1990’s called, they want their knitted beanies back…


Like I said previously, my Grandma Sylvia knitted me this skull cap in the 1990’s when they were all the Grunge rage. Every “it girl” from Kate Moss to Drew Barrymore were wearing these things & design houses were charging a hefty price. I wanted one, I was convinced my face with adequate cheeks, would somehow transform into a waif looking Kate Moss if I had access to a skull cap.


So my amazing Grandmother asked me what colors I wanted, and began knitting me this hat. I’ve saved it all these years, and now they are back in style & I finally have made the admission that wearing this hat will never morph me into a Kate Moss – but it makes me smile, thinking about Sylvia, and how much we loved each other.


I never knew how to wear the skill cap best – to the back, which felt like a Kippah, which my Jewish brothers wear at Temple or on top of the head like Muslims wear to Mosque. Obviously, this was about fashion not religion & I appreciated this skull cap so much more than if I bought a designer one myself – – this was truly made with love by one of the greatest loves in my life, my Grandma Sylvia.

The New York Times. My Style Validator.

Mara Meter

Me. San Rafael, California. Unable to remove my credit card from the meter

Yes,  this has happened to me before and no, I’ll never learn.  Why aren’t our tax dollars going toward meters that can accommodate various nail lengths? Is our society only built for hands with regular length nails?

Fashion Notes: Moccasins: Minnetonka, Leggings: Lululemon, Bag: Chanel, Top: Zara


If you look closely, you can see my green credit card stuck..until I solicited help from a very confused meter maid – apparently, they are not in the business of helping people who choose style over function. But, with my “charming” persistence, I was able to get the help I needed.


Nails are so “in” right now. As usual, I’ve been pulling off these bad boys for a few years. It started with Madonna on the cover of VOGUE, with long, pointy gold nails. I had to have them. No matter how many of you, were horrified by what you labeled “cheesy” – I pulled through and proved you all wrong.

My own mother was not a fan of my long, semi-pointy nails. Until, the Jewish bible (aka, The New York Times) ran a Sunday fashion story on this nail trend, http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/11/t-magazine/fashion/long-pointed-nails-trend-manicure.html?_r=0

So once again, it has been proven that I have quite a style instinct, thank you Fashion of the Times.

Maybe I can’t type or use a regular phone, maybe I didn’t hang up my phone properly and someone had to hear me yell at my offspring, maybe I accidentally lit a nail on fire and didn’t notice, until my child pointed it out – but it’s all worth it, in the name of style.

Some Haute moms and their long nails:



Vintage Ain’t Cheap. Crazy Bag Lady.


When I was in NYC a few weeks ago, at the suggestion of my mother, I strolled into Barney’s to check out their “new” collection of vintage Coach bags from the 1970’s. She was right, I was visibly twitching from the perfect specimen of a bag resting perfectly on my shoulder.

But, I also paused, with a very hefty price tag, it was hard not to feel like somewhat of a sucker. First of all, I had the exact Vintage Coach bag circa 1973, purchased at a local vintage store in Fairfax, California. The bag cost me maybe $40.00 – I remember telling the store owner that THE hippest of the hip were scouring NYC flea markets for the particular bag – almost suggesting she charge me more.


My original Vintage $40.00 Coach bag, Mill Valley 2015.

I loved this bag and added a fancy gold chain, to make it my very own Couture vintage Coach. But this bag, along with many others was stolen at JFK this summer – never to be seen again. I just hope the thieves appreciate my unique creation.


So I did get this beautiful bag – the added fringe and the cool packaging was impossible to resist. It’s scratched and marked, and will only get more worn in over time. I know why I love this bag – it’s different, it’s unique, if I see one more Goyard bag, I may start spraying them with ketchup (oh, but they don’t get ruined – I forgot).  I’m only kidding – vintage bags have always excited me, and I’m happy that Coach is recycling, not just re-making the originals.  For more information on Coach’s Vintage Collection at Barney’s click below….



Patagonia Doesn’t Make You a Better Hiker….


Me. Roy’s Redwoods. Marin County. January 2015.


So I wore this at a birthday party in the Redwoods last week. I know, I’m very practical and when it comes to clothing it’s all about function and comfort… obviously not, my moccasins were horrible shoes to trek through mud and water – my exposed legs brushed up against poison oak, to which I neurotically had a mom get me a baby wipe to remove all traces of the “so called” poison. The other parents at the party, were so much more prepared, but they did not judge me  – they merely helped navigate me, due to my poor choice in shoe attire…

In actuality, I am surprisingly outdoorsy  – it’s more because I don’t care if I get dirty.  My close friend, who I will protect by not using names, once made fun of my ankle boot choice to hike up a mountain in Ireland. She was decked out in top to bottom Patagonia – she had a vest and then a jacket to go over the vest, hiking boots and a monogrammed back pack. I was less embarrassed to be seen with her in Ireland, it was in Paris where I made her walk 10 feet behind me – come on, she was wearing head to toe fleece!!!

