Parisians think Brooklyn Style is HAUTE


Thomas Palauqui. Marin Country Mart. Marin County. February 2016.

Is Thomas from Brooklyn or Paris? It’s unclear, and I’m onto something here. Parisian men are influenced by Brooklyn style, and do it well.. the American urban style mixed with Parisian tailoring is an alluring combination. Thomas is dressed quite casually, but he’s given his look some thought…and yes, he’s French.

Vogue wrote about Brooklyn’s street style and its influence on Parisian men….


Thomas is General Manager of Monsieur Benjamin, a modern Parisian restaurant and bar in San Francisco.


Thomas isn’t wearing any French designers, he’s in American designs -but Thomas puts them together in a very French manner. From the collar up to his chic diaper bag (aka man diaper bag).

Fashion Notes: Jean Jacket: GAP 1969, Pants & Sweater: J.Crew, Kicks: New Balance, Sunglasses: Ray Ban


See guys, you don’t always have to hem your pants..they look cool a little loose…


I always love a pair of old school New Balance’s a good option, if you are confused which sneakers to buy..always go simple.


Bag: Ika Bags Paris. A very cool looking bag to carry diapers.

She Must be French.. Coffee, Cigarettes, NY Times & Fashion

DSC_0040Sharon. Marin Country Mart. Larkspur, California. November 2014.

Fashion Notes: Faux Fur Vest: Calypso and Intermix “boyfriend” sweater

Not like you’ll be surprised, but I stalk the fashionable. Sharon, sitting quietly with cigarette in hand, reading The New York Times—-dressed to kill. I walked by her several times, because this type of fashion sighting in Marin County must be a mirage.  But much to my pleasure, this fashion lover is real – and she’s American.

Rarely, do you see public smoking in the States..only late at night outside of bars. But day time smoking at an upscale shopping area is quite rare.  Obviously, I’m not condoning smoking at all, but understand why I made the assumption that this stylish woman was French.  Sharon even has a fancy cigarette case.

After I did my Mara weird walk by, I finally had to tell Sharon that I worship her look.  It was more like: Who are you? Where do you live? Can we hang out?  And may I photograph you? Even with my strange questions, Sharon obliged.

It turns out she is part of an incredible team at a high stylin’ store in the Marin County.  Sharon loves fashion, and refuses to fall into a trap of “casual clothing”.  She’s a city girl at heart, and I appreciate her fashion dedication.

This is part of my Mara Likes series…just photographing “Haute” things and people I find interesting.

She’s French. She’s Natural. She’s “Haute”.


Natalie. Miami, Florida. February 2014.

Natalie is a member of the fashion industry and is well known for her styling.  Her hair is amazing and she has that perfectly French sensibility  – not trying hard, but still looking sexy and effortlessly chic.  The open back blouse is quite refined and pretty.  For those of us with larger “assets”, this type of top will look much different..much!!!

Fashion notes: Steve Madden Shoes, ABS blouse and J Brand Jeans.

Parisian Swagger at Drop-Off

This mom is just cool and French… what can I say? I have an affinity for the French.  She also stopped to tell me that I also have great style and should be featured on my own site…Love that.  Her son, like his mom has that free spirited European look.  Below is a shot of the former Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld.  Ms. Roitfeld is a also a mother of two adult children.  She has great style and this hat she's wearing reminds me of the one in the shot above.  To learn more about Carine Roitfeld, click on this link…

Haute Accessories at Drop-Off (These shoes only walk a few blocks!)

The shoes and bag make this mom’s look..loving the shoes, although for you city moms, this is just not possible 🙁 It’s just too hard to walk in shoes like this, believe me I once had to bandage my feet in Paris (actually a very kind pharmacist wrapped my feet for me -see Parisians are nice) , and I couldn’t even fit my feet in shoes as the bandages made it impossible.  I REFUSED to wear sneakers, so I purchased vintage over the knee Stephane Keilan flat boots two sizes bigger, and wore them all over the city.  I realize that this is not normal behavior, but I just could not roam around the fashion capital in sneakers (converse are okay, but I couldn’t even get those on my feet).  When I am in cities, I walk everywhere and usually I can walk through the pain, but last year I finally realized in some way I have to compromise.  For comfort and bohemian style, Moccasins rule when walking a lot (at least for me).