well, and there is something about seeing a Patagonia jacket which brings back memories of my Boston college days and many West Coast outdoor adventures sleeping in tents on a sandy beach and hiking to the most gorgeous mountain peaks.  His Irish School Boy Cap, a great accessory to bring it all together.