In Pregnancy Style….


Pregnant and Poised. Marin County. February 2015.


Sometimes black with bright red accessories go a long way..


Slip on Vans, these “sneaker loafers” are still being worn in major cities. They are comfortable, casual and stylish.


Toddler cool..silver slip ons to match her mamas..



Heels. Tight Jeans. Croissants. So Haute.


Stacia. M.H.Bread and Butter Bakery. Marin County, California. 2015.


I spotted Stacia on a weekday morning wearing high heels and tight jeans, all while balancing coffee and a kid. This is a rare sighting in the cute town of San Anselmo in Northern California.  I wasn’t surprised to learn Stacia had just moved to Marin County from San Francisco…and I was quite happy to see a mom making a solid effort, early on a weekday.

M.H. Bakery, is my go to spot to write and eat “breakfast pastries”. I know, I probably shouldn’t be eating pastries so frequently, but I feel so Parisian, sitting in a cafe sipping coffee…how do they stay so thin again?


Fashion Notes: Tank: Halogen from Nordstrom, Sweater: H&M, Jeans: Joie, Wedges: Banana Republic, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

A little advice – jeans should be REALLY fitted! Especially if you don’t have an ample back side.

Most recently, Stacia worked at POPSUGAR, a lifestyle, pop-culture site. 


Men, Fitted Clothing is Haute. French Dudes know.

french couple

Noe Valley Farmers Market. San Francisco. February 2015. iPhone shot.

Fashion Notes:  I knew this couple had to be French, and I was right, at least about the dad. He explained how he mostly wears one brand of clothing, J.Crew, The reason he wears mostly J.Crew is because the clothing fits like French brands – slim and narrow.  I tell guys all the time, the narrower the better. Sunglasses, Ray Ban Wayfarers,

french couple 2

Men’s Tailoring: I can’t emphasize enough the importance of well fitted clothing for men. It doesn’t matter your size – it’s always better for clothing to fit narrower. Ralph Lauren gave his daughter Dylan advice a long time ago – when you feel like you’ve gained weight – wear your clothing even narrower, don’t bury yourself in baggy clothing, because it will make you look heavier. My own father wore his suits extremely narrow, and I spent a lot of my childhood sitting on the floor of his seamstresses’s floor playing with knitting needles. When it comes to casual clothing, it’s the same idea – jeans should fit VERY narrow, show off those strong legs guys!


NYC Mama in the Bay.

Nancy 5

Nancy. Mom. Writer. Lawyer. Singer. New Yorker. February 2015. Marin County.

If you know me at all, you will know I’m a jean jacket freak, I have so many, but usually wear the same one on repeat for a month and switch to the next denim jacket perfection. One of the reasons I moved out of Miami, was so I could wear my jackets every day – oh and because my hair looks so good in California (I’m kidding).

Nancy is wearing an insane fringe jean jacket from the store Calypso,  – Calypso has stores in several locations, Nancy purchased this bad boy at The Marin Country outdoor shopping/eating spot with some seriously good and expensive stores, like Intermix,

nancy 3

Nancy’s bag is a classic and funky Balenciaga “City” Bag. I always loved this Balenciaga pocketbook,, because it makes any look a little more urban cool.  When you are wearing work out clothing, this bag adds excitement to what can be boring.

Remember all this excitement, doesn’t come cheap.  Balenciaga handbags start at around $1,000. The best shoppers I know, aren’t rich – but they usually (unlike impulsive me) buy a few good pieces, and it’s worth the investment. I’ve never sold a bag before, but people have great success consigning designer handbags. And I’ve had great success buying used designer goods.

Nancy’s motorcycle boots are by Ash, – the same brand that designed my famous gold studded kicks.

nancy 2

Nancy is a writer, attorney and singer. I just saw her perform on stage singing an incredible version of Corinne Bailey Rae’s Like a Star.  Nancy is a New Yorker through and through, and now makes Marin County her home, with her family, including two young kids. When my kid’s music teacher told me about Nancy’s website, I immediately started stalking…I needed her as a friend, and it worked.  Check out Nancy’s take on living in the Bay Area, she gives great tips, shares some pretty deep stuff, and the not so deep.

Fashion.Celebrity. This Mama Throws Haute Parties.



Natalie. Marin Country Mart. Marin County, California 2014.

