Colombian Chic Designer in NYC.


Central Park. Summer 2016.

Started chatting with this mama on a park bench in Central Park, while our kids were playing with the remote control sail boats. She’s from Colombia, but moved to NYC to continue her fabric design business.


Her love of pattern and design is pretty clear based on her floral print dress.  There is something glamorous about this mother’s look – so chic, so timeless.


Gucci Crew at JFK Drop-Off


Nihad. JFK Airport. March 2016. (excuse the bad photos – it was taken in a rush)

Nihad is going back to Egypt and dressed comfortable and cool for the long flight. We all know that I stop for fanny packs, and was particularly excited about Nihad’s throw back Gucci.


We’ve all been seeing these baggy jeans on the street – I’ve bought them and returned them. I bought a pair of these from Zara on West 66th, showed my friend Katherine my new purchase. She started hyperventilating with laughter and fell off the couch, she then chased me with her iPhone to take future black mail images. Apparently, from her reaction, I looked like I was wearing mom jeans and was a part of that SNL skit. Being tall is key to looking good in these jeans – and maybe wearing a crop-top to balance the no-shape.


Fanny pack close up

Lookin’ Dope in the City


Mary. Fifth and 72nd. New York City. March 2016.


This dads look is a little 90’s with updated 2016 accessories, such as the Beat headphones.


Well, you all know I love her nails. They remind me of hanging out at the nail salon with my mom – Miami and NYC way way back…




So dope….



These cross earrings remind me of Madonna in the early years




Haute Dogs and The City. NYC Canine Drop-Off.

Haute Dogs 1

Window shopping at Ralph Lauren. 72nd & Madison. New York City . April 2015


Waiting outside of the Dermatologist’s office. Upper East Side.

Haute Dogs

The stress of walking Sextuplets. Central Park. East 72nd entrance.


Similar hair on 66th.


Matching knits in Central Park.


Medusa urinating in front of The Frick Collection. East 70th. NYC.


Haute METS Style.

Mets 1

Prepping for the Met’s game with a walk through Central Park.


Besides panicking that I would get hit by a baseball throughout the game, I have to say I’ve become a little bit of a Met’s fan. So maybe I’ve been slightly judgmental when it comes to team sports and the human fashion cloning thats occurs among the fans. I admit I was wrong, well at least when it comes to baseball.

My mother took us to our first Met’s game last week, and it was actually really fun. Yes, she got great seats at a club level with nice bathrooms..but that’s not the point. Not only was it fun, I felt like I was accepted into this fun community, they sang together, cheered and caught balls. The crowd was passionate, yet respectful..

My seat in particular was the only seat that had a leak from the ceiling falling directly on my I asked for a little help, and quickly we were moved to better seats with amazing cushions. Even after I told Vinny, the manager, that I’m from Miami (they were playing the Marlin’s).


First Met’s Game as a Papi…. Citi Field. Queens. April 2015.

Mets 5


Had to capture this woman. She looked so chic in a sea of Met’s jersey’s and fan wear. Her outfit, she explained was intentional, but she threw on the blue hoody to ensure she was in Met’s colors.  I love the look of this flowing red dress with a sweatshirt – it’s something you would see on the streets of Paris.

And most of you know that the color red, attracts attention – it has been researched and written about….


Here, a little boy pushes a grocery cart with his father filled with recycled cans/bottles from the game. it’s 11:00 at night, and this father is working hard to support his family, all while demonstrating to his son an incredible work ethic.

Denim on Denim in Brooklyn. SJP Body at Drop-Off.


Franklin Avenue. Brooklyn, New York. September 2014.

Fashion Notes: Cropped Jean Jacket, Red Converse, Distressed Jeans, Hair Bun, Cute Dimple–

Loved meeting this adorable mom with a Sarah Jessica Parker body.  She was picking up her kids from school, and happy to pose for Haute Drop Off.

Black Leather and Ice Cream. Haute Mama NYC.


New York City. September 2014. Ice Cream Truck on Fifth Avenue.

First of all, I told you guys EXPOSED BRAS are “in”.  I couldn’t’ crop this woman out of the photo, so here is an example of the “bra frenzy” happening right now.

It’s tough to look put together on a hot September day.  Especially dealing with kids and sticky ice cream.  This Mama does it well. I love the way black clothing looks on blondes – and black leather.

Picture me (Mara) in this look, I would probably look like a cast member of the Jersey Shore..I could not pull it off. But this mom looks great.

NYC is a visual playground..and the styles vary like no other city. Happy Tuesday friends. I will be happy if I get to shower today 🙂

Tight Bun. Prada. A Little Stomach. Haute NYC.

DSC_2281DSC_2285New York City. Fifth Avenue. September 2014.

This mom has the most important fashion accessory..Confidence. She knows how to wear clothing, I love her elegant bun and big pearls combined with a slight crop top.

Fashion Notes: Hot Pink Prada Bag, Harem Pants, Crop-Top, Silver Chain, Oversized Pearls, Tight Hair Bun

Haute Megan Fox Look-a-Like. Central Park Drop-Off.

DSC_2276DSC_2273Joanna. Central Park. New York City. September 2014.

Fashion Notes: Forever 21 clothing. Sunglasses: Wet Seal

What better way to kick off NYC fashion week, then a week of NYC parent style?

Joanna is one hot mom! Spotted Joanna and her family in Central Park, buying her kids ice cream on a hot NYC September day.  What can I say? Joanna looks great in a crop-top, paired with ripped jeans.  I love her tattoos, and I appreciate her rock-n-roll style.

She reminds me of the actor, Megan Fox..not a bad person to resemble! I added a close up, so you can see Joanna’s tattoos.