Mara Menachem, The Bill Cunningham of Parent Fashion



Well Guys, I’m pretty excited because this really authentic, cool and stylish Miami mama is giving me mad props (I know people don’t say that anymore, I’m bringing it back).  Annhy is like many of my “sisters” who are proud of me, and show me off – usually it involves some weird dorky dance move.  But Annhy who hardly knows me, has taken how embarrassingly describe Haute Drop-Off – usually in a low voice, to not get heels hurled in my direction, and vocalized it loudly.  And I love her for that. We should all, including me, stop being so afraid of exaggerating our skills….Gosh Darn it, I am the Bill Cunningham for Parent Style, and soon enough, The New York Times will add me to their fashion section and my mother will be able to properly show me off.

So Annhy started a great blog, I mostly love it because she’s so honest and funny, and she’s a looker – which always helps. So enjoy this piece about your very own Mara, and read about why I feel guilty at Guilt Free Mom Moments,

Mad Respect and Love for The Marley’s in Miami.


South Miami, Florida. December 2014.

Love this family..who adore Reggae and Robert Nesta Marley.  The Marley’s have a long Miami history, and can be seen all over town.  I remember picking up my son from kindergarten, and there he was on the bench next to a Marley grandchild, talking and being 5, with Bob Marley’s grandson. I admit, I was impressed – come on? I didn’t share with Neal, the legend’s offspring in his presence, for many reasons–but I thought it was cool from afar.

I have always been into Reggae, and appreciate growing up in a place with strong Reggae and Jamaican roots.  And most importantly, knowing how to dance to Reggae and Dancehall Music!! Thanks Miami 🙂

Haute Fly Fishing Legend. Haute Harley. Grandpa at Drop-Off.

unnamedFlip. Grandfather. Fly Fishing Legend. Outdoor Enthusiast. Miami, Florida. June 2014.

Fashion Notes: Denim on denim, blue clogs, ponytail, beard and a classic Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

Flip is a very cool grandfather, taking his granddaughter on her first motorcycle ride.  I personally love motorcycles, and seeing a man riding around in one, causes me to tilt my neck – -I can’t help it, there is something free, tough and all around cool about anyone on a  motorcycle.

Flip was born and raised in Miami and lived there until Hurricane Andrew blew him to Mims, Florida (i’ve never heard of Mims) in 1993. He is a Fly Fishing legend and an all-around lover of the outdoors.  Flip reminds me of a real original Miami Man..most you find now living in the keys.  I really enjoy stealing a glimpse of this old “skool” piece of Florida, it’s Jimmy Buffett, the ocean, fishing and a great beard!

Happy Sunday.

Haute Danny Boy. Miami Drop-Off.


Danny and Jaden. Miami, Florida. January 2014.

Fashion Notes: Shoes: Y-3 shoes, Sweater: Ralph Lauren, Belt: Zegna, Glasses: Versace, Jeans: Earnest Sewn

Danny is a fun person is every way and a great dad.  He pokes fun of me and my fashion choices, but it all comes from a great place.  Danny loves sports, boating and even is on a pool team.. PURE AWESOMENESS!!

His pool team even won some huge competition, I mean it’s like a page from a screen play.  I begged Danny to let me style the team, what a dream for a fashion lover. The look I picture: greased back hair, rolled up dark jeans, white tight t-shirts and amazing jackets with their team name…it would all be influenced by Johnny Depp from the film Cry Baby.  He rejected my offer, but I am still available to help style any pool teams that may want to amp up their look in the pool hall.  


Haute Metal Chain. White Tank. Lot o’ Tattoos. Miami Tough looking Dads. Weekend Drop-Off

Tough Miami Dads

Steven (Martial Arts enthusiast) and Danny. Miami. June 2013.

These two tough looking dudes are great dads spending a Sunday washing cars for their kid’s baseball team.
adobe creative suite 6 design

Fashion Notes:  Suburban tough guys.. lots of tattoos, white tank or t-shirt, black sneakers, metal chain, sporty shorts and backwards hat.

Haute Sweatstock. Miami Loves Record Stores.

record store day family

Spotted this rock-n-roll family at Sweat Records today, checking out the bands, buying some vinyl and exposing their son to the world of Music Stores…

This Father is the creator of, Art, Photography, Music & The Written Word.

On this Mom is a floral halter dress and she is carrying a vintage Louis Vuitton Handbag.