Fashion Notes: Boots: Aldo, Hat: Vintage from a store on Haight Ashbury in San Francisco, Ring: Tacori, Sunglasses: Gucci, Skirt: H&M, Top: Ambiance

Natalie’s clothing is a great example of mixing pieces, and not sticking to one label.  The boots are great looking, and seem like something on display at the Ralph Lauren store on 5th Avenue.

Natalie is an Events Manager at Paula LeDuc Fine Catering in San Francisco. Paula LeDuc is “The” go to caterer for San Francisco high profile events, with clients like Tiffany, The De Young Museum (LeDuc threw a party for the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit) and celebrity tech clients, including Sean Parker’s Mid-evil themed wedding at Big Sur, covered by Vanity Fair.  Paula leDuc not only caters large scale events, but affairs of all sizes.

And now, as a new resident to the Bay Area, I want to attend a Paula LeDuc event!! Click the link below for more information;

Haute Filmmaker Papa. Creative California.



Adam. Fairfax, California. 2014.

Fashion Notes: Pants: RVCA, Top: Obey, Boots: Red Wing, Hat: Goorin Brothers

Adam directs commercials and documentaries, his latest was for Ralph Lauren in Madrid.  I love hearing tidbits of people’s lives – well, let’s face it, I love hearing it all. Adam is British, and has that polished look, even in casual clothing. Simple style with a cool accessory – the cap! Try it 🙂


String Cheese in Your Flannel Pocket. Haute Prepared Dad.


Mike. San Rafael, California. November 2014.

I love that Mike has a loose string cheese in the front pocket of his flannel.  How symbolic a metamorphosis for parents, I bet it wasn’t string cheese in that pocket 10 years ago, when Mike purchased the flannel at Old Navy.

Fashion Notes: Flannel: Old Navy, Jeans: Gap Raw Selvedge (Mike wears these often to break them in), Sunglasses: Gant (love these), School Boy Cap: From Mike’s late Father-in-Law, who was British, the hat is probably 50 years old! The company is called Lockhatters, and you can find them on line.  Shoes: Clark Wallabees, Mike has been wearing Clark’s since he was 5.

Mara’s Input: Personally, if I see anyone in Clark’s – I chase them.  What is it about these amazing shoes? They are intellectual – they are kind – they are nostalgic  – they are stylish.  When I see a man in Clark’s, I immediately assume a membership in Mensa (by the way, I had to look up the spelling, no need to let you people mock me).  And then I start asking them a lot of questions, to prove my ridiculous theory.  I wish all Professors and teachers had a uniform which included Clark’s, school boy caps and a loose fitted wool scarf.

About Mike:  Mike works for Mozilla, a non-profit that supports an open internet and is known for making the Firefox web browser. Additionally, he plays guitar and sings in the Indie rock band, The Wild Kindness,

I think it’s awesome that so many people have passion in life – music is incredible.  Ted-ED  just put out a video detailing how playing music impacts your entire body – it actually makes you smarter, retain more information and physically works you out.  Mike and his crew recently moved out of San Francisco and into Marin County.




I’m Bringing Sexy Back Marin, Help Me. Haute HuffPost.


Mara. Marin County, 2014. Fashion Shot: Eric Tabora

Fashion Notes: Boots: Miss Sixty, Bag: Colombian Mochila, Shorts: Vintage Levi’s

“…Let’s just say, it was Saturday night. I saw all of you, and those hot bodies were hidden beneath layers of fleece. It was appalling…” Click below to read my piece.

Urban Cool in Marin County. Sexy Socks. High Bun.


Carla and Jon. San Anselmo, California. November 2014.

Fashion Notes: Carla: Leather Jacket: Obey, Sweater: Madewell, Tank (worn as dress): Michael Stars, Boots: Betsy Johnson. Jon: Jacket: Levi’s, Pants and Top: J.Crew, Boots: Ariat

I was minding my own business shopping at the local consignment store Sax, when this family walked by – I dropped my newly purchased ankle boots, and lunged at them.  It was a rare sighting for a Sunday in this Marin County town….. Carla is a photographer and artist. They live in Marin County with their offspring, who was on her way to ballet.

I love Carla’s bun – it’s so high and chic, but you can tell she has wavy hair – so it’s also wild and free…she happens to be beautiful and pulls it off amazingly well. What can I say, this was an exciting day for me. The combination of Jon’s red pants and black boots, all work so well.  It’s nice to see a family in “fashion partnership”.

Check out Carla’s work at,