Haute Metal Chain. White Tank. Lot o’ Tattoos. Miami Tough looking Dads. Weekend Drop-Off

Tough Miami Dads

Steven (Martial Arts enthusiast) and Danny. Miami. June 2013.

These two tough looking dudes are great dads spending a Sunday washing cars for their kid’s baseball team.
adobe creative suite 6 design

Fashion Notes:  Suburban tough guys.. lots of tattoos, white tank or t-shirt, black sneakers, metal chain, sporty shorts and backwards hat.

Sex, Meth and California at Mill Valley Drop-Off. Haute Literary Mamma.

mill valley mommill valley mom 2

Kris Malone. Writer. Mom of three boys. Mill Valley, California June 2013.

Fashion notes: Marc Jacobs handbag, Jewelry by Reliquary in Hayes Valley, Lost Wax Studio in NYC and Susan Thames, Wedges by Desigual from Famous 4 Our Look in Mill Valley, Dress by Prairie Underground.

I spotted Kris at a coffee shop in Mill Valley.  How could I not notice this ultra stylish mamma with three boys with perfectly straight long hair?  So cool were they, I had to wonder in what band she plays.  She’s not in a band, but Kris is quite the creative intellectual, just completing a novel Eat Me, Love Me, Drink Me, a literary novel about sex, meth and California.  I knew this mamma was an interesting one and I thank her in advance for allowing us the opportunity to live this wild ride through her words.

Haute Skaters. Surfers. Designers. at Drop-Off


Danna and Lisi. 2013.

Danna is a Marketing and PR Manager for Design Aglow & Project Life 365.  http://www.projectlife365.com/ Both companies are owned by Lena Hyde, and operated by an all female team.  The goal is to empower entrepreneurship among women.

Danna also volunteers for a global surf organization, Share the Stoke Foundation (STSF). http://sharethestokefoundation.com/ STSF donates surfboards to children living in poverty along coastlines all over the world.

Lisi, Danna’s daughter is a Vegan (so is Danna) who is an avid writer, bracelet collector and loves to cruise around on her Sector 9 skateboard with her amazingly beautiful hair and “rad” (as the Californians say) style!!

These two are super cool, and super Haute!!

Haute Aussie Mother at Austin Drop-Off

mara blogmara blog 1

Sophie. Austin, Texas. June 2013.

Fashion Notes: Marc Jacobs Handbag, Steve Madden Shoes, Gucci Sunglasses and H&M  Dress.

Sophie is an Australian mamma, former model who is living in the states.  She lived in Los Angeles for years before moving to Austin, Texas… I love love her sneakers, they look like high top keds (does such a shoe exist? or did I make that up?)

Sophie and her family will be moving to Miami, where she will feel very comfortable expressing her fashion creativity.

Even Cowgirls Get The Blues. Bohemian Cowgirl at Drop-Off.


Daniela, Mom. Fashion Designer. Miami. June 2013.

Daniela is Founder and Creative Director of Pure of Heart, http://www.pureofheart.me/

Her company makes clothing that is stylish and kind to the environment.. Daniela always looks so cool..and unique..no obvious labels…she does her own thing and she looks amazing.

Haute Drop-Off London. Urban Moms Love Black!

london mom 2

London. June 2013

Once again a mom looking chic in all black.  She even found low key black sneakers (maybe Superga brand) to walk those London streets.  And her daughter is swimming in pink.. how great!!

And what a beautiful London day.. to see the brownstones and trees..oh London is what of my all time favorite cities…..

Fashion Shot: Barbara Menachem Furman

Sexy Fashion Photo Shoot at Drop-Off

Turchin Mom 1Turchin Mom 2

Theresa Turchin. Mom. Jewelry Designer. Miami Design District. June 2013.

Fashion Notes: Calypso Dress, Balenciaga Handbag, Prius Wagon, Turchin Necklace

How can a mom look this glamourous at school drop-off (especially with a Toys-r-Us plastic bag and beach bucket in hand)?  Well, Theresa does EVERYDAY. Theresa owns a jewelry store with her husband,http://turchinjewelry.com/ across from Miami’s most famous eating establishment, Michael’s Genuine, http://michaelsgenuine.com/.  Theresa meets all sorts of people and attends so many events in Miami, she has to be ready to go anywhere at any moment.. so she dresses the part.  It also doesn’t hurt that she used to model..

My mother is a big fan of Turchin Jewelry, the inventory is unique, using precious stones from all over the world.  They have a loyal following and are willing to create couture pieces for their clients.  Theresa is not only a designer, but a business woman bringing her jewelry to loyal customers globally.  Theresa is one glamourous mom!