Haute HuffPost. Naked in San Francisco. Read it.


“……We entered Whole Foods and merrily filled our cart with the overpriced fare, while observing the quiet nature of the people. I found myself “shushing” my kids as if we were in a library getting a dirty look from the quintessential librarian with the tight bun and thick glasses dangling at the end of her nose, except here the librarian was cataloging free-trade coffee and used chopsticks from recycled timber to hold together her dread locked bun.”

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Chugging California "Cool" Aid. Mara in Huffington Post.


“…..Differentiate between homeless, hipster, or Berkeley professor. It sounds easy but it isn’t. They all have beards, wear Clarks, and share a similar scent. I’m pretty sure I’ve dropped a dollar into the coffee cup of a Nobel Prize nominee, and asked a homeless man if I could survey his class at Berkeley.

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Southern California Style at Drop-Off. Haute Facial Hair.


This shot was taken in San Francisco and featured in my Haute Dads piece in The Huffington Post last summer. This dad reminds me so much of Southern California style, even if he lives in the Bay area. Although I am totally not into T-shirts with wings etc.. , this dad is able to pull it off.  Who knows why? Maybe it’s the facial hair and red Converse that balances it out.  Here is the Huffington Post slide show with other stylish dads…



Republicans are not Bird Killers -My Article in HuffPost

It has been said your own children teach you the greatest lessons. I agree. My sons teach me something new daily. In fact, my son Neal attempted to teach me how to knit yesterday. This ended with me throwing the knitting needles across the room while yelling, “It’s easier when you have smaller fingers!” But, I’m not talking about practical skills, but lessons in humanity.

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