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Style Watch with Mara Menachem 

Check out my profile on a very cool accessories website, Aniika.com.  If you love Indian inspired jewelry, handbags, scarves etc.. you will love this site. The pieces are reasonable and can “funkify” your wardrobe.  

Check out my little interview and my recommendations by clicking the link below: (oh and I will make myself a stylish Parent of the Week!!) 



Haute Ombre Hair at Weekend Drop-Off

Edgewater mom 2 Edgewater Mom

Mom. Weekend Drop-Off. Coral Gables, Florida. July 2013.

Fashion Notes: Ray Ban sunglasses, Balenciaga Large Tote or Beach Bag, White Tank, Modern MC Hammer Floral Pants (I LOVE), Flip-Flops, Ombre Hair, Beachy hair.

This mom’s weekend style is stylish, slightly tailored (in a great way) and funky with her really great Ombre hair color.. I try to pretend I’ve purposely “ombred” my hair when my dark brown roots come in.. but who am I kidding?

It seems I just go lighter and lighter with every hair appointment.  Ya see friends, I started highlighting my hair at 16.  I would go with my mom to her three hour hair appointment and hang with all the ladies in the salon, it was fun.  Finally with some coaxing from my mom’s stylist, he and I convinced my feminist mother (she was going to make me wait until 16 to get my ears pierced, so hair color was way out of the question) to let me dive into the world of hair color.  This was also after I decided to pour a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide only in the back of my hair, and continued to say the sun caused the huge red streak.

I had dark brown hair and went from making it Black, to red highlights to light brown and a mistake of going a little too blonde..horrible on olive skin.  So now, I continue to spend hours at the salon making my hair a lighter shade with various highlights.  Not sure why I do this at all, considering I haven’t seen my real hair color in years.. mmmm maybe I will go back to my roots, literally.

Have a great weekend!! xx Mara


Haute Surfin’ Dad. Haute American Spirit. July 4th Drop-Off.


Maui Goodbeer, Dad. Founder & CEO of StreetWaves. South Beach, Florida 2013

Maui is a native of California and now well known South Beach resident.  I first met Maui while working at the Overtown Youth Center.  He offered to teach surfing to the kids who attend the center.

Although, the kids in the neighborhood of Overtown in Miami live 10 minutes from the beach, most had never been.  Teaching surfing, not only builds self esteem and confidence, provides community, but also brings nature into these kid's lives.

We saw such excitement and passion in the kids who Maui taught to surf.  Since then, his program has grown tremendously with a goal of mentoring high risk youth by teaching them Semenax the art of surfing.  Most kids who live in inner city neighborhoods, even ones five minutes away from the beach, have no idea how to swim, let alone surf.

Maui realized how much surfing had added to his life and wanted to share this passion with kids who grew up in a similar environment. Most importantly, StreetWaves was created after Maui's little brother was tragically killed due to gang violence.

If you live in Miami and want to surf, come to South Beach on Saturday from 12:00-4:00.  StreetWaves provides all the supplies and equipment.  Check out www.streetwaves.org for more information on how to get involved in this incredibly cool and worthwhile organization.  Maui Goodbeer is one Haute Dad.

I Heart Mochila Bags. Haute Drop-Off Medellin, Colombia.

Colombia Drop-Off

Patricia. Mom of three. Medellin, Colombia. June 2013


Bright colors, hand weaved with love, natural material!! So my Haute friends, you ask what is a Mochila? Well, I know that many of you who grew up in Miami are very familiar with these bright, bohemian handmade bags.  The actual word “Mochila” is defined literally as bag in South America.

Local women in Colombia hand make Mochila’s using the finest, natural materials and some bags take almost a month to complete.  I always feel like a Mochila is made with so much love and care, which is evident in the bright colors weaved together.

Patricia, being a great friend has sent me several photos of Mochila’s for me to choose… it’s so hard as they are all so cool.  The one I picked is huge (according to Patricia too large for my frame) with yellow, brown and orange colors.  I can’t wait for her to send me my Mochila.

I think supporting small women businesses is really important.  Every major fashion designer is influenced by the creativity and designs of indigenous people all over the world.  If we can buy directly from these amazing women, we should.  To me, this is way more exciting then any designer bag.