Tall. Monogrammed. Aspen Parents.


 This mom is carrying a Goyard Monogrammed bag.  Maison E. Goyard began creating beautiful and classic case and trunks in the 1800’s, used by royalty and very wealthy families throughout Europe and the States.  Now, most people associate Goyard with the hand bags worn by women all over major cosmopolitan cities.  

Although the monogrammed Goyard hand bag has become insanely popular (and unfortunately fake ones are being sold in NYC), it’s still considered a classic and the monogram adds a blue blood twist.   http://www.goyard.com/goyard.html

If your budget doesn’t allow for such a pricey accessory, L.L. Bean has the best bags, and they all can be monogrammed… they are more for the summer, but to me, it has the same kind of charm.  www.llbean.com

Aspen Summer. Cut off Jean Shorts. Loose Tank. Haute Mom.

Most of you have read my article about my experience wearing short shorts to drop my kids of at school.  Just in case, here is the Link to the article that was featured in the Huffington Post. This mom looks amazing in her “short shorts”.  This is an example of wearing cut off shorts in a way that looks stylish and not overtly sexy.  Of course, If you prefer a sexier look..by all means go for it!  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mara-menachem/short-shorts-fashion_b_1646145.html