Haute Drop-Off on Just Ask Boo

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See my blurb from the Miami edition this morning:

Kudos to JABBER Mara Menachem – Queen of Haute Drop Off!

JABBERS, have you checked out Haute Drop Off? This blog, www.hautedropoff.com, by JABBER Mara Menachem features moms from all over Miami at drop-off (and pick-up) time, in their weekday best. We knew she was a fashion guru when she recently highlighted our own Boo Zamek’s great style¬† http://www.hautedropoff.com/just-ask-boo/ Even Huffington Post agrees that Mara’s unwavering affection for short shorts is right on target. See their story HERE.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mara-menachem/short-shorts-fashion_b_1646145.html