Adorable Esquire at Drop-Off

When I asked this stylish mom if she was in a creative field, she laughed and said I am an attorney.  I was impressed with her ability to look polished and cool, while appropriate for her type of work.  And love the bell bottom pants – makes legs appear longer!

Purple Converse at San Francisco Drop-Off

Can’t describe this adorable mother/daughter duo – the little girl’s floral jumper, Purple Converse and 1980’s looking jean jacket and her mother’s cool hair style, beautiful Danish looks and matching Converse.. and most of all brilliant smiles.



Haute Drop-Off on Just Ask Boo

Parents in Florida, NYC, Orange County, Atlanta and Chicago sign up for Just Ask Boo (free service) to take advantage of a great online community filled with abundant resources:

See my blurb from the Miami edition this morning:

Kudos to JABBER Mara Menachem – Queen of Haute Drop Off!

JABBERS, have you checked out Haute Drop Off? This blog,, by JABBER Mara Menachem features moms from all over Miami at drop-off (and pick-up) time, in their weekday best. We knew she was a fashion guru when she recently highlighted our own Boo Zamek’s great style Even Huffington Post agrees that Mara’s unwavering affection for short shorts is right on target. See their story HERE.

Long Dress at Soccer Practice Drop-Off


Beautiful mom and son.  Dylan has long dreads, that are tied back.  I love this mother’s simple style and light accessories, because her beauty and amazing hair is really all she needs!