I was prepared for this hike, dressed in all black, with lots of accessories and heels, this friend mocked my outfit and my ability to actually hike.  I kept repeating that I did the teenage version of “Outward Bound” – she laughed and laughed. Let’s just say it all ended in my favor, I ran up that mountain – and “someone” had to stop several times to catch her breath.  Apparently, wearing Patagonia doesn’t make you a better hiker, it just makes you look like a better hiker…

My point in all this..I may not look the part..but maybe, just maybe..I actually can play the part…..


Haute Dogs and The City. NYC Canine Drop-Off.

Haute Dogs 1

Window shopping at Ralph Lauren. 72nd & Madison. New York City . April 2015


Waiting outside of the Dermatologist’s office. Upper East Side.

Haute Dogs

The stress of walking Sextuplets. Central Park. East 72nd entrance.


Similar hair on 66th.


Matching knits in Central Park.


Medusa urinating in front of The Frick Collection. East 70th. NYC.


Madison and 72nd. Haute Human Shots.

Madison 1

Ralph Lauren Store on 72nd. New York City. April 2015.

Calm down, I’m still into you Stylin’ Parents – I just can’t resist sharing the magic of New York City: you walk and discover so much, it’s stimulating, exciting and magical. This is the first of many other cool shots I’ll share soon. As you know, I worship people, so I’ve been photographing them more. It’s really an excuse for me to make more friends, hope you like it!


She was standing in front of the Ralph Lauren store on 72nd, looking so chic – of course I had to take a few photographs.  Black and off white..those leather leggings are show stoppers..I still miss my black leather rock-n-roll Daryl K. Pants, those looked good on me :)!


An open, sexy exposed back and a smile..kind of all you need to look gorgeous.


On the Street. The Face of Homelessness.


San Francisco, California. April 2015.

I asked him if I could take his photo, I said I totally understand if you aren’t comfortable.  But I want people to see you  your face, so please show me your face!

I realize he could be using, mentally ill and have a myriad of other issues. But the problem is so large, how can we decide who needs help and who doesn’t?


I exchange smiles with this man every week when I’m driving out of San Francisco, I don’t give him money. I think I don’t give him money, because I am under the assumption the money needed may be for unhealthy consumption.  I usually have snacks from my kids in all sorts of locations in my car, and pass that out, if desired. I usually make a really dumb comment about the protein power in the peanut butter crackers – – and give an awkward wave and drive off.

The wave is awkward because I always feel like it’s so weird to drive away in a comfortable car, and think about this man and others not knowing where they will sleep each night. Or being so addicted to a substance, that you end up on the street.  Can you imagine having to figure out where you will sleep every night?

One of America’s Wealthiest Zip Codes.

Lady 1

San Rafael, California. March 2015.

I know this woman. I see her frequently, and we always have a bit of a chat.  I was so happy to learn she’s not homeless. She lives with her two daughters in San Rafael, a town in the wealthy enclave of Marin County.

lady 3

She collects cans to recycle and food to eat.  It’s hard to grasp that when you reach old age, this is the life many have to live. This is America. This is how many elderly people make money, to pay the bills.  As a society, it’s hard to see such a sad photograph – but we need to see it…and we need to take time to recognize and communicate with people who are poor and usually ignored.  Why do we ignore? Because getting older is scary, being poor is scary and looking at someone who’s both – brings up our own human fears.

lady 2

I’m not so great – what am I doing for the problem? But I do make a point and teach my kids the same, to look people in the eye and smile.  Let them know you see them – they exist.  To me, that’s significant. Even if I don’t give someone money, I want them to know that I will never walk by and pretend I don’t see the hardship – the inequality and the suffering. So I smile and chat a bit..and move on to a life that doesn’t require having to sift through garbage cans to survive.

NYC Mama in the Bay.

Nancy 5

Nancy. Mom. Writer. Lawyer. Singer. New Yorker. February 2015. Marin County.

If you know me at all, you will know I’m a jean jacket freak, I have so many, but usually wear the same one on repeat for a month and switch to the next denim jacket perfection. One of the reasons I moved out of Miami, was so I could wear my jackets every day – oh and because my hair looks so good in California (I’m kidding).

