London Drop Off. Seattle Grunge meets Irish School Boy.

London Jean Fam

London. May 2013.

Streets of London and this is certainly great urban style.  So cool, so practical for an urban life.  The dad is a little school boy and the Mum has a bohemian/punk circa 90’s look.. I am channeling Seattle in the 1990’s. Love this!

Fashion Shot: Barbara Menachem Furman


Haute Drop-Off London Town

Art Gallery Dad

London. May 2013.

This was taken at Hauser and Wirth Gallery in London,  Many kids are out of school in London for break, and the education continues as this  father exposes his daughter to such visual works.

The International prestigious gallery has locations in New York, London, Zurich and one will be opening in Los Angeles in 2015.

I really appreciate this dad’s style, from the well done scarf placement to his hip haircut and all around sophisticated, but not stuffy look.  Additionally, his daughters bright colors next to his grey/black ensemble is quite a joyful contrast.

Fashion Shot: Barbara Menachem Furman

Haute Modern Day Greaser

Tab DadTab Dad 2

This was a dream spotting this dude… he is a modern day greaser, not only driving a vintage cadillac, but drinking Tab (let’s hope they’ve changed the ingredients).  I love seeing someone who expresses themselves through style. This is what style is about.. it’s not following trends or wearing head to toe labels, but being creative and taking risks.

From the vintage black penny loafers paired with argyle socks, cuffed jeans, tropical shirt (I mean that is hard to pull off and make cool) and the insane vintage cadillac convertible  – – awesomeness in all its glory..  and the Tab is the perfect prop to this 1960’s stylin’ dude.

European Fashion Sense at Drop-Off

Euro Mom

Miami Beach Mom. May 2013.

The Green Hermes Bag, Gold Gladiators, Chunky Gold short chain, Orange flared skirt and simple white tank.. and of course Wayfarers..just great style and I knew that she had to be European.. And the white tank is the BEST fashion item anyone can own. especially if you look good in one.. simplifies and makes something a little less formal and put together..

Fashion Shot: Jaleh Samway Bast

Miami is Sexy at The Gym in Huffington Post

Gym Miami

Miami, May 2013. 7 months Pregnant.


Susan. Mom of Two. Entrepreneur.

“….I am pretty sure that no one in Cleveland is rocking a low cut tank with a see through bra and a stomach necklace at their local YMCA,  but that’s why every city has it’s unique flavor and in Miami sexy is always appropriate, ALWAYS.  It’s the only place I’ve lived where I know that you can pretty much wear anything.  So tell me Haute Parents, what do you wear to the gym?” click on the link below to read the full article

So Put Together for Drop-Off

Alisa and Charlie

Alisa and Charlie. Miami. May 2013

Fashion Notes: Handbag: Bottega Veneta, Dress: BCBG, Shoes: Joie

A white hand bag is only okay if you are not concerned with acquiring lots of visible marks.. I imagine Alisa didn’t carry a white hand bag when her kids were toddlers.  When you have small children, you need to dress like you are ready to run a marathon, because you are constantly running after them..

I love My Mustache at South Beach Drop-Off

Paul Pride and JoyPaul Pride and Joy 2

Paul. Dad. South Beach. May 2013.

Paul is a co-owner of a great spot for delicious BBQ, Pride & Joy BBQ in Miami’s Wynwood and another location will be opening in NYC. He grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been living in NYC for years, making the City his place of residence.  He is now living in Miami Beach, raising his kids and working on his business ventures…and perfecting his mustache of course!

Fashion Shot by Jaleh Samway Bast

Mixin’ it up at South Beach Drop-Off


Kimberly. Mom. Fashion Sales at Intermix. South Beach, May 2013.

Fashion Notes: Handbag: Phillip Lim, Denim Jacket: Current Elliot

Intermix is a great store, and like it’s name has an amazing mixture of clothing and accessories.  Check out the online site and visit Kimberly at the Miami Beach location,

Fashion Shot: Jaleh Samway Bast

Haute Jamaican Mom at Weekend Drop-Off

green nails mom

Michelle. Mom. Beach lover. South Florida May 2013

I spotted this mom at a birthday party and chased her down.  She walked in the room confident and accessorized.  The nails (feet and hands) are painted in a bold lime green.. the Gold handbag, the chunky ring and necklace… she’s got a good look.

Enjoy your Sunday Haute Friends…. Mara