Colombian Mamas make Miami SEXIER. Haute Drop-Off.


Miami. January 2015.

This is really how they do grunge in Colombia.  I mean the country Colombia.  This was taken at a kids jump place, called Sky Zone. I love how these women have taken the re-surfacing style of grunge, and paired ripped jeans with sexy tanks and designer belts/bags.  Miami is special in so many ways—-and it’s hard to leave the house without making an effort, because this is the norm.

Fashion Notes: Belts: Hermes and Moschino, Bags: Louis Vuitton and Chanel, Sneakers: Converse

Mara’s Run DMC Style. Gold Chains at Drop-Off.


Mara. Marin County. September 2014.

Fashion Notes: Denim “dress”: Zara, Gold Heels: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent. Bag: Chanel, Gold Chain with Vintage Coin: Shandi Levy Jewelry, Bracelets: purchased in markets in Turkey and Botswana. Gold Oversized Aviators: Polaroid, Nails: Gold.

It’s an exciting time for me in fashion.  As you know, I am heavily influenced by urban street style. I’m an extremist in many ways, for instance, I love crazy, long nails or super short nails – but not into an in-between length.  Bigger are always better when it comes to earrings, partly because I have an insane amount of hair.  Small accessories are pointless, who would see them?

My friend Shandi Levy, NYC based jewelry designer, made me this special necklace with an oversized Napoleon looking man coin attached.  Shandi knows if I could, I would dangle a Mercedes emblem from my ear and neck – but those are hard to find in 2014. She found this enormous coin, to satisfy my craving for the oversized and gold accessories.

Back to my point, Chanel’s latest advertisements are taken on the street, with huge pad locks attached to gold chains – think bicycle locks, only Chanel and about $2,300.  Additionally, models are wearing bright, colorful sneakers..almost like those light up ones you see on toddlers.

Now wear did Chanel come up with this? On the streets of Paris, Rome, Tokyo, NYC and London – I’ve seen women wearing these sneakers paired with mini-skirts and shorts all over the place. And I keep repeating, RUN DMC style… The rap band Run DMC’s 1980’s looks are almost identical to what’s on the runway.

This is a thrilling time for me, because I love nothing more then huge gold chains, earrings and denim.. I realize this long denim jacket i’m wearing, is not really a dress..but that’s never stopped me before. I’m pulling it off….and thanking Run DMC for influencing style, even in 2014.



Haute Designer Runway Mom at Golden Gate Drop-Off


Soohee. Golden Gate Park. San Francisco. November 2013.

Soohee is not only a mom, but a graduate student at Stanford University. She loves to wear quality materials and appreciates designer clothing.

Fashion Notes: Handbag: Chanel, Sweater Vest: Rebecca Taylor, Sunglasses: Lanvin, Ankle Boots: Acne and her vintage inspired camera is Ricoh, that’s my favorite accessory on Soohee..nothing like a great camera to make you look cool.

Red Leather Skirt. Haute Art Basel Mom. Miami Beach Drop-Off.

This mom loves her LABELS… but she puts it together so well.  She always looks incredibly  chic and uptown.  When I am with her, the dichotomy of her glamour and my disheveled look is quite a combination.  For some reason, I feel to polished in a look like the above.  For me, something has to be messy..usually it's my hair.  But for this mom, she looks amazing, and most of all comfortable in her own skin.

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti. Skirt: Joy Cioci  Handbag: Chanel Blouse: Joie Jacket (being held): Tibi

Mara loves Short Shorts. Haute Short Shorts Defense in HuffPost.

“…….I felt insulted.  Didn’t they notice my OTHER cool fashion choices? The little socks I had paired with strappy sandals, or my mom’s 1970s Il Bisonte bucket bag?  I had been marked by suburban mothers and nicknamed “short-shorts.”  Not only did I feel like a newest cast member of MTV’s Jersey Shore, but now had a new line to add to my list of insecurities.  If only we lived in Paris, those moms would appreciate my sense of style.”