Sexy Fashion Photo Shoot at Drop-Off

Turchin Mom 1Turchin Mom 2

Theresa Turchin. Mom. Jewelry Designer. Miami Design District. June 2013.

Fashion Notes: Calypso Dress, Balenciaga Handbag, Prius Wagon, Turchin Necklace

How can a mom look this glamourous at school drop-off (especially with a Toys-r-Us plastic bag and beach bucket in hand)?  Well, Theresa does EVERYDAY. Theresa owns a jewelry store with her husband, across from Miami’s most famous eating establishment, Michael’s Genuine,  Theresa meets all sorts of people and attends so many events in Miami, she has to be ready to go anywhere at any moment.. so she dresses the part.  It also doesn’t hurt that she used to model..

My mother is a big fan of Turchin Jewelry, the inventory is unique, using precious stones from all over the world.  They have a loyal following and are willing to create couture pieces for their clients.  Theresa is not only a designer, but a business woman bringing her jewelry to loyal customers globally.  Theresa is one glamourous mom!