Neck Scarves. How to feel French and Haute in the States.



Megan. Mill Valley. November 2014.

Tight neck scarves are big this Fall, as seen in The New York Times last week. The late and amazing Nora Ephron in her book, I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman discusses the use of scarves in leu of plastic surgery.

Part of why I love living in the Bay Area, is because I can wear scarves year round.  In my Miami youth, I remember all the stylish European girls wearing neck scarves – even in the stifling heat.  They looked so stylish.  I attempted this feat, but after 5 minutes felt claustrophobic and hot.

Tight scarves are being worn currently, but if you don’t have a swan neck (I don’t), then it looks more attractive to wear the scarf loosely around your neck.  I like to tie one around a basic hand bag or my wrist.  Scarves are a multi-faceted accessory, and you can find them at any local thrift shop – or you can go fancy, and visit your local Hermès,

Click on the link below to read more about this classic style…and remember a scarf always freshens up your look.

Old School Back Packs. Haute Mama at Pick-Up.


Kris. October 2014. Mill Valley, California. At Pick-Up.

Hard to believe, but it was getting hot last week in the afternoon in the Bay Area.  I Love Kris’s leather book bag, which holds her laptop and writing material.  It’s pretty cute, kid and mom with old school back packs….

Betsey. Playboy. Paris. Models. Famed Photographer. Haute.


Bronwyn Chovel. Paris, France. July 2014. Mom. Model. Artist Rep.

Fashion Notes: Dress: Besty Johnson, Sandals: Purchased in Greece, Sunglasses: Ray Ban. Bronwyn’s little girl is wearing a hand smocked cotton dress.

Bronwyn is not Parisian – she actually hails from Miami, and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Bronwyn has been modeling for years, and currently with all her experience as a client, is representing artists.  One of her clients is famed photographer, Greg Lotus who currently shot the cover of the August Playboy. Greg’s work can be seen in Vogue, W, Vanity Fair, Out etc.. Bronwyn is surrounded by the creative, after being in the fashion industry modeling for years – – – I want to hang out with Bronwyn and Greg for a few hours!!

I spotted Bronwyn (even though we had been connected through several people) at a famed Mill Valley spot, The Sweetwater Music Hall.  It was a week day morning, and a beautiful, chic and sophisticated woman sat sipping coffee at the bar.  Bronwyn has that I’m “somebody” model look, but not in an offensive way – because it’s all unintentional.  Bronwyn is sweet, kind and hails from a family filled with loving, fun people –

Now back to Bronwyn’s dress – – -Betsey Johnson and I have been best friends for years, ever since I would sift through her sales basket in her Coconut Grove Store (which has been closed for years).  I’m lying, but in my imagination Betsey and I were great friends.  She did cart wheels at the end of all her runway shows, and I once exchanged words with her cool daughter, Lulu when I was living in NYC working in fashion.

My passion for Betsey was formed early in my fashion development.  I actually wore a Betsey Johnson plaid, punk looking dress to every Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Quinceanera and debutante coming out party  -remember I grew up in Miami, we had lots of parties from the age of 12-16.  I knew most of the salespeople in the Miami store, only because I felt it was okay to hang around the store as it were a contemporary art museum…looking, but not purchasing any of the great works.

The women in the Miami store were gorgeous – after all, it was Miami.  They weren’t totally hip, like their Colombus Avenue counterparts.  But Miami salespeople, made Betsey Johnson clothing damn sexy..and as inappropriate as it sounds now, that 11 year old child wanted to look just like them.  I promised myself, I would one day work at Betsey Johnson.

Betsey’s clothing was a combination of funky, sexy, cool and didn’t follow any particular seasonal trend.  Even at 11, I could spot a Betsey Johnson garment – – she stuck to her fashion ideals, and continued to be unique.  I never did get that job at BetseyJohnson, but always appreciate how her clothing somehow, made me feel passionate and excited to be a part of the crazy, artistic world of fashion – – even if her stores didn’t take returns (store credit).

I know Betsey still does cartwheels at the end of all her runway shows – -She makes fashion fun and lighthearted – – As is should be. Here’s a shot of Bronwyn is the ocean – looking chic in a black bikini and you can peak at her discreet tattoo.



April, Come She Will. Haute Drop-Off Mill Valley.