Nancy is wearing an insane fringe jean jacket from the store Calypso, http://www.calypsostbarth.com  – Calypso has stores in several locations, Nancy purchased this bad boy at The Marin Country Mart..an outdoor shopping/eating spot with some seriously good and expensive stores, like Intermix, www.intermix.com

nancy 3

Nancy’s bag is a classic and funky Balenciaga “City” Bag. I always loved this Balenciaga pocketbook, http://www.balenciaga.com/, because it makes any look a little more urban cool.  When you are wearing work out clothing, this bag adds excitement to what can be boring.

Remember all this excitement, doesn’t come cheap.  Balenciaga handbags start at around $1,000. The best shoppers I know, aren’t rich – but they usually (unlike impulsive me) buy a few good pieces, and it’s worth the investment. I’ve never sold a bag before, but people have great success consigning designer handbags. And I’ve had great success buying used designer goods.

Nancy’s motorcycle boots are by Ash, www.ash.com – the same brand that designed my famous gold studded kicks.

nancy 2

Nancy is a writer, attorney and singer. I just saw her perform on stage singing an incredible version of Corinne Bailey Rae’s Like a Star.  Nancy is a New Yorker through and through, and now makes Marin County her home, with her family, including two young kids. When my kid’s music teacher told me about Nancy’s website, I immediately started stalking…I needed her as a friend, and it worked.  Check out Nancy’s take on living in the Bay Area, she gives great tips, shares some pretty deep stuff, and the not so deep.  www.nycgirlbythebay.com

Modern Design not for Big Booties. Haute Design & Fashion.


Shari. Coral Gables, Florida. January 2015.

Fashion Notes: Shari’s lace top is by Beyond Vintage. The Ray Ban aviators and single braid add a certain “upscale” bohemian vibe to her look.


Brothers are always Right:  Shari and my brother Andrew have incredible taste. Recently, they renovated this gorgeous Miami home.  Andrew is great at seeing potential where no one else does. Send Andrew to any junk yard, and he will spot the Rembrandt among the ruins.  He took our Grandparents furniture and re-created it…like these chairs re-covered in this famous Stephen Sprouse graffiti fabric.  Shari is a great partner for Andrew, because she adores the details and can visualize the big picture. This is why she’s in real estate – she sees the potential. Meanwhile, don’t say anything, but I’m stealing back my Grandmother’s incredible gold mirror….I should get all mirrors, after all I may win for sibling who likes to stare in a mirror most.

Big Booties Need Not Apply: Andrew and Shari also introduced me to what I re-named the “heroine chic super model” chairs. These were re-named by me, because if you want your behind to fit the circumference of the seat, you must be as thin as a 1990’s heroine chic supermodel.  Unfortunately, Philippe Starck didn’t take my advice, and named them “Victoria Ghost” chairs. I imagine “this” Victoria has a teeny tiny booty…’ I still laugh when my ass is hanging off half of the seat..I literally need two chairs!!! And I do not have a big butt.


Drop-Off: Shari and my nephew getting ready for school drop-off. In Miami, we wear heels. And believe me, in Miami you will never feel overdressed at drop-off, someone will always be wearing higher heels and bigger earrings. Oh and let’s not forget, much bigger cleavage. I love everything about this top, and paired with ripped jeans – it looks less fussy, and more funky.


Mid-Century: Gorgeous Kitchen. Marble countertops with Bertoia Chairs, www.knoll.com Bertoia industrial chairs are recognized as pieces of art, that came out of the brilliance of mid-century design.


Order: My brother and Shari are not only crazy neat, but majorly organized.  This is why they custom designed so many of these incredible shelves, to house their objects and stay organized.  You can imagine the panic that ensues when I come by for a visit.  I think marble looks better with rings and stains, apparently they do not – and this is why I am followed around by a walking coaster – it’s really odd.


Accessories: These Chanel Pearl Necklaces are classic.  Shari has a long neck and wears this choker well.  Layering bracelets. Hermes Cuff mixed in with the narrower vintage gold cuff, and thick gold cuff by Alexis Bittar, Hand Bag: Louis Vuitton. This bag looks like it was designed in the early 1980’s – I want one!! On Shari’s other wrist are Indian inspired beads designed by local Miami designer, Kristin Pearce. These gold stilettos are by Valentino.  Like a little black dress, in Miami, gold stilettos are a staple. I have to say, I miss wearing my gold stilettos  – I just haven’t since moving to the land of Milk & Honey…..


What the boys are wearing: My nephew has naturally, cool style. And most importantly, he’s a sweet, kind kid.  If you need some good gifts for middle school age kids – this is what’s “in”.  Herschel Camouflage Backpack. Nike designed by pro-skater Stefan Janoski, Beats by Dr. Dre and a black Yankees baseball cap.

My sister-in-law is an Associate at EWM in Miami, specializing in luxury homes.