Haute Itty Bitty Bikini. Snow Cones. Beach Drop-Off.


Rachel. Naples, Florida. May 2014.

Rachel and her family are spending this long weekend in the beach town of Naples, Florida.

What do you say about this shot? Let me tell you about Rachel’s workout regimen – this is a body well deserved – she eats right (and has sugar too!) Rachel does Taekwondo, runs three times per week and in between participates in boot camp.  mmmmm I am beginning to think my Yoga schedule is not enough!!

I realize this is not my usual style shot – but its Memorial Day weekend, with a purpose of paying tribute to those who have lost their lives for our Country – and I think positively it has turned into a weekend spent with the ones you love – – and this mama is doing so, with a ridiculously amazing body – – so why not share that?

Love you all.  xx Mara