Kris. Mom of three, writer, lover of large accessories, April 2014. Mill Valley, California.

Fashion Notes: Yellow Sandals: Frye, Cut off Shorts: Free People, Tank: LA Made, Pocketbook: Diane Von Furstenberg, Earrings and Necklace: Harp Designs by Shelly Harper (an Oakland, CA designer)

This shot was taken in Mill Valley, California, which is about 15 minutes North of San Francisco right over the Golden Gate Bridge.  This town has quite a history for being a creative mecca drawing in musicians, artists and writers..making Mill Valley have a bohemian feel, even if it currently is one of the most expensive places to live in the States.

In the 1960’s many beatniks called Mill Valley home, even if it was temporary – such as Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg.  Mill Valley is home to the famous Sweetwater Music Hall, with Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead as one of the owners.  The Sweetwater has an incredible list of talent that plays on their intimate and special stage, in a few weeks Michael Franti will be performing on that very stage.

Mill Valley, although a town now quite wealthy, still holds true (or at least from my perspective) to its liberal, artsy, bohemian and creative history – -so maybe it has many signs of materialism, but it has heart, a creative one.  Walking around this pristine looking town, with it’s gorgeous Redwoods and natural beauty, you will spot lots of residents riding different types of bikes, scooters and things with wheels, In which I don’t even know the name. (and believe me some of these “wheels” cost more then a car)

Kris and her family enjoy the mix of an urban town center a long side indescribable amounts of nature, such as hiking, mountain biking, surfing and whatever else you are interested – and believe me, in this area, its all been done.  Kris not only puts fingertips to keyboard as her words flow beautifully, but she is an avid trail runner  – whatever that means 🙂 well, it means she runs seriously hard terrain.


Dwell Magazine Founder is Haute at Drop-Off.


Lara. Mill Valley, California.  Mom. Entrepreneur. Creator. Magazine Guru.

Fashion Notes: Floral Top: Veronica Beard, Green Jacket: Stella McCartney for Adidas and Boots: Fendi.  Lara’s skinny black pants fit her like a glove and add that rock-n-roll appeal… and she has the thin legs to work that look.

Lara walked through the door of a local surf/skate shop to watch her offspring ride the half-pipe and my eyes widened.  In Mara fashion I sidled next to her and told her she has great style.  Lara was so laid back and seemed to not be turned off by my weird request to take her photo.

I asked Lara about her life, and where she grew up…I knew it was a place where people have good manners and are wholesomely nice, and she grew up in Wisconsin!  When I asked her about her work, she humbly said she founded Dwell Magazine.  I was utterly impressed – and didn’t hide it 🙂

But I know why.   Dwell Magazine is not just a magazine, each issue is art, each issue is the equivalent to a gorgeous architecture book.  I love that Dwell highlights so many types of homes..not just large or “expensive”, but creative, sustainable and homes where people have obviously thought outside the box.

Dwell Magazine was founded in Mill Valley, California, which excites me, because I love hearing about creative visions being executed into full fledged realities..especially in my new part of the world.

Lara’s love of architecture and design is quite apparent is her clothing choices.  She is certainly one Haute Mamma!


Shakespeare Never Looked this Good. Haute Drop-Off Mill Valley.


Kitty. Mill Valley, California. September 2013.

Kitty looks interesting from the outside and is just as interesting on the inside.  This gorgeous mamma is also an Actor, Theater Teacher and model.  Kitty has an impressive resume filled with various roles she has taken on over the years.  Her style is creative, bold and when you see Kitty, you just know she belongs in the spotlight.

Kitty began Shakespearience in 2006 to bring Shakespeare to Kindergarten through 12th grades.  Now, she and partner Scott Coopwood, are bringing this dynamic program to schools in San Francisco, as well as the North and East Bay.

They have built classes for Scene Study, Hamlet Soliloquies, Monologue Study, Fight Scenes, Improv, Private Coaching, Sonnets and more. They utilize their award winning expertise to bring to life the words of William, with the genius of the childrens’ perspective…If you live in the Bay Area, check out Shakespearience, a great program with dynamic actors leading the classes.

Exposing children to acting has so many benefits and teaches children how to be expressive, confident and creative.  Kitty is certainly a creative mamma and a perfect “Parent of the Week”.