Europe in Miami. Overall Haute.


Paulina and Jade. Coral Gables, Florida.  December 2014.

Paulina lives in Brussels, and is in Miami visiting family.

Fashion Notes: Overalls: Hollister, Cardigan: Painori, Shoes: Bensimon, T-shirt: American Eagle. Watch: Hermes. Jade is wearing all Baby Gap

Espana Style. Haute Miami Drop-Off.


Alisa. Architect. Designer. Mom. South Miami, Florida. January 2014.

Fashion Notes: Red Wedges: Pour la Victoire, Rolled up Denim: AG, Gold Studded Belt: Linea Pelle, Top: James Perse, Time Keeper: Michelle, Leather Cuff: purchased in Spain, Pocketbook: Miu Miu

My friend Alisa has great style, a hint of slight, small accessories that make her look.  She’s American, but has a European way..from the way she shops, quality not quantity to the way she eats…she sits down for all her meals and takes pleasure in each bite.  And then of course her design work,

Her cuff from Spain so cool, my mom and step-father brought me an amazing bohemian bag from Spain and huge gold earrings…love them.  Barcelona and Madrid are filled with style on the streets and in the shops.  Growing up in Miami, we knew many kids from Spain, the boys were preppy with that cool European look and the girls had natural style with great jewelry and leather back packs.  Alisa’s red wedges give her look that European flair….

Sexy Ankle Straps at Drop-Off.

Jessica Simpson 3Jessica Simpson Shoes

Mom. Attorney. Chicago Native. Coral Gables, Florida. July 2013

Fashion Notes: Prada Handbag, Jessica Simpson Shoes, Print Dress, Red Ipad.

I can’t believe these are Jessica Simpson brand shoes, they look amazing on this mom.  For some reason, me, who loves mixing things up has an issue with these celebrity driven brands… but this mom is rocking them and mixing it up with a designer hand bag.  The shoes add some less obvious sexiness to this mom’s look….oh and you know you love the red Ipad.. great color accessory!

Haute Ombre Hair at Weekend Drop-Off

Edgewater mom 2 Edgewater Mom

Mom. Weekend Drop-Off. Coral Gables, Florida. July 2013.

Fashion Notes: Ray Ban sunglasses, Balenciaga Large Tote or Beach Bag, White Tank, Modern MC Hammer Floral Pants (I LOVE), Flip-Flops, Ombre Hair, Beachy hair.

This mom’s weekend style is stylish, slightly tailored (in a great way) and funky with her really great Ombre hair color.. I try to pretend I’ve purposely “ombred” my hair when my dark brown roots come in.. but who am I kidding?

It seems I just go lighter and lighter with every hair appointment.  Ya see friends, I started highlighting my hair at 16.  I would go with my mom to her three hour hair appointment and hang with all the ladies in the salon, it was fun.  Finally with some coaxing from my mom’s stylist, he and I convinced my feminist mother (she was going to make me wait until 16 to get my ears pierced, so hair color was way out of the question) to let me dive into the world of hair color.  This was also after I decided to pour a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide only in the back of my hair, and continued to say the sun caused the huge red streak.

I had dark brown hair and went from making it Black, to red highlights to light brown and a mistake of going a little too blonde..horrible on olive skin.  So now, I continue to spend hours at the salon making my hair a lighter shade with various highlights.  Not sure why I do this at all, considering I haven’t seen my real hair color in years.. mmmm maybe I will go back to my roots, literally.

Have a great weekend!! xx Mara