The Luxury Backpack is Back

I’ve been seeing a lot of luxury backpacks at Drop-Off.  This was a 1990’s trend and it seems we can all pull out our Prada nylon backpacks again…or sell them on Ebay.  Lu is wearing her Gucci bag on one shoulder – very sweet.  Remember, these luxury label backpacks are for adults, please don’t buy one for your pre-teen to wear in the School yard! 

I do recall begging my mom for a Prada black nylon backpack.  To me nothing said cool like a little nylon Prada bag, only issue, it was ridiculously expensive and highly inappropriate for a young teen.  She came home one day and handed me a Prada dust cover and something was inside…My eyes lit up, was this my mother, or someone in disguise? I untied the bag and inside was a little nylon “esque” bag with the Prada symbol covering the circumference of the mini-book bag.  

I knew it was fake, but no matter – this was the closest to high fashion I would get in those teen years (well not true, it’s just that my mom believed showing a label was distasteful, so her handbags were not that interesting to a young, naive fashionista).  What my mother didn’t realize at that point in time, fake bags were being made most likely in foreign factories, possibly by slave labor..if she was aware of that, my L.L. Bean back pack would of taken its place.   Eventually, I was able to get a real one and after waiting so long, I was still as excited as the day my mother handed me a phony version, mostly because I purchased it myself.