Tough Dad. Cool Work Overalls. California Drop-Off.


Michael. Dad. Builder. Entrepreneur. San Rafael, California. March 2014.

Some of you may wonder why I have Michael on Haute Drop-Off today… I saw this AMAZING look and ran after this dad.  Michael, a New Jersey native, now a Californian, was quick to charm me with his New Jersey talk, “listen lady, here’s a number to the local mental institution and I really suggest you also stop for glasses on the way, because this is not fashion”.

Fine, so I made that up, but Michael did give me a look that most people who understand social cues, would know to not approach.  But I’m Mara, and I am not scared of a tough guy with a tough guy looking uniform.  Eventually, Michael gave in and agreed to pose for Haute Drop-Off  -I mean how can you say no to me?

Michael is a down player, but I hear he owns a company that builds incredible, architecturally beautiful homes in San Francisco.  Michael explained that his work clothing is his uniform, he’s been wearing for years.  Additionally, even though I’m not condoning smoking, his Camel’s peaking out of the front pocket, felt very Marlon Brando.  The work overalls worn by Michael are designed by a classic company,

I am getting a pair of these cool work overalls, not for work necessarily – -give me a few months and you will all be wearing them!