Urban Cool in Marin County. Sexy Socks. High Bun.


Carla and Jon. San Anselmo, California. November 2014.

Fashion Notes: Carla: Leather Jacket: Obey, Sweater: Madewell, Tank (worn as dress): Michael Stars, Boots: Betsy Johnson. Jon: Jacket: Levi’s, Pants and Top: J.Crew, Boots: Ariat

I was minding my own business shopping at the local consignment store Sax, when this family walked by – I dropped my newly purchased ankle boots, and lunged at them.  It was a rare sighting for a Sunday in this Marin County town….. Carla is a photographer and artist. They live in Marin County with their offspring, who was on her way to ballet.

I love Carla’s bun – it’s so high and chic, but you can tell she has wavy hair – so it’s also wild and free…she happens to be beautiful and pulls it off amazingly well. What can I say, this was an exciting day for me. The combination of Jon’s red pants and black boots, all work so well.  It’s nice to see a family in “fashion partnership”.

Check out Carla’s work at, www.carlaherzenberg.com


Creative. Stylish. Boho Chic. Haute Halloween.


I took many photos last night at a Halloween party/parade in the town of Fairfax, California.  These were my favorite. The creativity and funkiness of this beautiful mom and her boys, represents this true progressive town in Marin County.  Families strolled the Fairfax streets; while bars, stores, coffee shops and restaurants all gave out candy.

This community of people were genuinely having a great time and finding pure joy in looking at all the costumes. Bands were jamming to classic rock – while kids collected candy (even toys) and socialized with friends.  It’s refreshing to witness a community so welcoming and connected.  And because of the generosity, my children have an insane amount of candy!!!

According to Wikipedia, Fairfax is the only town in America that holds a Green Party majority in the town council.  Growing up in Miami, I yearned for bohemian culture – and volunteered with the Miami Peace Center and attended meetings at the Miami Friends meeting house run by the small Quaker community.  At a young age, I was involved – and liked being around people who cared about their community and world. Fairfax is a community which has continued to embrace 1960’s values -and fashion 🙂  – this town would of been a dream come true to my younger self –

Soccer Dad Style. Men Tips on looking “Haute”.



Loïc. Fairfax, California. October 2014.

Fashion Notes : T-shirt: H&M, Hat: Gypsy and Loïc, Jeans: G-Star.  I love how Loïc wears small accessories well – Being French, he learned about style in utero. But men take note – it’s all simple really with a flash of a leather cuff and a small string necklace.  A bright green shirt gives the face some color, and a cool hat is an instant fashion step-up. Being “trendy” is tough for any guy, but adding slight style is so easy – and we women appreciate a man with some style 🙂 (for me it’s especially great, if it seems “unintentional”)

Loïc’s son was playing against my son Neal’s soccer team.  This family captured my attention with authentic Northern California free-spirited style. I wasn’t surprised to learn about their fashion company.

Loïc and his wife Gypsy are creative souls, designing environmentally conscious accessories.  Based in Arcata, California, Gypsy and Loïc is “on a mission to create fun and unique accessories made here in the USA from up-cycled and recycled fabrics.”  click on the link to check out their stuff:



Haute Dad. Cali Farmers Market Drop-Off.


David. Dad. Photographer. San Rafael Farmers Market. August 2014.

This dad of three boys was minding his own business buying tacos from a food truck for his kids, when I accosted him to take a shot for Haute Drop-Off.  San Rafael has an enormous farmer’s market on Thursdays and Sundays – it’s pretty fun to eat samples and chat with the venders.  I never know what to buy for future use, so I pretty much eat my way through the market.  It’s a great people watching spot and I can bribe my kids to let me photograph people, and I will reward them with a Nutella crepe, or raspberries for Neal – I think Neal witnessing Liam (my youngest) and me engulfing a crepe, has turned him off from crepes in general.

David mentioned that he is a photographer . . this always makes me nervous, only because we all know I am working on my photography skills. I’m great with the talking and spotting, but my photo capturing needs some work..and I am pretty sure I need a new camera, or at least i’ll blame it on that.

Fashion Notes: Glasses: Ray Ban Aviators, Jeans: Levi’s, Shirt: Fred Perry and Kicks: I’m guessing Vans.  I didn’t want to push this dad, it’s awkward enough when a stranger approaches you asking to take a photo of you and your kids, and even more uncomfortable when they have to peak inside their garments to see “what they are wearing” to appease me…

I love capturing male style, especially dads..because they are usually totally willing to let me photograph them, and too polite to ask questions. And then when I run into them again, I usually get to hear about their little moment of fashion recognition by their friends and family.


Haute Halter. Bohemian Hip in Fairfax.


Camille. Nurse. Mom. Fairfax, California. Summer 2014.

I love Camille’s leather fanny pack, it looks like a belt, but has the benefit of holding stuff – all while looking cool.  The soft cotton tie dye dress mixed with a boyish hat, leather studded gladiators and leather necklace, all sets the stage for a funky mix.

Haute Inked Mama. Fairfax Drop-Off.


Margarite. Artist. Mom. Tattoo Lover. Fairfax, California. June 2014.

Fashion Notes: Throwback Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tank, Red Salt Water Sandals. Red shoes are so French..a little bit of red, a little bid of ooo la la.

Margarite has a beaming smile and was so great about me taking her photo…love that.  Having this many tattoos kind of automatically gives you a style – it’s unavoidable.  I love seeing a woman in an elegant dress, with a body covered in tattoos – the funky mixed with the tailored..ying and yang of fashion.

Kids: Osh Kosh Jean Shorts. On baby, Baby Gap overalls

Haute Manly Man. Fairfax Drop-Off.


Fairfax, California. May 2014.

Love this dad’s look.  He has several piercings and carries off this total manly vibe.  But with a sweet smile and an obvious deep affection for his offspring.  The dust on his jeans, are due to his work as a carpenter.  Something about this dad’s overall look is just unintentionally cool…..



Haute Pink and Bare Feet. Weekend Drop-Off in Fairfax.


Natasha. Fairfax, California. April 2014.

Fashion Notes: Forever 21 skinny pants, Peruvian Mochila Bag and beautiful hair.  But the best “accessory” is Natasha’s bare feet..because you get to really see her hot pink nail polish.

This was taken at a great park in Fairfax, an original and still continues as a bohemian town in Marin County, outside of San Francisco.  Fairfax is filled with music – every night a band plays at one of the many bars and cafes lining the streets.