Haute Scarves in NYC

If you recognize this gorgeous child, it’s because she has graced many ad campaigns.  With an Artist dad and a Stylist mamma, this kid will always have great style.

Eli lives in Los Angeles and runs E2 Creative Group, http://e2creativegroup.com/ , a full service web design company.

A true artist and creative soul, Eli can be found in his apartment painting and creating visual works of art…


“I hate to Admit it, but Beauty is intimidating”

 Kate Moss quite the representation of beauty.  Photograph taken at the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit in San Francisco.  Click on the Link below to read my take on how beauty can make us (women) feel like we are not so beautiful! 



HAUTE Beard at Drop-Off

This dad has it SO right… his jeans and plaid button down are fitted perfectly.  The slight roll of his jeans and killer pointy very british looking shoes with buckles… and he looks great in simple wayfarers… Just overall cool style.. not too much, but just right.


Fashion Designer Mom Sporting Space Age Kicks at Drop-Off

LOVE the space age shoes.  Daniela founded www.pureofheart.me, an online store that carries hip and eco-friendly clothing… so you can feel great about what you are wearing and still look as stylin’ as Daniela.  Accessories are very important to this mom, and I agree.

When you wear something simple and add bold accessories, it changes the entire look.  I mean most of us gravitate to a similar aesthetic in regard to our clothing, but adding some unique accessories..make it a little less “unoformie”

And Daniela is my official FIRST parent of the Week!!!  xx