Mara Menachem, The Bill Cunningham of Parent Fashion



Well Guys, I’m pretty excited because this really authentic, cool and stylish Miami mama is giving me mad props (I know people don’t say that anymore, I’m bringing it back).  Annhy is like many of my “sisters” who are proud of me, and show me off – usually it involves some weird dorky dance move.  But Annhy who hardly knows me, has taken how embarrassingly describe Haute Drop-Off – usually in a low voice, to not get heels hurled in my direction, and vocalized it loudly.  And I love her for that. We should all, including me, stop being so afraid of exaggerating our skills….Gosh Darn it, I am the Bill Cunningham for Parent Style, and soon enough, The New York Times will add me to their fashion section and my mother will be able to properly show me off.

So Annhy started a great blog, I mostly love it because she’s so honest and funny, and she’s a looker – which always helps. So enjoy this piece about your very own Mara, and read about why I feel guilty at Guilt Free Mom Moments,

Haute Surfin’ Dad. Haute American Spirit. July 4th Drop-Off.


Maui Goodbeer, Dad. Founder & CEO of StreetWaves. South Beach, Florida 2013

Maui is a native of California and now well known South Beach resident.  I first met Maui while working at the Overtown Youth Center.  He offered to teach surfing to the kids who attend the center.

Although, the kids in the neighborhood of Overtown in Miami live 10 minutes from the beach, most had never been.  Teaching surfing, not only builds self esteem and confidence, provides community, but also brings nature into these kid's lives.

We saw such excitement and passion in the kids who Maui taught to surf.  Since then, his program has grown tremendously with a goal of mentoring high risk youth by teaching them Semenax the art of surfing.  Most kids who live in inner city neighborhoods, even ones five minutes away from the beach, have no idea how to swim, let alone surf.

Maui realized how much surfing had added to his life and wanted to share this passion with kids who grew up in a similar environment. Most importantly, StreetWaves was created after Maui's little brother was tragically killed due to gang violence.

If you live in Miami and want to surf, come to South Beach on Saturday from 12:00-4:00.  StreetWaves provides all the supplies and equipment.  Check out for more information on how to get involved in this incredibly cool and worthwhile organization.  Maui Goodbeer is one Haute Dad.

I love My Mustache at South Beach Drop-Off

Paul Pride and JoyPaul Pride and Joy 2

Paul. Dad. South Beach. May 2013.

Paul is a co-owner of a great spot for delicious BBQ, Pride & Joy BBQ in Miami’s Wynwood and another location will be opening in NYC. He grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been living in NYC for years, making the City his place of residence.  He is now living in Miami Beach, raising his kids and working on his business ventures…and perfecting his mustache of course!

Fashion Shot by Jaleh Samway Bast

Haute Professor. Miami Beach Drop-Off.


Nick. Father of Olive. Designer. Writer. Professor. Miami Beach, March 2013.

Nick is the founder and Design Principle of GELPI PROJECTS / PALEO STUDIO.

He has taught at multiple schools of architecture such as MIT School of Architecture + Planning,  Ohio State University, Columbia University and Parsons. Currently, Nick is a Professor at Florida International University and continues to run his Architecture practice.

Nick and his wife Estee (a fashion designer) recently re-located from New York City to Miami Beach, Florida.

Haute Wheels at South Beach Drop-Off

Miami Beach Couple

These parents are the coolest..they are both artists, surfers, involved in the community and LOVE adventure.. How I wish I could look this groovy skateboarding, I think my boys would run the other way to ensure I was well hidden.  Love this…. They also look like Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, back in the day!

Fashion Shot Jaleh Samway Bast