She Adorns the Famous and the Stylish. Haute Bobbie.

DSC_0060DSC_0083DSC_0056DSC_0064Bobbie. Jewelry Designer. Mom. Coconut Grove, Florida. January 2015.

Fashion Notes: Bobbie: Silk Lace Kimono: Soah, Funky Boho Heels: Ralph Lauren Collection, Jumpsuit: Hommage LA, Fringe Bag (I am obsessed): Purchased in Morocco, All Jewelry: Musa Chloe (Bobbie’s daughter): Dress: Urban Outfitters, Cardigan: Bought in a Vintage store in Europe, Socks: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Thrift Store, Backpack: Kipling, Jewelry: Musa.  Bobbie’s style is very “Mara” – the bag I adore, and the layering of accessories – it’s like looking in a candy store..I want it all!! Including Bobbie’s glowing skin.  Chloe, Bobbie’s daughter adores thrift stores and searching for cool items to wear- she has a great sense of style..and I’m pretty sure I know where she got her initial inspiration.

Musa Jewelry: Bobbie’s company Musa, is the Spanish word for muse.  Musa pieces are not only funky, beautiful and stylish, but each piece has a special meaning and intention.  Bobbie’s designs include various gemstones and crystals, because of the healing powers of these stones.  Many of Musa’s collectors adorn the beads for pure spirituality, and some for pure body decoration :).

About Bobbie: A former magazine writer and stylist, Bobbie began collecting beads during her travels.  Bobbie’s natural bohemian style and sensibility, led her to create unique designs with a deeper meaning.  It’s all very California!  And I’ll tell you, Musa Jewelry has quite the A List following (I’m talking about me, of course).  Although, I’m not one to be impressed with celebrity fashion–I’m proud that Bobbie’s pieces are being appreciated by many majorly fashionable people.

Who’s Rockin’ Musa: Lenny Kravitz has been photographed wearing Musa’s black beads (so sexy on men), and apparently they fell off while he was crowd surfing at a show – -they were quickly replaced on the style icon’s wrist.  Uma Thurman, the Von Furstenberg Family (yes, as is Diane), Marie Chantal of Greece’s royal family and the Givenchy Family are all fans of Musa.  Donna Karan, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez all own pieces from Musa’s collection.  Diane Von Furstenberg’s bed became an impromptu pop-up shop for Musa Jewelry.

For information about Musa and to purchase, click below;

Haute Fashion Designer Papa. NYC Drop-Off


Jay. Dad. Writer. Fashion Designer. New York City. June 2014

Jay is a fashion designer, owner of Jay Kos and writes in the Style section of The New York Observer,  He recently published a piece about why men should “hit the bottle” and don fragrance daily.  While I personally love the smell of “man o’natural”, it’s pretty sexy to smell a slight (and I mean slight, don’t bathe in fragrance like you are a 15 year old) fragrance on a man.  I love more “hippie” scents like fragrant oils and patchouli.  I also enjoy smelling the cheesy colognes of my Miami youth – it just does something to me.  Jay’s article will help guide all you manly men toward choosing the fragrance that pleases your senses.

Jay is a designer, a creator and loves all aspects of design.  Jay describes his clothing line; “rock-n-roll mixed with classics, so from python jeans to baby blue suits all made in Italy and France.”  Additionally this writer and designer is expanding to chocolatier, with a line of Jay Kos chocolate bars coming out next month.

When in NYC, check out Jay Kos on Mott Street or visit his website,


Fashion Notes for above photo: Jay: Apparel and accessories (including jewelry) all Jay Kos.  Jay’s son: t-shirt: Kitson Kids, jeans: Finger in the Nose, hat: Knicks, necklaces: Jay Kos


Haute Skirts and Boots. San Anselmo Drop-Off.

Allison. San Anselmo, California. January 2014.

Fashion Notes: Sunglasses:Coach, Knit top: Isso, San Francisco, Skirt: Nomads Clothing and Boots: purchased in Stockholm, Sweden.

I met Allison at a local public school in the lovely town of San Anselmo, famous for their celebrity resident, Mr. George Lucas. I really appreciate skirts and boots and it really defines the style in Marin County – – a little funky and a little bohemian.