Haute Denim Dad.


Ryan. Sausalito. December 2016.

Cute dad eating at FISH in Sausalito, 331fish.com, one of my favorite Bay Area lunch spots – bring lots of cash, that’s all they take – and it’s a little pricey or seems pricey when you actually pay with cash – because who uses cash anymore? But it’s delicious, sustainable fish, the highest quality and care go into their food – not to sound pretentious, but you can taste the love and care in each bite.


Scenes from a “seafood” restaurant…


Love this kids very British paddington bear sweater.


Great shoes – so much better than weird sneakers – you guys know what I mean.


This dad’s look is very simple, but still so stylish – especially the shoes. The jeans are also a perfect shade of denim, and I get weirdly excited when I see a perfect shade of denim. It would be a dream to spend a day in the Levi’s vintage warehouse… someone get me in there!!

Brazilians are always Haute (to me)…


Fernanda. Marin County. October 2016.


Check out those espadrilles! Fernanda is Brazilian and now Californian..I grew up lucky enough to be around Brazilians – stylish, cool, laid back and fun… maybe these are stereotypes, but these are the characteristics I find in many Brazilians. Also insanely gorgeous!!


Perfect love…


Strike a pose… Fernanda exercises daily (as you can see).





Love this kid! Making a joke out of me asking Fernanda to pose 🙂


Yellow Lace Mini. Heels. Music Fest Mama Style.


Bottlerock Napa. May 2016.


Love her effort – it was so hot. And she managed to wear heels, walk around a festival – all while being a mom to a young kid..that’s amazing!!

Read about my take on Music Fest Fashion here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mara-menachem/butt-cheeks-the-new-cleav_b_10214946.html


Music Festival Mama…


Cute mom. Bottlerock Napa. May 2016.

Music festivals are difficult to navigate and usually hot, weather wise – so to add a toddler to the mix, shows a major commitment to music. Bottlerock had a “kiddie corner” with fun stations to keep all the cute kids occupied.


I know she’s dressed simply, but she looks California casual (and it was hot)


Haute Havana in Marin County….


Nina and Felix. Fairfax, California. Spring 2016.


Felix grew up in Cuba, I was very excited to connect with him – because he obviously reminded me of Miami. Nina (who also has roots in Cuba) and Felix are actively involved in making Cuba a better place for its citizens. They founded the organization, Bay Area Cuba Community Alliance, www.baccagroup.org

Most of us who grew up in Miami, consider ourselves partially Cuban – we were lucky to be raised with so many people from different cultures, and with a large percentage of Cubans making Miami home – we got to start our mornings with a Cafecito and pastelito and grew up speaking “Spainglish”, the unofficial language of Miami. So when you meet someone who’s Cuban outside of Miami, you feel like you already have a great deal in common.


Adorable family style…


Nina grew up in Northern California, but lived in NYC for a long time – she has that natural New York sensibility (her parents are New Yorkers) mixed in with the open minded California spirit. When you have tattoos this large, you’ll never come off as uptight – only creative and cool (even if you are the opposite).

Over the Knee Boots are PREPPY.


Son-Hee. Mill Valley, California. November 2015.


She’s rocking over the knee flat boots at Sunday soccer.


Rebecca Minkoff Collection handbag


Son-Hee almost looks like she’s dressed to ride horses at a Polo match. I love the idea of wearing a button down short sleeve shirt underneath a cap sleeve knit. Especially, if you are like me and can’t stand the way you look in a cap sleeve.



Haute Mama on The Grateful Dead’s Baseball Field.


Meggan. Fairfax, California. May 2015.

This field is where The Grateful Dead used to play baseball with other musicians, here in the bohemian county of Marin.

Meggan grew up in the bohemian town of Fairfax, located in Marin County. She was raised by two New Yorkers, and lived in NYC for a long time – before moving back to her California roots. I can see the mix of NYC and Northern California in Meggan’s style – she looks like she’s strolling a flea market on a Sunday in the East Village.

fairfax 2

Meggan is a pastry chef at Taste Kitchen and Table, http://www.tastekitchenandtable.com


Well, I love a good old Dooney & Bourke 1980’s pocketbook, what wasn’t even hip in the 80’s, has enjoyed a resurgence for at least 5 years.  I purchased a great Dooney & Bourke bucket bag at an Aspen thrift store for $25.00 about three years ago – what a score!!


Please excuse the garbage – kind of shocking that someone “littered”!!! A cropped cardigan is always a good staple in your wardrobe – especially in California climates.

Tupac’s Home Town is so HAUTE.

Marin City Mom 1

Marin City, California. March 2015.

Dresses handmade in Africa. I appreciate this mother’s connection to her roots, through typical clothing found in certain parts of Africa.

Marin City Mom 2

Mother and daughter.

It’s special that her daughter is learning about her cultural traditions because of her mother’s effort. Fashion can be SO deep and meaningful, all while being fun.


Marin City is a historic African-American community in Marin County. I’ve been hanging out there and feel majorly at home -it’s such a warm neighborhood.  Apparently, In the early 2000’s, Marin City experienced attention for its crime, and unfortunately many people have held on to those beliefs.  It’s always such a shame to me, when a local community judges another local area. It happens in Miami, and I was lucky enough to experience working in neighborhoods, some people wouldn’t drive through – all out of fear. I gained so much – friends, good food and new experiences.

marin city mom 4

Marin City is pretty famous.  It all started because Jack Kerouac lived in Marin City and Mill Valley, and makes mention to this in his famed book, On The Road – referring to them as “Mill City”.  Additionally, Tupac Shakur lived in Marin City and went to the local high school here – in at least a couple of his rhymes, Tupac mentions being surrounded by rich kids who couldn’t relate to his struggles – and how frustrating that was for a young kid.

Most kids from Marin City are certainly not economically advantaged, yet they attend high school in one of the wealthiest zip codes in the United States.  Apparently, community activists are trying to get kids from both communities to come together at school. I get it, it’s more comfortable to be “safe” and not go outside your comfort zone   – but once you do it, it changes your life for the better. At least for me, that’s always been the case.


Haute Film Star Mother. San Francisco Drop-Off.

Renee 1

Renee’ Wilson. Noe Valley Farmer’s Market. San Francisco. March 2015.

I GET SHY: You guys know, I get ultra excited when I see a stylish parent. But I also get shy (yes, it’s possible) and walking up to strangers with the risk of being rejected, is scary. Many times, I will start photographing a dad, and their significant other usually laughs at them or tells them to stop…. that’s a little awkward. This is why I love performers like Renee’ – always ready to pose and not afraid of attention.

Renee 2

RENEE’: I spotted Renee’ and pretty much lunged at her with my camera. It was so nice to be greeted with a smile and a “yes” – after getting a couple of rejections that morning. Renee’ has presence  – she says it’s the hair, but that’s not actually the case. She’s tall, graceful and confident.

Little did I know, Renee’ starred in the Film Ray, a long side Jamie Foxx in the early 2000’s.  Renee’ is multi talented, she sings, she acts, she makes films and so much more, read about Renee’ here www.reneewilson.org

renee 3

SAN FRANCISCO: Renee’ looking back on a gorgeous day in the kid friendly neighborhood of Noe Valley. I rented an apartment with my kids in Noe Valley one summer, before we officially made our way to this part of the world. It looks similar to a neighborhood in Brooklyn, only it’s California..so less busy and funky–more laid back.

Renee’ is not slowing down, after taking on the role of new mother – she started a blog and continues to perform locally, and nationwide. Check out Renee’s latest venture, www.mamayogachannel.com