Haute Record Store Day. April 20 Drop-Off.

Uncle Sam's

Lisa. Mom of two boys. Owner of Uncle Sam's Music Miami Beach. Vintage White Boots.

One of my other loves is music. But it's not just listening to music that I love, it's being around music lovers. musicians and perusing the albums at a music store, like Uncle Sam's.  Technology is great in so many ways, but it's taken away from that community of music lovers who would hang out at record stores and talk about their favorite moments in music.  To actually hold an album between your fingers and look through the insert, to see what the artist has personally created and shared with the fans..is just plain special.

I remember walking into a Miami record store and buying a Led Zeppelin CD box set, it was the 90's and box sets were huge.  I was beyond excited to take my birthday money and spend it on something I deemed priceless, music.  I knew that these four CD's would take me to another place and nourish me in a way so difficult to articulate.  There was something so incredibly intimate and special about getting a new CD, ripping the plastic off and gaining entrance into the soul of a band.

Why do you think all those 80's and 90's teenage angst movies would play out the scenes in a record store? The backdrop perfect to set the stage for a coming of age film, as music has been and will always be the soundtrack to all of our lives.

I am really happy that records have made a come back, even if it's a trendy, retro movement that may be fleeting…it can also be a call to pause and appreciate music in a slower, holistic way.  Maybe we all need a break from computers and want to sit back put on a record and listen to the needle make it's way to the next tune.  The sound that emotes from a record is very special, click on this Huffington Post article to learn more about different brands of record players


I urge all of you to check out your local record store on April 20th and get reaquanted to what it's like to actually be a part of the process of shopping for music, and discovering new musicians… and then continue to support stores, like Uncle Sam's Music in Miami Beach http://www.unclesamsmusic.com/home/ Sweat Records in Miami http://sweatrecordsmiami.com/  and other local stores in your city.  (Miami friends, check out the fun events going on at these two stores on the 20th)

For information about Record Store Day and for a list of participating record stores in your place of inhabitance, please visit, http://www.recordstoreday.com/Home