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Hot or Not Trends – Red Jeans

Red Jeans Fashion Trend
Seen on celebrities and real women everywhere, red jeans are a serious fashion trend for winter. Not only do they brighten up even the dreariest winter day, but they’re completely wearable for the average woman – unlike a lot of other fashion trends that are just totally ridiculous!
To pull off this look, keep the rest of your outfit low-key and allow the jeans to be the focus. Competing colors need not apply! A basic white or black tee is all you need for the perfect winter look.

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Laid back style

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In California, even when it's cold outside, tank tops are still worn, just under long sleeves. Loving the Zen beads.

Pretty pleats

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Akris full pleated skirt at
Pleats are everywhere, but they can be a hard look to pull off without looking matronly. To style yourself the Hautedropoff way,  wear a pleated skirt with a fitted sweater or a short jacket with a tight t-shirt underneath, oh and unless you are 5'7, heels are a must! 

We have given some examples of stores that are carrying pleated skirts – but if you don't want to invest a lot of money, walk into any vintage store (even the salvation army) and we are pretty sure you will find an “orginal” pleated skirt.  

Runway at Drop-Off

Confidence is the key to looking great.  (and it doesn’t hurt when you are this beautiful)

Tight Style


Tights can be your best friend or greatest accessory.   Wear them anytime- but they are especially great when it’s too cold to wear a mini-skirt with bare legs or when you want to go from day to night without having to change. Tights work well under everything, take note from Japanese and Parisian women who wear tights under cut offs and mini’s with flats (even in 80 degree weather).   Here are Hautedropoff’s tight recommendations! 

Best Mid Range- Commando.  There’s a tie! Commando tights are exceptional in the opaque department—just enough without looking like leggings.  For $34, they come in sizes s-l and are great for people who don’t want control top as they are fashioned from a commando panty at the top—so no digging or marks at the waist!

Best Mid-Range- Spanx Tight End Tights. $26-$38 depending on style. These are great because 1) they never run and 2) they come in almost every size, style, color, and pattern available. They come in hosiery sizes and come in different styles including high waist, regular waist, legging, even reversible. Plus, Spanx is now making them in fashion patterns as well!

Best High End- Wolford.  Hands down these are the best tights.  They are extremely opaque but still sheer enough that they don’t look like leggings, they look like tights.  Wolford also has a stand alone boutique with awesome customer service where all they sell are beautiful, crazy sexy tights.  Their cashmere/silk blend tights will set you back over $200, but they are worth it.  For the more risque woman, check out their Brilliant tights– Incredibly sexy!

Best Bargain Find- Assets by Sara Blakely (aka the creator of SPANX) women’s high waist shaping.  Not only do these tights make your legs look amazing, they also have a high waist to hold everything in–and best of all, they are available at Target for around $20.